11 Best Wonderkid Centre Backs in FM23

Good centre Backs are hard to find. Great centre backs are harder. But the tasks get even more challenging if you’re looking for young centre back wonderkids to build your team around. 

So here we’re, with a list of the top 11 centre backs in Football Manager 23. 

Spoiler alert! There’s going to be a lot of Portuguese and Italians here.

PlayerNationalityAgeClubMarket Value
Giorgio ScalviniItalian18Atalanta€45-56
Josko GvardiolCroatian20RB Leipzig€95-113M
Andre AmaroPortuguese19VTSC€16-24
Antonio SilvaPortuguese18Benfica€33-41
Caleb OkoliItalian20Atalanta€24-29
Levi ColwillEnglish19Brighton€54-64
Wisdom AmeyItalian16Bologna$850K-8.6M
Ousmane DiomandeIvorian18Sporting CP7-8.6M pounds
Goncalo InacioPortuguese20Sporting CP€25-31M
Mattia VitiItalian20OGC Nice€20-24M
Illia ZabarnyiUkrainian19Bournemouth€35-45M

FM23 Best Wonderkid Centre Backs

Think I’ve kept you waiting for long enough. Let’s get down to business.

Here are the best wonderkid centre backs in Football Manager 23.

1. Giorgio Scalvini

Age 18
PositionDC, DM
Contracted toAtalanta
Preferred Foot Right

Italian centre Back Giorgio Scalvini from Atalanta is the best centre back wonderkid in FM23. 

With over 32 appearances under his name for Atalanta in the 22-23 season, the centre Back has some of the best clubs in Europe sniffing for his signature. 

Giorgio Scalvini is a massive talent at only 18 years old, boasting dominance in almost all categories of attributes.

His 6’4’’ stature, aided by tremendous strength and jumping reach, makes him unbeatable in aerial duels. He also possesses iron-solid Anticipation, and Concentration, giving him a good awareness of his surroundings. 

14 tackling and 14 marking make it really difficult even for the best strikers to get past Scalvini. 

Giorgio Scalvini profile in FM23.

Quick Note: I’ve used images from a new skin that I’m currently trying out in FM23. It’s called the Mustermann FM23 Skin. So far, it looks pretty great and unique. You can try it out if you want. I personally follow Mustermann FM on Twitter and Youtube, and he’s an amazing FM content creator as well. Say hi to him from me if you ever get to have a chat!

Scalvini has a market value of €45-56 in Football Manager 23. With his contract running until 2027, expect Atalanta to ask for a gargantuan sum for the right to sign the Italian centre back. 

2. Josko Gvardiol

Age 20
PositionDC, DL
Contracted toRB Leipzig
Preferred Foot Left

After a World Cup campaign that most consider a “splendid campaign”, nobody was surprised when ManCity came swooping for the Croatian centre Back. 

Yes, we’re talking about Josko Gvardiol.

Gvardiol is one of the best centre-back wonderkid in FM23 with well-rounded attributes. At only 20 years of age, the centre Back possesses great attributes with 15 tackling ad 13 marking. He is also dominant with the ball and can play as a Ball Playing Defender.

You can also play Gvardiol as a left back, using his dominant left foot. 

Josko Gvardiol profile in FM23

Unfortunately, such talent never comes cheap. Most clubs in FM23  won’t be able to afford the transfer fee of Gvardiol. You’ll need to spend a whopping 120+ million to secure the 6’1’’ centre back from RB Leipzig. 

3. Andre Amaro

Age 19
PositionDC, DM
Contracted toVTSC
Preferred Foot Right

Andre Amaro is a 19-year-old Portuguese wonderkid centre back in FM23.

Standing 6’1’’ tall, the right-footed centre back features for the Liga Portugal for VTSC in FM23. Amaro is immense mental attributes at the age of only 19. He also has decent physical attributes in the game which will only improve as he reaches his prime. 

With 14 tackling, 13 marking, and 16 aggression, you can bet that he is one of the best young ball-winners in the game. His resolute personality only makes him more committed to his challenges.

Andre Amaro profile in FM23

VTSC will demand a transfer fee of around 20-25M for Andre Amaro in Football Manager 23. So that makes him one of the cheapest options on this list. 

4. Antonio Silva

Age 18
Contracted toBenfica
Preferred Foot Right
PersonalityFairly Determined

For someone so young, Antonio Silva is surely one of the generational centre back talent at just 18 years of age. 

Featuring regularly for the backline of Benfica, Antonio Silva is one of the best Ball Playing Defender in this list, with 14 Passing, 14 Vision, and 13 Technique. Such ability with the ball makes him an attractive signing for any top European side. 

And remember, he’s only 18!

Silva is adept in all departments, making him one of the most well-rounded young talent in the game.

