Andreas Schjelderup FM23 – Wonderkid Review

Andreas Schjelderup is an 18-year-old Norwegian wonderkid who is currently playing for Benfica in FM23. 

His amazing talent on the ball and high potential has seen him secure a move to Benfica from Danish league side Nordsjaelland. 

But why is he one of the most sought-after talents in Football Manager 2023?

Andreas is a right-footed technically gifted AM(L) who has a high potential ceiling in FM23. He is highly versatile and prefers to play on the left sight with a tendency to cut inside with his right foot. 

Only 18 years of age, he starts off the game as a good Championship quality player. And by the time he reaches his peak, the Norwegian can be an elite attacking midfielder in the game.

How Good Is Andreas Schjelderup in FM23

Let’s start with his attributes. A look into his player profile in FM will tell you about Andreas’s quality as a player. 

The young attacking midfielder possesses impressive technical prowess in his game which makes him a huge threat to the opposition’s defense. His exceptional dribbling, ball control, and technique make it really difficult to dispossess him. 

Player profile of Andreas Schjelderup in Football Manager 23.

He also excels in finding defense-piercing passes and long balls thanks to his impressive passing and vision. 

But that’s not all! Andreas is equally adept in his goalscoring game. His Anticipation, Off the Ball movements, and Finishing ability make him a capable goalscoring threat for any side. 

Only 18 years old, he stands out from other wonderkids in the mental side of the game. The attacking midfielder has a solid work ethic complemented by his immense dedication, composure, and teamwork.

Overall, he is one of the most promising young names in the game. 

NameAndreas Schjelderup
Age 18
PositionAM(L), ST, 
Contracted toBenfica
Foot Right
Market Value€15m-€45m
Wage€21.5k p/w
Mezzala FM player rating★★★★★

Andreas Schjelderup – Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Decent player for any Portuguese top-division team.
  • Has the potential to be an elite attacking midfielder in the future.
  • Good ability with the ball thanks to his First touch, dribbling, and technique.
  • Extremely technical and has a wide passing range. 
  • Good off-the-ball movement and anticipation. 
  • Possesses a resolute personality. 


  • Poor balance.
  • Lacks stamina to play the entire game with the same intensity.
  • Is not physically dominant and can be outmuscled easily.
  • Doesn’t have good jumping reach and aerial ability. 

Here’s what his skill map looks like:

Skill map of Andreas Schjelderup in FM 23

Andreas Schjelderup – Player Potential

With the right set of training and a lot of first-team playing time, Schjeldrup can end up being an elite attacking midfielder. 

With his stats, he starts the game as a decent player for most Primeira Liga sides. His peak potential will see him become a leading player for most Primeira Liga sides. 

Andreas's player profile in 2029.

Unlike other FM23 wonderkids like Endrick, Andreas doesn’t possess a dynamic PA. This means that he is more likely to hit his potential in most saves. 

Andreas Schjelderup- Best Player Role

I found Schjelderup more effective in the middle of the pitch as an Advanced Playmaker in the earliest days of his career. 

Although he has a good set of skills, Andreas is not that fast enough to play in the wing. In addition to that, you can make the best use of his playmaking and goalscoring ability by playing him in the central area of the pitch. 

However, with time, he grew up to possess good speed and other physical attributes to operate better in wide areas. So I eventually started playing him as an Inverted Winger. Depending on the opposition, I would sometimes switch Schjelderup to an Advanced Playmaker role in the left wing. 

Andreas can also operate as an advanced forward. He has very high stats in Anticipation and Off the ball. Plus, he is a great finisher of the ball with a great presence of composure in the final third. 

Andreas Schjelderup- Best Traits

For a player who excels in so many areas of the game, it’s really hard to find the best traits for Schjelderup for the abundance of options.

Anyways, after a lot of overthinking and consideration, here’s what I think are the best traits for Andreas Schjelderup:

  • Tries Killer Ball Often
  • Places Shot
  • Tries Tricks
  • Uses outside of the foot
  • Beats Opponents repeatedly

Alright, time for an explanation. 

First of all, with his range of passing, it’s a no-brainer to develop the trait to play more killer balls. This will significantly increase the frequency of key passes he makes.

Secondly, his teaching him to place his shots will improve his on-target shot stats. 

Teaching Schjelderup to try tricks will utilize his flair, which will make him more unpredictable in his game. His high technical attributes can be used to make curling shots with the outside of his foot. This’ll help him cover up for his weak foot. 

And lastly, telling him to beat his opponent repeatedly will help him to get into dangerous areas of the pitch. 


Andreas Schjeldrup is one of the most notable Norwegian wonderkid in the game. In Football Manager 23, you can see him become a world-class player,  surpassing fellow countrymen Martin Odegaard.

Early up in the game, he is not played regularly. He mostly made appearances from the bench despite having a Regular Starter status in the team. So his growth has been a bit slow in the start of the game. 

But his well-rounded attributes saw him take off soon enough and start making regular appearances for Benfica in the auto-generated save. 

Depending on the randomness of the save, he can be a bit injury prone. In my auto-generated save, the Norwegian had no issue with major injuries and played most of the games. 

Career stats of Andreas in Football Manager 2023.

Played mostly as an Inverted Winger, he was consistent throughout his career.

In 2029, he still plays for Benfica and is considered a star player by the club in the save. For Benfica, he scored a total of 35 goals in 160 appearances in 7 seasons with the club. He also made 31 assists in that time period.

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