10 Best Wonderkid Strikers In Football Manager 2024

Football Manager 24 is finally out with its ever-promising roster of highly talented wonderkids to spice up your career mode save. 

Today, we’ll focus solely on the wonderkid strikers in Football Manager 24. These players have impressed scouts with their raw talents, and today, made our top 10 list. 

Throughout the season, we’ll keep a close eye on them and any potential big transfer moves. 

We’ve considered the following criteria to pick our top 10 best wonderkid strikers:

  • Reputation
  • Ability
  • Potential

That said, here are the 10 best wonderkid strikers in Football Manager 2024:

PlayerNationalityAgeClubMarket Value
Karim AdeyemiGerman21Borussia DortmundNot for sale
Rasmus HojlundDanish20Manchester UnitedNot for sale
Joao PedroBrazilian21Brighton€100M
Evan FergusonIrish18Brighton€128M
Benjamin SeskoSlovenia20RB LeipzigNot for sale
Armando BrojaAlbania21Chelsea€104M
Elye WahiFrench20RC Lens€195M
Marcos LeonardoBrazilian20Santos€64M
Emanuel EmeghaDutch20Strasbourg€53M
Youssoufa MoukokoGerman18Borussia DortmundNot for sale

1. Karim Adeyemi

PositionST, AMR, AML
Contracted toBorussia Dortmund
Preferred FootLeft
Height180 cm
Salary€ 105,820 p/w

Karim Adeyemi has been constantly on our list of wonderkids for the last few iterations of the game. And he is once again at the front and center of our interest as one of the best wonderkid strikers in FM24. 

The left-footed forward is one of the top prospects in the Borussia Dortmund roster, contracted until 2027 with a weekly wage of € 105,820.

Adeyemi’s arsenal includes explosive pace and speed, a potent combination that leaves defenders in his dust. In fact, he is one of the fastest players in Football Manager, with an overall pace and acceleration of 19. 

His devastating pace, combined with terrific dribbling and flair makes him a nightmare for any defense. On top of that, the young German is made for an extreme pressing system, thanks to his incredible aggression, determination, and work rate. 

Only 21 years of age, Adeyemi is expected to end up being one of the elite forwards in his prime. 


  • Explosive pace
  • Very agile with his movement
  • Very aggressive and works very hard
  • Highly determined
  • Unpredictable in nature


  • Needs to improve finishing
  • Poor heading
  • Lacks balance
  • Not great aerially
  • Lack of strength
  • Lacks playmaking ability
  • Requires better composure and decision-making in the final third

Best Roles

  • Winger
  • Inverted Winger
  • Pressing Forward

2. Rasmus Hojlund

Contracted toManchester United
Preferred FootLeft
Height191 cm
Salary€ 93,600 p/w

Next in the list, we’ve got the new Manchester United marksman Rasmus Hojlund as one of the top prospects in Europe. 

After impressing with his former employers, the 20-year-old Target Man has made a name for himself as a lethal attacking threat for any European side. 

Hojlund has well-rounded attributes to complement his game. In FM24, the forward has eye-catching physical and mental attributes. He is also equally adept at Finishing and First touch. 

If played regularly, Hojlund has the potential of becoming one of the leading forwards in the Premier League. 


  • High balance
  • Exceptional strength and jumping reach
  • Bravery
  • High determination and work rate
  • Good with the ball
  • Tough to mark
  • Dangerous in the final third


  • Not great from the penalty spot
  • Can only play in the ST position

Best Roles

  • Target Man
  • Pressing Forward
  • Complete Forward
  • Advanced Forward

3. Joao Pedro

PositionAMR, AML, AMC, ST
Contracted toBrighton
Preferred FootRight
Height182 cm
Salary€ 52,650 p/w

Brighton has packed up some serious names in their roster in the past few seasons —Joao Pedro being one of the special talents. 

Now considered a regular starter in Football Manager 24, Joao Pedro is an exciting Brazilian forward who leads the attack as a prolific right winger alongside Kaoru Mitoma, Evan Ferguson, and Ansu Fati. 

The 21-year-old is an incredibly balanced forward adept at playing in quite a few attacking positions. Pedro’s exceptional First touch, dribbling, flair, and technique make it incredibly hard for the defenders to take the ball off him. 

If that’s not bad enough, his incredible work rate and great physical abilities make him the perfect all-round attacker. 

Brighton values the young forward around €100M, with a contract extending until 2028.


  • Can play in almost every attacking position
  • Has a brilliant first-touch
  • Aggressive in his approach
  • Has good balance
  • Penalty taking ability
  • High technique and flair
  • Good at dribbling
  • High work rate and determination
  • Sprinting


  • Weak in the air 
  • Needs to improve finishing

Best Roles

  • Trequartista
  • Inside Forward
  • Deep Lying Forward
  • Attacking Midfielder
  • Advanced Forward

4. Evan Ferguson

Contracted toBrighton
Preferred FootRight
Height188 cm
Salary€ 29,250 p/w

Joining is teammate in the list, Evan Ferguson has been one of the sensational wonderkid of FM23. And it’s no different this time as the Irish forward has reached a new height with his tremendous form in the Premier League. 

