10 Best Left Wingers to Sign In Football Manager 24

Football Manager 24 has seen some talented left-wingers step up on the football landscape, while some seasoned wingers have become more affordable for a transfer.

While the world-class wingers are almost always out of reach of the average clubs, some established names can always be secured for a bargain. 

Here are 10 left-wingers to sign in Football Manager 24 to strengthen your team’s attacking edge.

PlayerNationalityClubPreferred FootMarket Value
Sebastian NanasiSwedishMalmo FFRight€182K
Alvaro FidalgoSpanishAméricaRight €222K
Marcelo AllendeChileanSundownsRight€2M
Dany MotaPortugueseMonzaRight€4M
Anton MiranchukRussianLokomotiv MoscowRight€4M
Uriel AntunaMexicanCruz AzulRight€5M
Facundo TorresUruguayOrlando CityLeft€12M
Gerard DeulofeuSpanishUdineseRight€5M
Brayan ZaragozaSpanishGranadaRight€16M
MunirSpanishLas PalmasLeft€5M

1. Sebastian Nanasi

Age 21
PositionWBL, MC, ML, AMR, AML, AMC
Contracted toMalmo FF
Preferred Foot Right
Wages€ 1,680 p/w
Contract Expiration2025-12-31

Sebastian Nanasi is the cheapest bargain left winger you can sign in FM24. 

With a price tag of only € 182k next to his name, the Swedish winger is a great signing for any second-tier team in the top-5 leagues. 

In the top tiers, Nanasi will be a quality squad player. 

Although not the fastest option in the flanks, Nanasi makes it up with his immense versatility, able to comfortably play in the wide and central areas. 

Nanasi is good with and without the ball. He possesses good first touch and dribbling capabilities, while also having a good accuracy with his crosses. 

Without the ball, he can get into dangerous areas with good movements. You can get the best out of Nanasi by playing him as an Inverted Winger to cut inside using his strong right foot. 

He is cheap, and won’t demand much in wages. 

2. Alvaro Fidalgo

Age 26
PositionMC, AML, AMC
Contracted toAmérica
Preferred Foot Right
Wages€ 4,700 p / w
Contract Expiration2026-06-30

Alvaro Fidago is another bargain signing in FM24 if you’re in the market for a left winger. 

Playing for Mexican side América, Fidalgo excels in all the qualities you’d expect from a winger. 

He has a good pace to compliment his exceptional playmaking skills and dribbling. I mean, just look at this guy!

15 Dribbling, 13 Finishing, 15 First Touch, 17 Passing, 15 Technique, 15 Anticipation, 16 Determination, 16 Flair, 17 Vision, 15 Agility.

He’s the poor man’s Iniesta!

The quality you’re getting for a player like him has to be illegal.

3. Uriel Antuna

Age 25
PositionAMR, AML, ST
Contracted toCruz Azul
Preferred Foot Right
Wages€ 15,250 p / w
Contract Expiration2024-12-31

Antuna is a quick and agile winger known for his dribbling ability and pace. He can shake off his marker with his tremendous pace and agility. 

Currently playing for Cruz Azul, Antuna’s contract runs off near the end of 2024, which makes him a great second-season signing if Cruz Azul decides to lay him off. 

The winger offers devastating speed and a goalscoring threat from the left wing, making him a great option for counter-attacking teams. 

4. Marcelo Allende

Age 24
PositionMC, MR, ML, AMR, AML, AMC
Contracted toSundowns
Preferred Foot Right
Wages€ 3,610 p/ w
Contract Expiration2024-06-30

Marcelo Allende plays for Sundowns in the South African Premiership. Considered one of the best talents in the league, the 24-year-old versatile winger can play in both the flanks and the central area of the pitch quite comfortably. 

Allende is good in dead-ball situations and possesses the mental attributes to tackle different situations. 

Although not the fastest on the pitch, Allende can hit quickly hit top speed, giving him an edge over most defenders. 

The Chilean’s contract will run down in July of 2024, which sets his sell value to €2M. Allende will be a great playmaking option on the left wing if you’re looking for an Inverted Winger in FM24.

5. Dany Mota

Age 25
PositionAMR, AML, AMC, ST
Contracted toMonza
Preferred Foot Right
Wages€ 8,490 p / w
Contract Expiration2024-06-30

If you’re searching for a well-rounded left winger in the market for cheap, Dany Mota is your player. 

The 25-year-old Portuguese is a jack of all trades, capable of playing in the most advanced positions on the pitch. 

Currently playing for Monza, Mota is skilled in all 3 departments(technical, mental, physical). 

The Portuguese winger has great ball control and can find his teammates with deadly accuracy inside the box. His off-the-ball movement and anticipation make him a crucial piece in attacking transitions. 

Out of possession, Monza works hard to support the defense with his high work rate and teamwork. Having a 10 on tackling attributes also helps. 

Dany Mota player stats in 23/24 season.

Monza can be a really good free-kick taker for your squad. 

With only € 8,490 p / w wage and €4 million sell value, Monza can be a great bargain signing. 

