Detailed Guide on The Chief Scout in Football Manager

In Football Manager, the Chief Scout is one of the key backroom staff members who’s set to look after scout assignments and duties. The staff role is crucial in the expansive scouting team, dedicated to unearthing the next generation of talented players for your squad.

He also assesses all the available scouting reports and provides you with a list of potential targets and their updated profile. 

Recruiting the right talent in this role can enhance your club’s scouting capabilities and stay ahead in identifying exceptional talents. In today’s article, we’ll learn more about the role in Football Manager.

Chief Scout: Responsibilities

The Chief Scout assumes the role of leading the scouting network and focuses solely on filtering through various scout reports to provide you with updated recommendations on potential targets. It’s one of the five key backroom staff roles besides the Assistant Manager, Head of Youth Development, Technical Director, and the Director of Football.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Setting up scouting assignments for others and managing the network.
  • Provides feedback on scouting assignments.
  • Takes charge of scouting meetings.
  • Collecting and providing scouting reports on the next opponent.
  • Collects and provides analysis reports of the players.
  • Provides analysis report on the next opponent.
Staff responsibilities for Chief scout in Football Manager 23.

His existing scouting knowledge before joining your club holds immense importance as it directly contributes to increasing the club’s overall knowledge base. 

As a consultant, he may have limited scouting assignments, but you can set his responsibilities to focus on scouting local regions or certain leagues. 

For instance, if you manage a club in Spain, you can assign him to scout either the country of Spain, one of its divisions, or the central Europe region.

The Chief scout assigns two types of scouts to operate the scouting task of the club:

Roaming Scouts

These are the scouts who are sent to specific regions to complete specific scouting assignments. 

Depending on the type of assignment, the roaming scouts can either come back after a period of time or stay in that particular region and keep you updated about new players.  

Next Opposition Scouts

These are the scouting staff who assesses the opponents your team is going to face in the next match. 

They have to provide quick reports on the opposition tactics, players, formation, etc. Having a scout with high tactical ability increases the chance of getting better opposition reports in Football Manager.

Chief Scout: Attributes

In FM23, a proficient Chief Scout requires to possess the following essential attributes:

  • Judging Player Ability
  • Judging Player Potential
  • Adaptability
Staff profile Eric Gerets.

In addition to being good at Judging player ability and potential, he must also have a good level of:

  • Tactical Knowledge
  • People Management
  • Determination 

Tactical knowledge helps the staff to find players who fit better into your tactical style. It also helps him to give better insight into opposition tactics and formation.

As the head of all scouting operations, people management skills help the staff to delegate scouting assignments to the scouting team depending on their skill set.

Similar to the assistant manager, having a staff member who shares the same preferred formation as you in this role has several advantages. This alignment increases the likelihood that they will prioritize scouting for players in those specific positions.

While opinions on staff members’ personalities may vary, it’s always beneficial to have a Chief Scout with a Professional or Model Professional personality.

When searching for staff in this particular role, prioritize candidates with extensive experience, a decent reputation, and in-depth knowledge of nations known for producing top new talents.

Another significant factor to consider is the expertise of your scouting team. Remember, your Chief Scout is only as good as your scouting team. 

It’s crucial to assemble a group of scouts with extensive knowledge spanning across different regions of the world. This diverse knowledge base ensures that you receive more comprehensive and varied scouting reports, enhancing your chances of discovering hidden talents.

Chief Scout: Salary

A Chief Scout in a top division team earns about £2k-5k a week, which is around £110k-270k annually. The salary for the role will be less in the lower divisions.

They usually face a salary drop of 25% due to relegation to the lower league. On promotion to a higher division, they can expect a salary raise of 20-30%.

Contract of Chris Brass in FM23.

You can negotiate the deal yourself to try and look to spend less on recruitment for the role. However, I prefer handing the task to my Director of Staff management as he has good negotiation skills and can secure a better financial deal.

How to Find the Best Chief Scouts in FM23

By emphasizing essential attributes, formation preferences, personalities, and scouting knowledge, you can find the best suitor for the role in FM23.

When searching for a particular staff role, you should specify minimum standards for each key attribute.

Here’s how you can fine-tune staff search to find the best Chief Scout for your team in Football Manager:

  • Go to the Staff tab in Football Manager.
  • Head over to the Staff Search page.
  • Click on the Edit Search button.
  • Set the Staff Role
  • Pick the Attributes and the attribute values you want your Chief Scout to have.
  • Add your Preferred Formation and Preferred Style conditions in the search.
  • The game will filter and present you with the available staff who matches your search terms.
Staff search filter in Football Manager 23

Best Chief Scouts in FM23

NameNationalityAgeCurrent ClubJudging Player AbilityJudging Player PotentialAdaptability
Juarez FischerBrazilian61Palmeiras202020
Jim LawlorIrish57Man Utd202015
Markus PilawaGerman44FC Bayern20208
Gerardo GuzmanSpanish45Man Utd20208
Javier RibaltaSpanish41Marseille201910

Final Words

Hopefully, you found this detailed staff guide helpful. I tried my best to cover every aspect of the staff role in the game.

I’ve also covered other staff roles like the Technical Director and Director of Football in great detail. Make sure to check them out if you want to learn more about the key backroom staff.

Have a wonderful day!

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