FM Playing Salary Percentage: Master Loan Negotiation


Loaning in high-status names in your team can be a great way to strengthen your squad without draining your transfer budget. It can also work the other way around and save you some wage budgets by loaning out surplus players. 

However, if you’re not careful enough. The ‘Playing salary percentage’ clause in the loan contract can really hurt your finances.

So, what’s FM Playing Salary Percentage anyways?

Playing salary percentage in FM is the percentage of wage the loaning club will pay for the loanee player based on their match appearance. Oftentimes, a club loaning a player doesn’t have the financial capability to pay the full wage of the player. Paying a percentage of the playing salary makes the loaned-out players affordable for the loaning club. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what playing salary percentage is, and how it affects your club’s finances in Football Manager. 

What is Playing Salary Percentage in Football Manager

The Playing Salary Percentage is a dynamic concept in FM that allows you to determine the portion of a loaned player’s salary that counts towards the wage budget of your club based on their playing time.

When a player is loaned out, there is a notable financial aspect to consider— the Playing Salary Percentage. Essentially, this percentage represents the portion of the player’s salary that the loaning club is responsible for, while the parent club covers the remaining share. 

FM Playing salary percentage setup in the Transfer screen.
You can set the Player Salary Percentage in the Loan Offer option of the Transfer screen.

This arrangement ensures that both clubs contribute to the player’s wages, with the loaning club shouldering a specific percentage while the parent club assumes the remainder of the financial responsibility.

The unused wage percentage, on the other hand, represents the portion of the player’s salary that the loaning club agrees to cover if the player does not participate in the first team. This arrangement ensures that even in the event of limited playing time, the loaning club remains responsible for a specified percentage of the player’s wages, providing financial support during periods of non-involvement.

It’s a great negotiation tool that helps you to strike a great balance between club finances and resource optimization. 

How to Set Playing Salary Percentage in FM

You can set the playing salary percentage for the players you’re looking to loan out. This will tell the clubs exactly how much salary you’re looking to contribute for the player. 

On the other hand, you’ll have to negotiate the playing salary percentage for a player that you’re looking to loan. 

Here’s how you can set the playing salary percentage in FM. 

For Loaning Player Out

Football Manager allows you to set the Player Salary Percentage for the players you are looking to loan out. 

To set your desired Player Salary Percentage, you’ve to go to the Player Profile Screen first. Go to the “Transfer” dropdown and select the “Transfer Status” option. Set the loan status for the player to “Available for loan” and the “Player Salary Percentage” box will open up. Enter your desired percentage in the box and hit “Confirm”

Be careful about who you’re looking to loan out! Putting a player up for a loan can upset them if they are highly influential in the squad. If it’s a regular starter that you’re looking to loan out, you might want to talk to him about it first. 

For Loaning Player In

If you’re the one looking to add a loan player to your roster, then you’ll be the one paying the Playing Salary Percentage!

You can’t set up the Playing Salary Percentage in FM while looking to bring a player to your club on loan. Either you’ll have to agree to pay the loaner club their demanded percentage, or you’ll have to negotiate the playing salary percentage for the player. 

Go to the player profile screen and go to the “Transfer” dropdown and select “Make an offer”. Choose the Loan option and input the playing salary percentage that you’re willing to pay for the player. Once you’ve set your offer, hit “Make Offer” and you’re all done sending a loan request!

Loan offer page for Francho of Stade Rennes in FM.
Here, Stade Rennes is asking for 100% of the Playing Salary Percentage on top of $215k monthly playing fee for Francho.

Don’t expect to get any positive response from the loaner club if the playing salary percentage you offered was less than what they’re asking for. 

However, if you really want to sign the player on loan but don’t have the financial means, then there’s a way to get around that!

Yes, we were talking about negotiating the playing salary percentage with the loaner club with other attractive clauses!

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How to Negotiate Playing Salary Percentage in FM

Both clubs have to come to a settlement to establish a loan deal for a player. Whether you are the loanee, or the loaner club, negotiating the playing salary percentage is an important financial decision that can impact your club budget in the long run. 

Some clever workarounds can easily get you a better edge in negotiating Playing salary percentages. 

Here’s how you can negotiate playing salary percentage in FM. 

