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Antonio Silva is an 18-year-old, 6’2’’ Portuguese center-back who plays for Benfica in FM 23.

His well-rounded skillsets at such a young age make him one of the hot prospects in the game. The young Portuguese starts the game as a Leading player for most Championship teams. Considered a Regular Starter for the Benfica squad, Antonio Silva has the potential to be a start player and a leading player for any Premier League side. 

It’s time to have a closer look at the player and decide whether or not the hype around him is real. 

Antonio Silva- Player Info

NameAntonio Silva
Age 18
Contracted toBenfica
Preferred Foot Right
Market Value€33m-€41m
Wage€8.5k p/w
Squad StatusRegular Starter
Mezzala FM player rating★★★★★

Working his way up the youth ranks of Benfica, Antonio is a talented center-back. He is considered a wonderkid by the game thanks to his immense physicality and well-rounded attributes.

Aside from being a physical barrier in front of the defense, the Portuguese center-back is also quite comfortable with the ball at his feet. This makes him a capable press-resistant Ball Playing Defender in the game.

His Fairly Determined personality is a product of his high Determination and Wort Rate attributes. 

Player profile of Antonio Silvio in FM23

At the start of the game, his market value is estimated to be between 33m-€41m. He is a Regular Starter in the Benfica team and receives a salary of €8.5k p/w.

Antonio Silva is good with both feet and can prefer to play on the right side of the pitch. He possesses the “Tries Long Range Passes” trait. This makes him more willing to play long ball from the back. 

And with such a good set of passing attributes, there’s no doubt most of his long balls can end up being deadly. 

Antonio Silva- Attributes

Technical MentalPhysical
Finishing8Composure15Jumping Reach14
First Touch13Concentration15Natural Fitness14
Free Kick Taking6Decisions14Pace14
Long Shots6Flair12Strength13
Long Throws6Leadership12
Marking14Off the ball7
Penalty Taking11Teamwork14
Technique13Work Rate13
Skill map of Antonio Silva in Football Manager 2023.

Antonio Silva- Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Composure aids his skillful approach to the game. 
  • Consistent Performer.
  • Could adapt well to living in another country.
  • Good in the air.
  • Displays a Determined attitude.
  • Passing ability underlines his technical prowess
  • Good at marking


  • Can only play in one position
  • Has poor movement off the ball.
Silvio's player report scouted by Arsenal.

Antonio Silva- Player Potential

Like many other wonderkids in the game, Silva also has a dynamic potential rating in FM23. This sets a random potential for him in different saves. 

In my auto-generated save, he moved to Liverpool after 3 seasons in Benfica and playing there since. In 7 years, Silva managed to grow tremendously in all three technical, mental, and physical side of the game. 

The media describes him as an Elite Center Back in the game. From a rough guess, his PA can be anywhere from 160-180 in FM 23. 

Only 25 years old, he is still far from his peak years and can still grow more with Liverpool. In fact, he is considered to be an Important Player in the Liverpool squad in 2029. 

Player profile after 7 years in 2029.

Antonio Silva- Best Role

Antonio can only play as a Center Back at the start of the game. However, with his sets of attributes, he can play as a solid defensive midfielder!

If you can push him enough, there’s a chance you can play him in central midfield like Lisandro Martinez from ManU!

Unfortunately, his movement off the ball hinders his ability to get himself in open space to receive a pass. So he can be easily marked off the ball if played in a midfield role. 

Once he develops a decent amount of Acceleration and Pace, you can play Silva in a right full-back role in emergency cases.

Check out what Maximum FM has to say about him:


Silva has tremendous potential and can easily become one of the best wonderkid center-backs in Football Manager 23. He can even surpass the likes of Ruben Dias who is already a world-class player in FM 23. 

Allowing him to play more games early in his career can propel him toward becoming one of the leading players in the game. 

Career stats for Benfica and Liverpool in 2029.

In the auto-generated save, Silva managed to play as a regular first-team player in almost all the seasons. Over the 7 seasons, he managed to make 223 appearances for the club. He started making more appearances as he grew and featured in almost every game in the last Premier League season in Football Manager 23.

He consistently produced a good match rating and is on his way to becoming a star player for the Liverpool team. 

With such a high potential ceiling, Silva can easily become one of the elite-center backs in the game. 

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