Best Striker Traits in Football Manager 2024


Player traits are a great tool in Football Manager 2024 to maximize the effectiveness of a player and their attributes. They can be used to improve a forward’s decision-making, movement, and finishing. 

The best player traits for a striker depend on their individual attributes and the desired role. However, some top player traits for strikers include:

  • Likes to Try to beat offside trap
  • Knocks ball past opponent
  • Plays one-twos
  • Tries Killer Balls Often
  • Plays with Back to Goal
  • Places Shots
  • Shoots with Power
  • Tries First-Time Shots
  • Likes to Lob Keeper
  • Likes to Round Keeper

In this article, we will look at the best striker traits in Football Manager 2024.

Best Traits for Strikers in FM 24

We’ve divided the 10 Best Striker Traits in Football Manager 2024 into 3 categories based on the Striker’s efficiency. Each category emphasizes the Striker’s attributes and the traits that complement the attributes. 

That said, here are the 10 best striker traits in FM24:

For Strikers with High Pace and Acceleration

Forwards with High pace and acceleration are great for finding runs behind the defensive line. They are highly capable of outpacing the opposition’s defense and creating scoring opportunities against defenses playing a high defensive line.

Here are some of the best traits for strikers with high pace and acceleration.

Likes to try to beat offside trap

This trait will encourage your striker to make runs in behind the opposition defense. It’s perfect for strikers with high pace and acceleration, as it will allow them to get in behind the defense and create scoring opportunities.

Attributes for learning “Likes to Try to Beat Offside trap”:

  • Acceleration
  • Pace
  • Agility
  • Anticipation
  • Off the ball movement

To maximize the effectiveness its effectiveness, your forward must have good agility along with great off-the-ball movement and anticipation. Combining all these attributes gives your forward the ability to break through your opposition’s marking and offside trap. 

Erling Haland profile in Football Manager 2024

The “Likes to Try to Beat Offside Trap” trait is highly useful against teams that prefer to play a high defensive line. Center Backs with poor pace, agility, and anticipation are also vulnerable against such strikers.

Erling Haland is a great example of this. He regularly looks to find in-behind runs, expecting his City teammates to pop up with through balls to beat the defenders.

Required AttributesAcceleration, Pace
Complementary AttributesAgility, Anticipation, Off-the-ball movement
Effective AgainstHigh defensive line, Defenders with poor pace and anticipation
Suitable PositionAdvanced Forward, Pressing Forward, Poacher, Inside Forward
Contrasting traitsPlays with back to goal
Complementary Tactical InstructionsPass into Space(Team), Get Further Forward(Player) 
Contrasting Tactical InstructionsHold Up Ball

Knocks ball past opponent

“Knocks ball past opponent” is a trait that allows your striker to use their pace and acceleration to beat defenders one-on-one. 

Pacy strikers with poor dribbling can use this to their advantage. This lets the striker quickly knock the ball past the oncoming defender and open up space for running. 

Attributes to learn “Knocks ball past opponent”:

  • Acceleration
  • Pace

It can be a really neat trick against aggressive players with bad anticipation. As they’ll look to charge your striker and be left in the dust. 

However, this trait can oftentimes limit your Forward by making them predictable. A lack of flair will put your strikers at a disadvantage against defenders with high anticipation, concentration, and tackling. 

Required AttributesAcceleration, Pace,
Complementary AttributesDribbling, Agility, Flair
Effective AgainstAggressive defenders with poor Anticipation
Suitable PositionAdvanced Forward, Pressing Forward, Poacher, Inside Forward
Complementary Tactical InstructionsRun at Defense(Team), Dribble More(Player)
Contrasting Tactical InstructionsDribble Less(Team)

For Strikers with Good Passing Attributes

Strikers with good passing ability and ranges can be a great addition to a position-hogging team. In addition to scoring themselves, they can also bring their teammates into play with key passes. 

