9 Best Right Wingers In FM23: Updated List!

What’s fast, dynamic, and unpredictable?

That’s right. Wingers!

Considered to be the most interesting position on a football pitch, a winger must be a package of creativity and attacking prowess.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve organized a list of the best wingers available in FM23. Wingers who can add immense firepower to any attacking side. A mix of youth as well as wingers at their peak.

I’ve also gone the extra mile to include all their key info to help you pick the one that suits your recruitment target.

That said, here are the 9 best wingers in FM23:

PlayerNationalityClubPreferred FootMarket Value
Noni MaduekeEnglishChelseaLeft€72-€108M
Nicolas GonzalezArgentinianFiorentinaLeft€23-€28M
Nicolas PepeIvorianArsenalLeft€38-€46M
Adama TraoreSpanishWolvesRight€39-€47M
Hirving LozanoMexicanNapoliRight€26-€31M
Nico Williams SpanishA.BilbaoEither€40-€60M
Rayan CherkiFrenchOLEither€40-€49M
Yeremy PinoSpanishVillarrealRight€61-€92M
Angelo GabrielBrazilianSANLeft€12-€17.5M

FM23 Best Right Wingers: Attributes To Consider

In FM23, Right Wingers can be categorized into three main groups: 

  1. Playmaking roles
  2. Attacking roles
  3. Winger roles

Playmaking Roles

Starting with the playmaking wingers, both Trequartistas and Advanced Playmakers require good dribbling, first touch, passing, technique, vision, decision-making, flair, composure, and anticipation

The Trequartista also demands a good level of acceleration and finishing for being effective in those late runs into the penalty area.

Winger Roles

Winger and Inverted Winger roles are quite similar in their playing approach and require similar sets of attributes. 

Players playing in a winger role need baseline physical attributes like acceleration, stamina, pace, and agility, along with crossing, dribbling, work rate, passing, technique, first touch, and off-the-ball movement

The Inverted Winger adds decent long shots, composure, vision, and decision-making for central attacks.

Attacking Roles

Moving to attacking roles: Raumdeuter, Wide Target Forward, and Inside Forward are all attack-focused, each bringing unique elements to the game. 

Wide Target Forwards need height, jumping reach, balance, stamina, and strength, in addition to heading and winger attributes. Inside Forwards resemble Inverted Wingers but prioritize finishing over crossing.

Finally, the Raumdeuter requires mental attributes like anticipation, concentration, off-the-ball movement, work rate, decision-making, and composure for precise timing in executing runs. 
Additionally, finishing, first touch, technique, acceleration, stamina, and balance play vital roles in their effectiveness.

FM23 Best Right Wingers

Think I’ve kept you waiting for long enough. Let’s get down to business.

Here are the best right wingers in Football Manager 23.

1. Noni Madueke

Age 20
PositionAM(R), AM(L), M(L), M(R), ST
Contracted toChelsea
Preferred Foot Left
Noni Madueke profile as one of the best right wingers in FM23

Playing a massive role in Chelsea’s attacking lineup, Noni Madueke has lived up to his reputation from FM22 and still going strong in FM23. 

The 20-year-old right winger can play in either an Inside Forward or an Inverted Winger role, cutting inside with his strong left foot. 

Strong dribbling and finishing, topped off with exceptional speed make him a capable goalscorer for the team. 

He can also operate as a pure winger and stick to the left flank for attacking flexibility, thanks to his versatile nature. 

Madueke is one of the brightest FM23 wonderkid winger with the potential to be a world-class level winger in the future.

Due to his very recent move to Chelsea, it’s unlikely that the Blues will settle for any modest fee for the wonderkid winger.

2. Nicolas Gonzalez

Age 24
PositionAM(R). AM(L), ST
Contracted toFiorentina
Preferred Foot Left
Nicolas Gonzalez profile in FM23.

Nicolas Gonzalez is yet another right winger to look for in FM23. With an estimated market value of around €28M, the Argentinian international is a bargain signing for any top-division team. 

Technically well-rounded and equally gifted in physicality, Nico Gonzalez is a devastating option in the attack. 

He shines the most while playing as an Inverted Winger which allows him to utilize his superior playmaking abilities. 

But you can also use him as a goalscoring threat playing as an Inside Forward. His impressive heading can prove really useful to convert quick crosses in the box.

The 24-year-old Argentinian winger is highly Determined, Brave, and aggressive in his approach. You really don’t want to miss someone so well-rounded as Nicolas Gonzalez.

Nicolas Gonzalez is not tied to any release fee clause in his contract. Fiorentina might ask for a substantial sum in some saves for the deal of the Argentinian winger.

3. Nicolas Pepe

Age 27
PositionAM(R), AM(L)
Contracted toArsenal
Preferred Foot Left
Nicolas Pepe profile in FM23

After a rather disappointing spell with Arsenal, 27-year-old Nicolas Pepe is ready to bounce back with his loan move to OGC Nice.

Pepe is still a top-rated right winger in FM23 blessed with great technical ability and immense pace to beat any defender with his pace.

With no possible chance for a contract renewal, as Arsenal are ready to part ways with the Ivorian winger, you can sign him for cheap after a year in your save.

Or better, you can get him to move to your club on loan. 

With Pepe on your side, you don’t only have an explosive winger, but also a great set-piece taker with high long shots ability. 

Pepe is soon to run out of contracts with Arsenal. Plus, the gunners are likely to transfer list the player in FM23. So you can get him for cheaper than his market value.

