Football Manager 24: Teams to Rebuild

The world of club football is riddled with uncertainty, immense risk, relegations, and of course, Financial Fair Play penalties. 

Over the decade, we’ve seen established clubs lose their footing in the league. Spiraling down the deep trenches of lower league football.

The great thing about Football Manager is that you can simulate the real-life clubs and get a shot at reviving fallen giants. 

So for those of you who love rebuilding struggling clubs, I’ve come up with 10 clubs to rebuild in Football Manager 24. 

1. Malaga CF

The story of Malage CF is quite sad considering that they were one of the strongest clubs in La Liga just a decade ago.

Now scrambling in the third tier of Spanish football, the club is fighting for its existence, and the future is looking bleak. 

You can be the man to pick them up from the rubble and help them climb up the ladder!

But remember, rebuilding the FM24 Malaga team won’t be a stroll!

You’ll have to deal with their abysmal finances and massively subpar squad. Not claiming a promotion to the second division in your first season will lead to more trouble for the club!

So keep that in mind. 

Oh wait, you’ll also have to deal with most of the staff duty as there won’t be many people working with you! And with such poor finances, I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to afford many staff members either.

That means you’ve got to do a lot of things on your own. How about that for a save?

2. Schalke 04

Anyone keeping a close eye on Schalke 04 over the last decade knows the massive downfall the club went through. 

Once considered one of the top Bundesliga clubs, the German club is now fighting for relegation safety in the second tier of German football. 

Finances are scarce, and they are losing key players that can lead them back to Bundesliga.

That gives you the right level of challenge to rebuild the struggling club and bring it back to its glory days on FM24. 

A rebuild save with Schalke 04 in Football Manager 24 can be a great way to test out 2. Bundesliga football. 

There’s a youth-filled squad to play with, with the likes of Assan Ouédraogo, Yusuf Kabadayi, Keke Topp, and many more future Bundesliga stars!

3. Wigan Athletic F.C

The problems don’t seem to end for Wigan Athletic. It’s always one step forward and three steps back. 

After 17 matches, the club sees itself at the bottom half of the EFL League One, only securing 8 wins. On top of that, the club has been reported to miss payment deadlines, which is definitely not a good sign. 

The expectation is low. But tough nonetheless.

With financial regulations implemented more harshly than ever before, managing Wigan Athletic must be the ultimate rebuild save in FM24. 

4. RCD Espanyol

Dropping down to the second tier of Spanish Football in the 2022/23 season, things are bleaker than ever for RCD Espanyol after a disastrous domestic performance. 

The club has already faced relegation to the Spanish Second Division a few seasons ago and managed to claw their way back to La Liga. However, every relegation comes with its risks, and this season is no different. 

But the good news is, as a manager, you’ll get a balance of £23m with £4m transfer budget to spend. Spent wisely, it can be just enough to recruit the right players to seal the promotion in FM24. 

Keep in mind that there needs to be some massive restructuring in the club. Especially after the poor performance leading to their current state. 

5. Hertha Berlin

Hertha Berlin’s 22/23 season has to be a great case study on why dumping money is never the greatest formula unless you have oil-money backing you. 

It surely didn’t secure them an immediate promotion to the Bundesliga. And the fact that city rival Union Berlin is getting to compete in the Bundesliga is also not a soothing sight. 

Now that finances are tight and the management structure of the club is on the verge of collapse, Hertha Berlin has officially made it on the list of ‘rebuild’ clubs. 

But that’s not it. The club also has licensing issues to deal with. Not to mention the new stadium deal that carries financial consequences in the long run if they fail to secure promotion soon enough. 

Expect a lot of financial and transfer restrictions in your FM24 save. 

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6. FC Groningen

Managing FC Groningen in FM24 presents a formidable challenge, as the club recently concluded a 23-year stay in Eredivisie on a disheartening note, being relegated after winning only four games in the previous season. 

Now plying their trade in the second tier of Dutch football, the club is at a crucial juncture, necessitating a comprehensive overhaul to ascend back to the Eredivisie.

Notably, FC Groningen boasts an impressive youth development program, setting them apart in the Dutch football landscape. However, despite their potential to rise, the team seems to have plateaued in mid-table. 

Reflecting on Groningen’s history, instances of relegation have been infrequent, and swift returns to the top flight have been the norm. The recent dip is viewed as an anomaly, given the club’s stature. A prompt return to Eredivisie is plausible, drawing inspiration from past instances where the club swiftly rebounded. 

The objective, upon return, is not merely to secure a mid-table position but to elevate the team’s standing, fostering more frequent European competition.

A rich roster with names like Johan Hove, Radinio Balker, and Laros Duarte will help you dominate the league with ease. 

7. Sampdoria

Sampdoria has had a long stint in the Seria A, comfortably becoming a mid-table club in the league. Unfortunately, the grasp of relegation has caught on, and the club finds themselves securing only 4 wins in 13 matches in Serie B. 

So it’s fairly safe to say that things are not looking good for the La Samp. 

The recent change of ownership has seen a decent amount of cash injection to the club. 

8. Sunderland

Sunderland fans have seen some rough years following their relegation in the 16/17 season. After a number of depressing years of League One football, the club has finally found its foothold in the Championship and looking to push for Premier League football again. 

As the manager, you’ll have access to a high level of training and youth facilities. On top of that, you can build on a stable financial situation and a €8M transfer budget to spend. 

With emerging talents like Dennis Cerkin, Dan Neil, and Chris Rigg providing much-needed firepower, you have no room for complaint. 

9. QPR

In the Championship narrative, QPR emerges as the enduring protagonist of a prolonged struggle, yet to taste the sweet return to the Premier League since their descent into the second tier back in 2015.

A tale marked by financial missteps and a revolving door of managers over an eight-year span has cast a shadow over the R’s trajectory, a narrative that Gareth Ainsworth is actively endeavoring to reshape in the real world.

Despite the ominous predictions surrounding Rangers’ prospects for the current campaign, triggered by a dizzying fall from grace in the previous season — a plunge from table-topping glory in October to a precarious dance with relegation —doubts are high. 

Still against the concerning forecasts, QPR possesses a number of talented players in FM24

A roster of Asmir Begovic, Sinclair Armstrong, Ilias Chair, Chris Willock, Captain Steve Cook, and co. have what it takes to steer the club in the right direction. 

Do you have what it takes?

10. Saint-Étienne

They are a sleeping giant. 

Saint-Étienne is one of the most successful clubs in French football history, having won ten Ligue 1 titles and six Coupes de France. 

However, they have fallen on hard times in recent years, having been relegated to Ligue 2 in 2022. 

This gives you the opportunity to manage the club back to the top of French football and restore its former glory.

Saint Etienne has a young and talented squad. Despite their recent relegation, the club has a number of talented young players in their squad, including Benjamin Bouchouari, Maxence Rivera, and Ayman Aiki.

Saint-Étienne has one of the most passionate fan bases in France. The club’s home stadium, the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard boasts an electric atmosphere. 

This means performing for the fans is going to be a huge challenge.

It is a challenging save. Managing Saint-Étienne in Ligue 2 will not be easy. The club faces financial difficulties and has a number of aging players in its squad. However, this will make the challenge of returning the club to Ligue 1 even more rewarding.

Want to check out more clubs to rebuild? Check out this YouTube video from YGormy!

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