Here are some of the best traits for strikers with good passing attributes.

Plays one-twos 

The “Plays one-twos” in Football Manager is a trait any striker with good passing must have. It’s a lethal trick that can be devastating in a short-passing, high-tempo play. 

Playing one-twos allows the striker to quickly create chances for themselves or their teammates in a more favorable position on the pitch. Such movements are difficult for the opposition to predict and act upon. 

A striker looking to adopt the “Plays one-twos” must have:

  • Passing
  • Vision
  • First Touch
  • Technique
  • Anticipation
  • Off the ball
  • Acceleration
  • Balance
Karim Benzema player profile in Football Manager 2024.

That’s a lot of attributes to be good at! But it’s also a trick for only the best strikers out there.

You will see the likes of Karim Benzema regularly playing one-two passes with Vinicius Jr, or Federico Valverde to get them into the attacking game.

Required AttributesPassing, Vision, First Touch, Technique, Anticipation, Off the Ball, Acceleration, and Balance
Complementary AttributesDetermination, Teamwork, Strength
Effective AgainstMan-marking Defenders, High press
Suitable PositionDeep Lying Forward, Pressing Forward, Target Forward, Complete Forward, False Nine
Complementary TraitsComes Deep to Get Ball, Tries Killer Balls Often
Contrasting traitsLikes to try to Beat Offside Trap
Complementary Tactical InstructionsTake More Risks(Player), Move into Channels(Player)
Contrasting Tactical InstructionsHold Up Ball(Player), Take Fewer Risk(Player)

The one-two passing style also benefits inside forwards as well as inverted wingers in possession-focused tactics.

Tries Killer Balls Often

This encourages the forwards to attempt long, defense-splitting passes to their teammates. Strikers with good passing, vision, and technique can easily master the trait. 

Tries Killer Balls Often is highly suitable for teams that prefer a more risky playing approach up in attacks. 

Your striker will look to attempt frequent creative, risky passes into the space for his teammates to run onto. Teams with exceptionally fast attacking players and wingers can hugely benefit from this quality as it opens up more attacking opportunities in the wide areas as well. 

To get the most out of “Tries Killer Balls Often”, a striker must have a good level of:

  • Passing
  • Technique
  • Vision
  • Anticipation
  • Decision
  • Teamwork

As complimentary qualities, your striker can develop the tendency to Come Deep to Get the Ball. This will make him come deeper to ask for the ball and draw any marking defenders toward him. Pulling a marking defender off his position opens up spaces for teammates to make runs forward. 

Required AttributesVision, Passing, Technique, Anticipation, Decisions, and Teamwork.
Complementary AttributesDetermination, Flair, Work Rate
Effective AgainstMan-marking Defenders, High Defensive Line
Suitable PositionDeep Lying Forward, Target Forward, False Nine
Complementary TraitsComes Deep to Get Ball
Contrasting traitsPlays Short Simple Passes
Complementary Tactical InstructionsTake More Risks(Player), Pass into Space(Team)
Contrasting Tactical InstructionsTake Fewer Risk(Player)

Plays with back to goal

Strikers who are physically strong can benefit from the “Plays with back to goal” trait. It encourages the forward to hold the ball up and bring their teammates into play. 

A very tough, stout forward can hold up the ball against the physical pressure of the defenders and create attacking opportunities for fellow attacking teammates. 

To master the “Plays with back to goal”, your striker must have high physical attributes like:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Jumping Reach

For technical attributes, the forward must be good at:

  • First touch
  • Technique

And for the mental side of the game, the player should have a good level of:

  • Anticipation
  • Decisions
  • Flair
  • Teamwork
  • Vision

Good First Touch and Technique will help him keep the ball to himself for longer. And good creative attributes like Anticipation, Decisions, Flair, Teamwork, and Vision will allow him to find his teammates in better positions

This trait is very useful if your Forward is not fast enough, but has great strength to hold the ball. A team playing a direct style of Football will greatly benefit from a Striker who can hold the ball and get his pacier teammates into play for the counter. 