4. Adama Traore

Age 26
PositionAM(R), AM(L), M(R), M(L)
Contracted toWolves
Preferred Foot Right
Adama Traore player profile in FM23

Considered the fastest player in FM23, there are not many defenders who can keep up with Adama Traore in the game. 

And his fiery dribbling and flair doesn’t make things any easier!

The explosive right winger is back to play for Wolves after a short loan spell with Barcelona. And he is hungrier than ever. 

Mostly operating as a traditional winger, Traore uses his superior pace to get past defenders to find dangerous crossing opportunities up wide. 

He possesses all the core winger traits to be effective on the flank, providing great width to the game. 

Securing Adama Traore in FM23 will require a fee of around €50M. And from the looks of it, Wolves are not ready to depart with the Spanish speedster yet. 

5. Hirving Lozano

Age 26
PositionAM(R), AM(L)
Contracted toNapoli
Preferred Foot Right
PersonalityFairly Professional
Hirving Lozano player profile in FM23

Once keenly observed by the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, Hirving Lozano was one of the top wingers in the world. 

And that’s true even after all these years in FM23. 

The Napoli winger, although a squad player, is still a highly rated right winger with tremendous flair to his game. 

A highly versatile option in both wings, Lozano can operate as a Winger on Attack duty on the right side. Similarly, on the left, you can play him in a more inverted role as an inside forward.

His ability to find the back of the net in the final third makes him a goalscoring threat against any top side.

It might sound crazy, but the Mexican winger is tied down with a whopping €130 million relegation fee clause.

The term of the relegation clause for foreign clubs is lifted after 2 seasons.

6. Nico Williams

Age 19
PositionAM(R), AM(L), M(R), M(L)
Contracted toA. Bilbao
Preferred Foot Either
PersonalityFairly Determined
Nico Williams player profile in FM23

We’ve all witnessed the rise of Nico Williams from FM22. 

Now, he is better than ever and considered an Important Player for Athletico Bilbao in Football Manager 23. 

The 19-year-old two-footed wonderkid is a well-rounded talented winger who can play in both wings.

With Nico William’s recent inclusion in the Spain squad, the right winger has reached a new level of stardom in the Basque club.

That means securing his deal is not going to be cheap.

Our experience with a save says that you’ll need to trigger his release clause by paying €50M for Nico Williams in FM23. 

7. Rayan Cherki

Age 18
PositionAM(R), AM(L), AM(C)
Contracted toOL
Preferred Foot Either
Rayan Cherki player profile in FM23

Rayan Cherki is a diamond in the rough, from Lyon’s prestigious academy who has been eagerly anticipated to make his breakthrough. 

At only 19 years old, Cherki’s physical development is still underway, aligning with his exceptional technical skills, making him a player to watch closely.

In FM23, Cherki lives up to his real-life reputation as a highly skilled technician with exceptional ambidexterity and good speed. 

Although his skill set may not be exhaustive, his tremendous potential can be fully realized with proper dedication and nurturing.

Cherki comes with a €40 million price tag, but the investment is worthwhile for managers with ample time and resources. 

For those savvy in contract negotiations, there’s an opportunity to secure an even better deal, as his contract with OL expires in 2024 – under the condition that he plays less than 28 league games that season.

8. Yeremy Pino

Age 19
PositionAM(R), AM(L)
Contracted toVillarreal
Preferred Foot Right
Yeremy Pino player profile in FM23

Yeremy Pino has experienced envying growth over his Villarreal career and is still rapidly evolving into a well-rounded player, showcasing both skill and determination as a winger.

In FM23, his portrayal isn’t entirely accurate. The right winger is depicted as a small, technically adept winger with proficiency on both feet, yet lacking in defensive abilities such as tackling and work rate. 

Nonetheless, he possesses immense attacking talent, making him a valuable asset capable of reaching Champions League-level performance.

Pino’s exceptional abilities come with a price, as Villarreal demands a substantial €80 million for his services, unwilling to negotiate below his release clause. 

9. Angelo Gabriel

Age 17
PositionAMR, ST
Contracted toSAN
Preferred Foot Left
PersonalityFairly Ambitious
Angelo Gabriel player profile in FM23

Ângelo emerges as Santos’ most significant sensation since Neymar, making his debut at just 15 years old in 2020. 

Rapidly progressing, he transitioned from a squad player to the fringes of the first team, eventually securing a regular role as a 17-year-old in 2022.

In FM23, the Brazilian right winger displays superb dribbling skills, complemented by impressive acceleration and agility. He can also develop some striker traits to be more effective in a more central forward role.

Additionally, he possesses decent passing and vision. However, as a left-footed right winger, his finishing and long shots are areas that require improvement.

Remarkably, Ângelo has already amassed over 50 senior-level appearances for Santos before his 18th birthday. 

However, he will not be available for a European club until December 2022 when he turns 18. 

Keeping an eye on Angelo for a potential January reinforcement could secure his services for around €25 million. For domestic clubs, the Brazilian has a release clause fee of €42 million.


And that’s all! They are the 9 best right wingers in FM23 to sign for any top teams.

You can explore some of the lesser-known European leagues to find some great right-wingers who’re ready to step up for the big leagues! Use your scouting department to find those raw talents for your squad.

Hope you enjoyed this read. Make sure to let me know if there’s something about Football Manager that we must cover in my blog.

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