FM24 Youth Intake Dates: The Only Guide You Need

Football Manager youth intake dates are the time for annual youth intake, when newgens, regens, and potential wonderkids emerge through the youth academy of your club. 

It’s a balancing mechanism for the game to keep a steady number of active players in the game.

Knowing the exact youth intake dates allows you to sign the best regen wonderkids without club negotiations. 

This guide will help you find all the FM 24 youth intake dates for each available league.

What is a Youth Intake?

Youth intake in Football Manager refers to the process by which new, young players are generated and introduced into the game world. These young players are often referred to as “regens” or “newgens.” Youth intake occurs on specific dates within the game, varying from nation to nation, and it typically happens once a year.

During youth intake, the game’s engine generates a new batch of young players who are not associated with real-life football players or clubs.

These players are essentially fictional talents created to replace retired players and ensure a constant supply of new talent in the game.

The quality and potential of these newgens are randomly determined, and some of them may possess exceptional attributes and skills, making them potential future stars in the virtual football world. 

As for the regens, they replicate the attributes of a former player who’s been retired from the game. 

FM24 Youth intake date for Aston Villa

Managers can scout and sign these young players for their clubs, nurture their development, and shape them into key players for the future. Talk about being a huge transfer bargain!

Having youth players coming through the academy offers multiple benefits:

  1. You don’t have to pay transfer fees for those players.
  2. The youth candidates have lower wage demands.
  3. They can step up in the first team, revitalizing an aging squad.
  4. Some regens can have exceptional attributes and potential abilities, making them future wonderkids. 
  5. These youth intakes are sellable assets for the club in the future. 

Brazil, Argentina, Germany, England, and Spain often produce the best regens due to UEFA nation rankings. 

To ensure their growth, you can loan them out to clubs for more first-team match experience in exchange for sharing a percentage playing salary.

Youth Intake Dates in FM24

We’ve organized the Football Manager 24 youth intake dates for different leagues according to the respective continents. 

Football Manager has a vast number of leagues, of which, the majority are from Europe, South America, and North America. 

We decided to put the intake dates in Alphabetic order.

Without any further ado, here are all the youth intake dates in FM24 for different leagues:


NationYouth Intake Dates
Austria3 March-31 March
Belgium19 March-16 April
Bulgaria7 Match-16 April
Croatia9 March – 6 April
Czech Republic19 March – 16 April
Denmark19 March – 16 April
England14 March – 11 April
Finland3 April
France9 March – 6 April
Germany9 March – 6 April
Greece9 March
Hungary9 March
Iceland14 August – 16 August
Ireland22 September
Italy19 March – 16 April
N.Ireland14 March
Netherland26 March – 23 April
Norway5 February – 5 March
Poland17 March -14 April
Portugal19 March – 16 April
Romania19 March – 20 March
Russia23 February – 23 March
Serbia5 March – 2 April
Slovakia18 March – 15 April
Spain29 March – 26 April
Scotland14 March – 18 April
Sweden14 September – 12 October
Switzerland9 March – 6 April
Ukraine16 March
Wales14 March – 21 March

South America

NationYouth Intake Dates
Argentina18 October – 15 November
Brazil22 September – 20 October
Chile30 September – 28 October
Colombia16 January – 13 February
Paraguay21 September
Peru21 September – 19 October
Uruguay17 January – 14 February

North America

NationYouth Intake Dates
Canada21 September
Mexico27 February – 27 March
U.S.A19 October


NationYouth Intake Dates
South Africa3 April – 1 May
AustraliaOctober – 5 October
China14 September

Each nation will intake youth players on the same date every season. So if you’re looking to take on a youth intake challenge, you know when to look for the opportunities!

Good youth intake depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Club’s Youth Recruitment
  • Club’s youth training facilities
  • Head of youth development
  • Youth recruitment region

Even if you have the best ratings in each field, it won’t guarantee you the next wonderkid every season as Football Manager randomly generates the youth crop of players you will get from the intake each year. 

And that’s pretty much all about youth intake in FM24. I hope you found this article useful.

Make sure to drop your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll be back with more exciting guides in the future. 

Take care. 

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