For Loaning Player Out

Getting requests from clubs offering a lower Playing Salary Percentage than your expected percentage is very common in Football Manager. 

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to go along with the offered percentage or stay strict on your set percentage. Or, you can find a way to work a few things around!

Say, if a club offers you a Playing Salary Percentage that’s below your expectation, you can simply ask for a higher Playing Monthly Fee from the loaning club. 

FM23 Offer to Club screen for loaning out players.
You can offer your players out for loan after setting Playing Salary Percentage and Playing Monthly Fee.

Another way you can get more out of the offer is by setting up a Mandatory Future Fee. If it’s a player that you’re looking to get rid of in the upcoming season, negotiating a mandatory future free is a great way to do so!

For loaning out youth players, you can demand a higher playing time in exchange for lowering the Player Salary Percentage. This’ll ensure that the loaner will promise more playing time for your loaned-out player. 

Loaning out players can be a great source of revenue generation for your club if you can pull it off. Clubs like Chelsea earn millions just from their loaned-out players every year. 

For Loaning Player In

Can’t get the player you’re looking to loan in just because your wage budget is just short of the asked Playing Salary Percentage? A little bit of negotiation can get you the deal!

You might not be able to pay the full Playing Salary Percentage demanded by the loaner. But what you can do is offer a high Playing Monthly Fee instead. This way, you can convince the loaner to loan you a player for a bit less Salary percentage. 

The Playing Monthly Fee will be cut from your club budget and won’t impact your wage budget. Keep in mind that the club budget of the current season will affect the transfer budget of your next season.

Another way you can get around this is by simply adding some lucrative clauses to your loan offer. This can be done by adding a clause promising a “Bonus on competition achievement”. 

If your team is seriously competing in a cup competition, you can add that as a clause to your loan offer. The clause will be triggered once your club makes it to the promised stage of the competition. Thus, your club will have to pay the fee according to the clause.

Loan clause tab in Football Manager 23.
Loan clauses are a great way to secure a loan deal with less upfront payment

Setting a high bonus clause can make the loaner club consider the loan move even for less Playing Salary Percentage!

Playing Salary Percentage vs Playing Monthly Fee

Unlike the Playing Salary Percentage which is paid based on every match, the Playing Monthly Fee is a fixed amount of fee paid monthly by the loaning club to the loaner club. 

Here’s the key difference between the Playing Salary Percentage and the Playing Monthly Fee.

FeaturesPlaying Salary PercentagePlaying Monthly Fee
Payment Per AppearancePer Month
Calculated OnSalary PercentagePlayer Contract and Value
Better forDeveloped PlayersYoung Players
Financial ImpactLowHigh

A better example will clear up the confusion. Here’s how the Playing Salary Percentage works in FM:

If you’re loaning out a player with a £100,000/week salary, you can negotiate a playing salary percentage of 50%. As a result, the loaning club would pay half of the player’s salary, which is £50,000/week. The remaining 50% of the salary will be paid by your club. 

On the other hand,  if the playing monthly fee is agreed to be £50,000, the loaning club will have to pay £50,000 per month. The playing monthly fee will be viable only if the player features at least once in the first team in that month. 

Playing Salary Percentage is the better option for loaning out regular players as they will feature in more matches. Nevertheless, if you’re loaning out a young player who might not feature in the first team that often, preferring a Playing Monthly fee is the better option. 

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Is There Any Inflation In Football Manager?

No, there’s no concept of inflation in the Football Manager game. 

How do I recall a loan on fm23?

You can recall a player by going to the “Transfer” dropdown on the player profile. Select the “Recall from loan” option. Your player will be recalled if he’s eligible for recall. 

How to Loan to Affiliate on Football Manager?

To loan a player to an affiliate, go to the player profile and select Development > Move to Affiliate> Choose the affiliate club you want to loan your player to. 

Wrapping Up

Setting the playing salary percentage in FM is a strategic decision that requires careful consideration. It might get you your desired loan signing but at the cost of impacting your finances in the long term. 

Big clubs with huge budgets can easily shake off the financial consequences. However, a low-tier team with a modest budget might have to consider the downsides of paying the full player salary percentage. So be careful about your loan deal!

Have a lovely day!

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