Ferguson’s preferred right foot is the instrument of choice as he spearheads Brighton’s attack.

What sets Ferguson apart is his explosive pace, combining seamlessly with his robust physicality. Aerialy, he is dominant and can go neck-to-neck with some of the toughest center backs in Football Manager 24.  

Image of Evan Ferguson as one of the Best wonderkid striker in FM24

A keen eye for Finishing aided by his physicality makes him a constant threat inside the box. 

Agility and Dribbling are the only two weaknesses of the Brighton star. But he can eventually buff them up over the years.

Despite these areas for improvement, there’s no doubt about Ferguson’s potential.


  • Exceptional finishing
  • Great aerial ability
  • Great Strength and Jumping Reach
  • Quick off the mark
  • High work rate
  • Precise at shooting from long distance


  • Poor at dribbling
  • Lacks flair
  • Not versatile
  • Subpar playmaking ability
  • Not agile with movement

Best Roles

  • Poacher
  • Pressing Forward
  • Target Man

5. Benjamin Sesko

Contracted toRB Leipzig
Preferred FootRight 
Height194 cm
Salary€ 76,960 p/w

Benjamin Sesko is a 6’3’’ Slovenian forward playing for RB Leipzig in Football Manager 24.

Since FM22, the FM community has fallen head over heels for the young striker who now sees himself hunted by many of the top European clubs.

Sesko is a fast player who’s good at many things. He moves well without the ball, finding open spaces on the field. He’s also skilled at scoring and can use both his feet and head to do it.

He is quick and can outrun defenders, taking advantage of this high pace. When it comes to scoring, he has a reliable right food and a decent heading ability.

The only downside of this game is that Sesko is a bit one-dimensional; he doesn’t have a lot of variety in his playing style. 

Currently averaging a goal every 99 minutes, expectation is high for the forward as he can reach elite potential in Football Manager 24. 


  • High acceleration and pace
  • Good aerial ability
  • Strong physically
  • Good movement off the ball
  • High technique


  • Can only play in one position
  • Poor crossing

Best Roles

  • Advanced Forward
  • Target Man
  • Poacher

Enjoying the list so far? Great! If so, then you might also want to check out the list of top wonderkid centre backs in FM!

6. Armando Broja

PositionAMR, AML, ST
Contracted toChelsea
Preferred FootRight
Height191 cm
Salary€ 87,750 p/ w

The Chelsea wonderkid has gained a huge boost to his attributes in Football Manager 24, and for good reasons. 

He is a 6’2’’ Albanian striker who’s burst into the scene very recently. 

Although yet to be a regular starter for Chelsea, Broja has featured in a handful of matches where he showed great promise. 

Both technically and physically gifted, Broja can operate in both wings while also threatening the goal in regular intervals. His good movement of the ball and composure in tight situations makes him a lethal finisher. 

Only 21 years old, Broja has the potential to be one of the top strikers in the league. 


  • Physicality
  • Dribbling ability
  • High composure in the final third
  • Great balance
  • Great sprinting
  • Highly versatile


  • Poor playmaking ability

Best Roles

  • Poacher
  • Advanced Forward
  • Pressing Forward

7. Elye Wahi

PositionAML, ST
Contracted toRC Lens
Preferred FootRight
Height184 cm
Salary€ 21,930 p/w

With 20-year-old Elye Wahi, RC Lens has a diamond in the rough in their hands. 

Elye Wahi is a striker, and he’s really good at what strikers do best – scoring goals. 

He’s got fantastic shooting and finishing skills, and if you watch his goals, you’ll see he can an arsenal full of goalscoring techniques – from kicking the ball in the air to using his head. It seems like scoring comes naturally to him.

In FM24, Wahi is a technically gifted forward with high sprinting capabilities, making it tough for players to mark him. He has exceptional dribbling which helps him cut inside from the left wing with his favored right foot. 

It also helps Wahi progress the ball up the pitch without breaking the sweat. 

Adding Wahi in your FM24 boosts your chances of finding the back of the net.


  • Elite Finishing
  • Incredible pace 
  • High technique
  • Good strength
  • Good dribbling


  • The player has no significant weaknesses

Best Roles

  • Inside forward
  • Advanced Forward
  • Winger

8. Marcos Leonardo

PositionAML, ST
Contracted toSantos
Preferred FootRight
Height178 cm
Salary€ 11,540 p/w

It’s only a matter of time before one of the big European clubs snatches Marcos Leonardo from Santos. The young forward has caught the eyes of the footballing world with an impressive 21 goals despite not being the main man up front. 

Marcos Leonardo is a 20-year-old right-footed Brazilian forward who has the gift of sniffing out goals! 