Antonio Silva profile in FM23

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll get to secure the 6’2’’ centre back for cheap. Benfica will want somewhere in the region of €50+ million for Antonio Silva. 

5. Caleb Okoli

Age 20
Contracted toAtalanta
Preferred Foot Right
PersonalityFairly Professional

Caleb Okoli is yet another highly talented young centre back from Atalanta, bursting into the scene this season. 

The 6’2’’ right-footed Italian centre Back has made 17 appearances in the Serie A beside Scalvini, building up an impenetrable defense. 

14 Tackling, 15 Marking, and 14 Positioning makes the 20-year-old one of the most sound defender in the entire league. 

All that, complemented by his immense physicality(14 Acceleration, 14 Agility, 14 Balance, 14 Jumping Reach, 15 Pace, 16 Stamina, and 15 Strength) makes him a commendable youngster for any backline.

However, Okoli is more of a traditional centre back with a no-nonsense approach. That means he is not the best option to build the play from the back. 

Pairing him up with a good BPD should see your defense survive the sharpest of attacks.

Caleb Okoli profile in FM23

Okoli is available for around €30 million in FM23. 

6. Levi Colwill

Age 19
PositionDC, DL, WBL
Contracted toBrighton
Preferred Foot Left

Levi Colwill has experienced a pretty impressive upgrade after the winter FM23 update!

The Chelsea youngster is a physically gifted centre-back, possessing high pace and acceleration to dominate a high defensive line. 

Colwill is a highly talented Ball Playing Defender, possessing great control over the ball. His 16 Composure, 14 Passing, and 13 Technique are great building the play from the back. 

The English young centre back is set up to become one of the best Premier League Ball Player Defenders at his peak, given he gets enough first-team experience. And he probably will in a youth-dominated Brighton side. 

Levi Colwill profile in FM23

Colwill is on loan at Brighton in the first season on FM23. So you’ll need to be a bit patient to secure him. It’s unlikely that Chelsea will let go of such a prospect for any less than €70 million.

Still looking for the right player? Hey, while you’re at it, you can check out some of the top FM23 right wingers!

7. Wisdom Amey

Age 16
PositionDR, DC
Contracted toBologna
Preferred Foot Right

Wisdom Amey is one of the youngest centre back on this list, making him even more impressive. 

The centre back is already 6’1’’ despite such a young age. So you can expect him to grow up to 6’4’’ in FM23 by the time he reaches his 20s.

He is fast. And he is incredibly strong for his age. 

Still a diamond in the rough, Wisdom Amey has a lot of room for growth in both Mental and Technical attributes.

Wisdom Amey is still a fringe player for Bologna in Serie A. But given a couple of years, the Italian wonderkid is set to become one of the best young centre back in Football Manager 23. 

Wisdom Amey profile in FM23
Source: FM Blog

This wonderkid is available for only €10 in the very first season. Pretty much a bargain for a player of his caliber!

8. Ousmane Diomande

Age 18
PositionDC, DR
Contracted toSporting CP
Preferred Foot Right

Ousmane Diomande is the only African wonderkid on this list. 

With his recent move to Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon, the Ivorian has garnered huge attention from the FM community for his outstanding physical attributes. 

I mean, what can’t he do? He has 18 Natural Fitness, making him pretty fit for playing all the matches in the season. 

On top of that, he is fast, massively strong, has a high awareness of his surroundings, and is highly capable of winning the ball. 

Diamande is actually one of my favorite centre-back wonderkid in FM23. And I’m sure you can see why!

There are very few talented Ball Playing defenders you can find in FM23 for such a cheap pricetag. 

Ousmane Diomande profile in FM23
Source: FM Blog

Oh, one more thing! Ousmane Diomande has a Perfectionist personality. Do whatever you can with that information!

9. Goncalo Inacio

Age 20
Contracted toSporting CP
Preferred Foot Left

Goncalo Inacio has been a “wonderkid” for the last few Football Manager editions. And looks like he is still not willing to let go of that anytime soon. 

A balanced left-footed centre-back, the 6’2’’ Portuguese wonderkid is a go-to option for many who’re looking for a solid option at the back. 

And he plays for Sporting CP, alongside Ousmane Diomande! 

Inacio has great defensive awareness and marking ability. He is also good at physically keeping up with the most aerially dominant forwards in the game. 

14 Passing, 14 Technique, 14 Vision, 14 Composure, and 13 Decisions really speak volumes about Inacio’s ball-playing ability. 

Although, his trait to play simple passes really restricts his passing range. So try to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

There’s really nothing much to talk about Goncalo Inacio as he’s been around for a good amount of time.

Goncalo Inacio profile in FM23

Goncalo Inacio is available for a €32 million price tag.