6. Anton Miranchuk

Age 27
PositionMC, ML, AML, AMC
Contracted toLokomotiv Moscow
Preferred Foot Right
Wages€ 38,620 p / w
Contract Expiration2024-06-30

Anton Miranchuk is a Lokomotiv Moscow legend after spending almost 18 seasons with the club. 

The 27-year-old left winger is currently in his prime years and boasts a plethora of tricks in his arsenal.

Although not the best dribbler out there, Miranchuk makes up for his shortcomings with his impressive mental attributes and playmaking qualities. 

Calm and composed, Miranchuk is deadly in the final third and also plays an instrumental role defensively. 

Despite being a Central Midfielder primarily, Mirachuk is very much capable of playing on the left flank and making an impact from wide areas. 

It’ll cost you around €4M to get Miranchuk to play on your side. 

7. Facundo Torres

Age 23
PositionAMR, AML, AMC
Contracted toOrlando City
Preferred Foot Left
Wages€ 17,890 p / w
Contract Expiration2027-12-31

When I first signed him for my newly promoted club in the Premier League, Facundo Torres was an absolute creative beast in the final third!

Only 23 years old, the Uruguayan attacker is one of the best wingers to sign in FM 24!

He is highly versatile and can operate in both wings, as well as in the central areas in advanced roles. 

Facundo Torres is very clinical and composed in the box, with a silky first touch and high dribbling skills. He can easily get past any defender with ease and can dish out outrageous killer balls thanks to his superior vision, passing, technique, and flair. 

On the left, Facundo Torres performs best as a Winger, using his left foot to find accurate crosses in the box. He has the pace and ability to take on fast full-backs one-on-one. 

Facundo Torres player stats in 23/24 season.

You can secure the contract of Facundo for €11-13 million in the very first season of Football Manager 24. On top of that, his wage demands are also pretty reasonable for a top-tier league.

8. Gerard Deulofeu

Age 29
PositionAMR, AML, ST
Contracted toUdinese
Preferred Foot Right
Wages€ 37,040 pw
Contract Expiration2024-06-30

Once a star attacker for Watford in the Premier League, Gerard Deulofeu still has what it takes to play in the top European Leagues!

Prior to his injury, Deulofeu was tearing up Serie A for half of the season, which has resulted in a slight downgrade to his attributes. But nonetheless, is still a top left winger in the game. 

Thanks to his exceptional awareness and technical abilities, Deulofeu is a constant threat in the box, getting into dangerous areas from the left and sniffing for goals.  

He is quick, agile, and has an unpredictable nature to his game which makes him an appealing attacking option for any top-tier side. 

With a contract running out in July 2024, the Spanish winger is up for grabs for a cheap selling price of €4 million. 

9. Bryan Zaragoza

Age 22
PositionMR, ML, AMR, AML
Contracted toGranada
Preferred Foot Right
Wages€ 8,290 pw
Contract Expiration2027-06-30

Bryan Zaragoza has to be one of the most underrated left wingers in Football Manager 24 considering his fine form with Granada this season in La Liga. 

With the fairy tale season still going strong, the left winger is surely up for a stat upgrade in the upcoming FM24 squad update. 

Zaragoza is extremely talented with the ball, cutting inside from the left side of the pitch with his right foot on regular occasions. The technical winger can break past even the stiffest of defenses with his exceptional ball-carrying ability. 

His expected ball carries of 0.07 per 90 ranks him in the top 6 in the Spanish League. 

Although not clinical enough with his shooting, Zaragoza’s primary threat comes from his assists, thanks to possessing 15 vision, 15 technique, and 16 flair.

Bryan Zaragoza player stats in 23/24 season.

Bryan Zaragoza has a release clause of €14 million, making him an affordable option for top-flight football. 

10. Munir

Age 27
PositionAMR, AML, ST
Contracted toLas Palmas
Preferred Foot Left
Wages€10,720 p/ w
Contract Expiration2027-06-30

Munir has been one of the many Barcelona youth products who failed to secure a permanent footing in the Blaugrana squad. 

Once considered one of the best wonderkid strikers, the Spanish forward has featured for 5 different La Liga sides in his career since then. 

This is a testament to his immense qualities as the winger is a good player for any La Liga side.

Munir can seamlessly operate on from both wings, making the most of his left foot. He is a prolific scorer and always a looming presence inside the final third.

Munir player stats in 23/24 season.

Apart from his top-notch playmaking ability, Munir can find the back of the net from a long distance too! That’s why he is best suited to play in a more goalscoring role. Munir is better suited for the Inside Forward role as a top Right winger to capitalize on his goalscoring instinct.

As a Left Winger, he plays best in the Raumdeuter role.

You won’t be able to sign Munir in the first season of your save due to his recent move to Las Palmas. But he has a mouthwatering sell value of € 4.5 mil in Football Manager 24, making him a great option for the left winger role.

If Las Palmas fails to stay in La Liga, you can sign Munir for €15 million due to his relegation release clause.

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