The youngster possesses high finishing and good movement off the ball which means he can find the back of the goal even from the most unlikeliest spots. 

Looking for a forward who knows nothing but scoring goals? 

We believe that Marcos Leonardo is the most clinical wonderkid striker in Football Manager 24. 


  • Clinical in front of goal
  • Composure
  • Off the ball movement
  • Good pace
  • High anticipation
  • Dynamic potential


  • Has a weaker foot
  • Not the best dribbler

Best Roles

  • Poacher
  • Raumdeuter
  • Advanced Forward

9. Emanuel Emegha

Contracted toStrasbourg
Preferred FootRight
Height195 cm
Salary€ 5,020 p/w

Emanuel Emegha is a talented young player playing for Strasbourg with a bright future ahead of him. He is a powerful and athletic forward with a good eye for goal. 

Despite possessing an almost 6’4’’ towering stature, Emegha is surprisingly agile with the ball and can dribble with ease. He is a nightmare to defend against in a set-piece situation and will punish the opposition defense at every opportunity. 

Emegha is a player to watch in the future. He has the potential to become a top player in Europe.


  • Dynamic potential
  • High dribbling ability
  • Good movement off the ball
  • Jumping reach
  • Sprinting ability


  • Fairly selfish
  • Poor vision
  • Lack of stamina
  • Lack of versatility

Best Roles

  • Poacher
  • Target Man
  • Advanced Forward

10. Youssoufa Moukoko

Contracted toBorussia Dortmund
Preferred FootLeft
Height179 cm
Salary€ 67,340 p/w

The list will never be complete without this name.

Youssoufa Moukoko is one of the best young strikers in Football Manager 2024 with a dynamic potential that can see him become one of the best in the game. 

Still holding the record of UEFA Champions League’s youngest-ever player, the youngster has a keen eye for goal and possesses extraordinary flair and technique that always keeps the defenders guessing.

With increased game time, Moukouko can become an elite striker in the game, joining the ranks of Haaland and Kylian Mbappe. 


  • High top speed
  • Very agile with his movement
  • Unpredictable
  • Good first touch
  • High finishing


  • Poor Aerial ability
  • Poor crossing
  • Can only play in one position

Best Roles

  • Advanced Forward
  • Trequartista
  • Poacher

FM24 Wonderkids: How To Spot A Promising Striker

Good Attacking Attributes

Unlike other positions, a striker has to possess well-balanced skillsets to spearhead the line of attack. 

This means they need to be good in the Technical, Mental, and Physical aspects of the game. Even if they have some sort of weakness in a particular attribute, they must be able to work and improve on them over the years. 

That said, here are the attributes a promising striker should possess:

Technical Attributes

  • Dribbling
  • Finishing
  • First Touch
  • Heading
  • Penalty taking
  • Passing
  • Technique

Mental Attributes

  • Aggression
  • Anticipation
  • Bravery
  • Composure
  • Decisions
  • Determination
  • Flair
  • Off the Ball
  • Teamwork
  • Work Rate

Physical Attributes

  • Acceleration
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Jumping Reach
  • Pace
  • Stamina
  • Strength

Elite Personality

To reach the top, you need strikers who possess an elite player personality in FM

So look for the following personalities in a young striker to make sure they have what it takes to reach their true potential:

  • Model Citizen
  • Model Professional
  • Professional
  • Resilient
  • Resolute
  • Determined
  • Perfectionist

Suitable Traits

Traits can help a striker achieve an edge over the opposition in certain situations. 

I’ve previously covered this topic about the top traits of a striker in FM

While this topic can be up for debate, I believe that the trait of a striker should always complement his playing role. 

The trait that suits an Advanced Forward won’t necessarily bear fruit for a target man. 

Anyways, here are some traits that can aid a promising striker in FM:

  • Likes to Try to beat the offside trap
  • Knocks ball past opponent
  • Plays one-twos
  • Tries Killer Balls Often
  • Plays with Back to Goal
  • Places Shots
  • Shoots with Power
  • Tries First-Time Shots
  • Likes to Lob Keeper
  • Likes to Round Keeper

Aggression and Determination

A top striker should be highly aggressive and determined to get the best outcome from the game. It’s a common trait amongst all the elite forwards in the world.

So make sure that your young striker is a highly determined block who’s willing to give his all to the cause. 

Hidden Attributes

Although not visible, hidden attributes play a highly important role in the player’s performance and behavior. It also dictates his personality to a huge extent. 

Make sure to properly scout your targetted striker to get a sniff of his hidden attributes. Make sure that he’s – 

  • Consistent
  • Enjoys big matches
  • Ambitious
  • Willing to play dirty in his approach to win

Fitness and Injuries

Lastly, your striker should be able to keep his fitness level up to feature in every match of the season. This means he should be able to quickly recover from matches and possess high natural fitness.

Your striker should also be less prone to injury to avoid missing a lot of matches that can hinder his growth. 

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