10. Mattia Viti

Age 20
Contracted toOGC Nice
Preferred Foot Left

Yet another Italian! What a surprise. 

Mattia Vitti is a young wonderkid centre back who plays for OGC Nice in League 1. The 20 year old is a robust left-footed centre back, standing 6’3’’ tall. 

He displays high aerial superiority with 14 Heading, 14 Jumping Reach, and 13 Strength. As for defending, his 14 Tackling and 13 Marking let him take on attackers comfortably.

Mattia Vitti profile in FM23

Securing the deal of Mattia Viti during his inaugural FM23 season will cost you above €30 million

11. Illia Zabarnyi

Age 19
Contracted toBournemouth
Preferred Foot Right

We’re going to close the list with a Ukrainian centre Back.

Illia Zabarnyi is a massively talented young centre Back who got a lucrative move to the Premier League and currently plays for Bournemouth in FM23. 

The 19-year-old Ukrainian is a physical specimen, standing 6’1’’ and boasting eye-catching physical attributes. 

With 14 Strength, 15 Jumping Reach, and 13 Bravvery, nobody is winning the ball over him in the air! Zabarnyi is equally capable in defensive situations, showcasing high intelligence and awareness. 

His 15 Tackling, 13 Marking, 16 Teamwork, 14 Concentration, and 14 Anticipation make him stand out from most Premier League centre Backs. 

Illia Zabarnyi profile in FM23

However, you’ll have to wait a season or two to get your hands on Zabarnyi as he has very recently joined Bournemouth. And by that time, his market value will reach somewhere around the region of €50-70 million.

With enough experience and proper training, you can build him up to become a good BPD in the game.

FM23 Wonderkids: How To Spot A Promising Centre Back

It’s quite important to understand centre backs and what you’re exactly wanting from them in Football Manager. 

Filter Out Young Players

The first step is to filter out players who are too young. A good rule of thumb is to look for players who are between the age of 15-20 years old. 

This will ensure that you’re only considering players who are close to being ready to make an impact in your first team.

Good Defensive Attributes

Once you’ve filtered out the young players, it’s time to start looking at their attributes. The most important attributes for a centre back are:

  • Tackling
  • Marking
  • Passing
  • Heading
  • Anticipation
  • Decisions
  • Concentration
  • Positioning
  • Strength
  • Jumping Reach
  • Pace

If you prefer playing with a high defensive line, and high pressing system, look for centre backs with good stamina and work rate

Good Personality

This can impact the player’s attitude and how he handles different situations during the match. 

Always look for players who possess one of the following personalities:

  • Model Citizen
  • Model Professional
  • Professional
  • Resilient
  • Resolute
  • Determined
  • Perfectionist

These are the best personalities that a top player should possess to improve his approach to the game. 

Playing Style

Does the defender match your playing philosophy? Can he keep up with your style of play?

Well, as we already mentioned, high-pressing centre defenders require immense stamina and work rate to constantly press. 

But if you’re looking to sit deeper, you should look for defenders with better positioning and physicality.

Ball Playing Defenders must be comfortable with the ball in their feet. They must also possess good passing range to initiate buildup. 

If your team is almost always the underdog and you prefer playing a direct brand of football, you should seek no-nonsense defenders. 

Good Leadership

The best centre backs in the world are some of the best leaders. In fact, they have to have high leadership quality and teamwork to maintain the defensive structure of the team. 

So make sure that you don’t overlook that part of their game!

Media Description

If you go to the player profile and look right next to their attributes screen, you’ll see a Media Description info of the player.

This indicates what the media thinks of the player.

Wonderkids generally have the “wonderkid” description given by the media. So if a player has that, you can be assured that the player is a guaranteed wonderkid in the game. 

Hidden Attributes

The game won’t show you the hidden attributes of the player. But they will give you little hints about a player’s hidden attributes through scouting reports. 

Get the full scouting report of the player and look for:

  • Consistency
  • Performance in Big Matches
  • Handling Pressure
  • Adaptability

These attributes will dictate how consistently your centre back wonderkid will be able to dish out performance game after game. Good hidden stats generally impacts the mental side of a player’s game. 

Fitness & Injuries

Lastly, take a close look at the player’s injury history to get a good idea about his injury proneness.

The scouting report will give you hints about how injury prone a player is in general. You can also check the player’s history to find out previous injury records and their durations. 

Another thing to keep an eye on is the Natural Fitness and Stamina of the players. 

Poor natural fitness attributes translate to poor fitness recovery after a match. 

Parting Words

That wraps up our guide on the 11 Best Wonderkid centre Backs in Football Manager 23. Let us know if we missed anyone notable! I mean, there are a ton of wonderkids in this edition of the game. 

Anyways, that’s all from me. Have a good day!

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