Olivier Giroud with the Best striker traits in Football Manager 2023

Olivier Giroud is one of the best Target Mans in Football Manager 2024 who loves to Play with Back to Goal.

Having your supporting forward with the “Play with Back to Goal” trait in a 2-man Forward lineup can be a great combination for the Route-One tactic. 

However, players who play with back-to-goal don’t tend to get into more advanced attacking positions. They won’t make frequent forward runs or run onto throw passes. 

Required AttributesStrength, Balance, Jumping Reach, First Touch, Technique
Complementary AttributesPassing, Vision, Anticipation, Decisions, Flair, Teamwork
Effective AgainstPhysically inferior Defenders
Suitable PositionTarget Forward, Pressing Forward
Complementary TraitsTries Killer Balls Often
Contrasting traitsLikes to Try to Beat Offside Trap, Gets Forward Whenever Possible
Complementary Tactical InstructionsTake More Risks(Player), More Direct Passing(Team)
Contrasting Tactical InstructionsGet Further Forward(Player)

For Shooting

Every Striker has to more or less excel in the art of shooting. And traits can help maximize the effectiveness of their shooting and finishing. 

Here are the characteristics that can make your striker score more goals!

Places Shots

No trait in Football Manager can make your striker shoot with more accuracy than the “Places Shots” attribute. But to be that good, your forward needs to have the right sets of attributes first. 

The “Places Shots” encourages the striker to take their time and place their shots. Top forwards in Football Manager with good finishing and presence of mind can easily master this and score many goals. 

Your Striker has to have good:

  • Finishing
  • Technique
  • Composure
  • Decisions
  • Anticipation
  • Off the ball
  • Concentration

Placing shots allows your striker to take his time and shoot in a direction that is hard for the goalkeeper to reach. However, such a trick requires highly composed forwards who can pick their spot amidst the battle in the final third. 

Keepers with poor Aerial Reach, Reflexes, Anticipation, Positioning, and Handling will have a hard time against strikers who like to place shots. 

Required AttributesFinishing, Technique, Composure, and Decisions
Complementary AttributesAnticipation, Off the ball, and Concentration
Effective AgainstKeepers with poor Aerial Reach, Reflexes, Anticipation, Positioning, and Handling
Suitable PositionAdvanced Forwards, Poacher, Complete Forward
Contrasting traitsTries First-Time Shots, Shoots with Power
Contrasting Tactical InstructionsShoot on sight(Team)

Shoots with Power

This will encourage your striker to shoot with power. Your Forward will look to blast the ball in the back of the net from inside the opposition penalty area, or from long shots. 

Strikers who don’t possess the best Final third attributes can rely on this trait if they have high strength. Rather than looking for accuracy, Strikers who shoot with power look to overwhelm the goalkeeper with their immensely powerful shots.

Power shots make it really difficult for Goalkeepers to stop, especially if they have poor Handling. 

It requires your striker to have high level of:

  • Finishing
  • Technique
  • Strength

Supporting strikers who’re likely to shoot from a distance can benefit from this. Also, forwards with poor Composure, Decisions, and Anticipation can overcome their weaknesses by shooting with power. 

Required AttributesFinishing, Technique, Strength
Effective AgainstGoalkeepers with Poor Handling and Strength
Suitable PositionTarget Forward, Pressing Forward
Complementary TraitsTries First-Time Shots
Contrasting traitsPlaces Shots
Complementary Tactical InstructionsShoot More Often(Player), Shoot On Sight(Team)

Tries First-Time Shots

Not many strikers can properly execute this as it requires your striker to be good at a lot of things. 

Strikers with a tendency to try First-time shots will look to take shots as soon as they get the ball. This is great for strikers who are good at shooting on the run, as it will allow them to score more goals from unexpected positions.

Defenders and Goalkeepers with poor Anticipation can easily be caught off-guard by it. It also allows the striker to take shots before the goalkeeper can settle into a better position. 

To master first-time shots, your striker must be adept at the following attributes:

  • Finishing
  • Technique
  • Flair
  • Anticipation
  • Acceleration
  • Balance
  • Strength

First-time shots have high chances of missing, but pair it up with Shoots with Power, and you get a devastating combo in your hand! You can further enhance the firepower of the trait by training it to a striker who is good at both feet!

Dominic Solanke player profile in Football Manager 2024

Dominic Solanke of AFC Bournemouth in FM24 loves to try first-time shots as soon as he gets the ball to his feet. It suits Bournemouth’s direct, high-tempo tactic.

Try to avoid having a striker with this trait if you’re looking to play a striker in a support role to build up play and create chances. 

Required AttributesFinishing, Technique, Composure, Anticipation
Complementary AttributesFlair, Off the Ball, Acceleration, Balance, and Strength
Effective AgainstDefenders and Goalkeepers with poor Anticipation and Positioning
Suitable PositionAdvanced Forward, Pressing Forward, Poacher
Complementary TraitsShoots with Power
Contrasting traitsPlaces shots, Likes to Round Keeper
Contrasting Tactical InstructionsShoot Less Often(Player)

Likes to Lob Keeper

Technical players with a great bit of flair can test the keeper by trying to Lob the ball over them. This just adds another level of dynamism to the striker’s game in one on one situations. It’s comes of very handy against keepers who might not possess the best jumping reach and anticipation.

Lobbing the Keeper requires mastery of the following attributes:

  • Finishing
  • Technique
  • Composure
  • Flair
  • Pace

Make sure that the opposition keeper has a high GK Rushing tendency to see more Lob efforts.

Football Manager only allows the most technically gifted players in your team to learn this trait. So if you’re confident in your Forward’s technical abilities, then give it a go!

Required AttributesFinishing, Technique, Composure, Flair
Complementary AttributesPace, Acceleration, Off the Ball
Effective AgainstGoalkeepers with Rushing Tendency
Contrasting traitsShoots with Power, Likes to Round Keeper

Likes to Round Keeper

This encourages your striker to try to dribble around the goalkeeper when they have the opportunity. 

Strikers with good dribbling ability can benefit from this trait, as it will allow them to score more goals in one-on-one situations.

Rounding the keeper requires the following attributes:

  • Dribbling
  • Composure
  • Technique
  • Flair
  • Decisions
  • Pace
  • Acceleration

Forwards equipped with the “Likes to Round Keeper” will look to exploit goalkeepers who are poor at One on Ones. Keepers who have poor Pace, Acceleration, and Bravery will also find it difficult to cope against forwards who look to round the keeper.

Expect your forwards to take shots instead of rounding the keeper if the opposition keeper has a low tendency of rushing out. 

Required AttributesDribbling, Flair, Composure, Decisions, Pace, Acceleration
Complementary AttributesFirst Touch, Technique, Finishing
Effective AgainstSlow Goalkeepers who are poor at One on Ones
Suitable PositionAdvanced Forward, Pressing Forward, Complete Forward, False Nine
Contrasting traitsTries First-time Shots
Complementary Tactical InstructionsRun into Defense(Team), Dribble More(Player)
Contrasting Tactical InstructionsHold Up Ball(Player), Dribble Less(Player)

And that’s about the 10 best traits for Strikers in Football Manager 2024!


That’s all about the best striker traits in Football Manager 2024. 

In conclusion, player traits are valuable for improving striker effectiveness. By selecting appropriate traits, you can create strikers who excel in goal-scoring, create chances for teammates, and enhance ball retention skills.

Keep the weaknesses of the players in mind as well. It takes several months to make your players adopt a new tendency. So pick wisely. 

Have a great day!

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