7 Best Lower League Teams To Manage in Football Manager 2023

Playing with the big teams in the top leagues of Football Managers 2023 can be fun thanks to the abundance of resources at your disposal. You get the chance to work in the best leagues with the best players and coaching staff in the world. It’s like being on the top of the food chain of the footballing world!

But the scenario is entirely different in the lower echelons of the football league. The lower league teams in FM 23 are plagued with debts, poor facilities, semi-professional players, and staff.

And that’s exactly the thing that makes the game worthwhile for some!

In Football Manager 23, you can start with a team from a lower league and work your way up the football food chain.

This journey, from a small team to a successful one, can be a tremendously rewarding experience. It’s a different way to play the game, but just as exciting. So, if you’re up for this kind of challenge, there are many teams in the lower leagues that could use a talented manager like you!

Best Lower League Teams to Manage in FM23

The lower league landscape of Football Manager 2023 is saturated with clubs with rich histories. Similarly, it also immortalizes the fairy tales of clubs on the rise. That said, here are the best lower league teams to manage in FM23.

1. Notts County

Professional StatusProfessional
Predicted FinishDo Not sign players over the age of 30, Play possession soccer
Nickname The Magpies
Stadium Capacity19,841 all-seater
Training FacilitiesAverage training facilities
Youth FacilitiesBasic youth facilities
RegionUK & Ireland
Board CultureDo Not sign players over the age of 30,Play possession soccer
Supporter CulturePlay attacking soccer

Notts County has just recently clawed their way back to the English league following a stunning season alongside Wrexham. Now it’s up to you to replicate their brilliant season in Football Manager 2023.

If you’re a fan of clubs with a rich history, then Notts County might just be the right team for you. After their first-ever relegation from the English Football League in 2018, the club is eager for a savior to help them rise again in FM23.

Despite their situation, Notts County has a strong enough team at the start of FM 23, making their climb back to the league an achievable target. Plus, with a healthy budget at your disposal, you’ll get the chance to scout and attract players and staff from the non-league environment.

Macaulay Longstaff is the player you can rely on to get you a promotion to League 2 in FM23. Arguably the best non-league forward, Longstaff can help your side advance through the ranks with his goalscoring prowess.

With a team like Notts County, it’ll be surprising if you can’t make it to League 2.

In the game, Notts County has insecure finance. But their 19,841-capacity stadium can generate some level of income from home games. 

The Notts County board demands a transfer policy of signing players below 30 and the supporters demand attacking football. With a promotion to the English League, you can expect a sugar daddy takeover for the club!

Already spending three years in the national league, it’s about time you get them back up in the English leagues in FM 23. 

Notts County team profile in Football Manager 2023.

2. Cancun

Professional StatusProfessional
Predicted Finish15th
Nickname Los Cancunenses
Stadium Capacity20,000 all-seater
Training FacilitiesAdequate training facilities
Youth FacilitiesBelow Average youth facilities
RegionNorth America
Board CultureSign players under the age of 23 for the first team

The Cancun team, competing in the Mexican second division, faces a unique hurdle due to its location primarily known as a tourist spot.

However, the team’s financial situation is not dire, and with the right leadership, they have the potential to become a strong contender in the top Mexican league in Football Manager 23.

Although predicted to finish 15th in the starting season in FM 23, Cancun can recruit some decent names to boost their chance to fight for promotion. 

The club offers just the right amount of financial resources to make a run for the promotion to the top division of the Mexican league. 

On joining, the board will require you to sign players under the age of 23 for the first team. As for the supporter front, there are no mentionable demands. 

Lower league team Cancun team profile in Football Manager 2023.

3. Dorking Wanderers

Professional StatusSemi-Professional
Predicted position19th
Nickname The Wanderers
Stadium Capacity3000(530 seated)
Training FacilitiesBelow average training facilities
Youth FacilitiesBasic youth facilities
RegionUK & Ireland
Board CultureSign players under the age of 23 for the first team

If players are seeking an all-in-one opportunity for an exciting managerial role in England, Dorking Wanderers is worth considering in Football Manager 2023. 

Founded in 1999, Dorking Wanderers has experienced a remarkable ascent through the semi-professional leagues and currently sits just below the Football League system in the National League.

Being at their highest level ever and maintaining a semi-professional status, Dorking Wanderers presents an ideal starting point for managers aiming to build a club from scratch.

It would be an incredibly enjoyable challenge to guide a semi-professional team into the Football League system, and the subsequent task of keeping them there adds an even more captivating and demanding dimension to the experience.

Dealing with the finances is going to be the most challenging aspect of managing Dorking Wanderers in FM as the club lacks a lot of resources. Signing big names is also going to be difficult with their semi-professional reputation. 

Judging the squad you have at your disposal, keeping Dorking Wanderers in the Vanarama National League will be a huge achievement by itself!

Dorking Wanderers boasts a humble stadium capacity of 3000. Their training and youth facilities are less than ideal. It’ll be like starting a brand new club from scratch in FM23! So it’s best to gather a bit of knowledge about lower league management before hitting the road.

Upon joining, the Dorking Wanderers board will expect you to sign players under the age of 23 for the team.

Lower League side Dorking Wanderers team report in Football Manager 2023.

4. Larne FC

Professional StatusProfessional
Predicted Position4th
Nickname Inver Reds
Stadium Capacity2,732(2000 seated)
Training FacilitiesAverage training facilities
Youth FacilitiesAdequate youth facilities
RegionUK & Ireland
Continental CompetitionUEFA Europa Conference League
Board CultureSign players under the age of 23 for the first team

Seeking a different country and league system outside of England?

The Northern Irish League can be your next destination as it offers great potential for making an impact. 

Often overlooked in the context of UK and global football, the NIFL (Northern Ireland Football League) is a league on the rise. 

Currently spending four straight seasons at the top flight, Larne FC stands out from the rest of the teams after their rapid rise since being acquired by a new owner in 2018.

Although Larne FC couldn’t improve upon their impressive 4th-place finish this season, a sixth-place finish is still applaudable nonetheless. 

The club doesn’t boast an extensive history due to its recent financial improvements. But that doesn’t mean it can’t have one! With the help of a top manager, Larne FC can potentially lift their first-ever NIFL Premiership title in FM23!

Securing the title in Football Manager 23 also opens the gates for European competition for Larne FC.

In FM23, Larne has access to Average training facilities and Adequate training facilities. They also play in a stadium holding 2000 seats. 

Signing players under 23 years old is the priority for the Larne FC board. Other than that, you don’t have any other obligations regarding playing style or transfers in FM23

NIFL team Larne FC team profile in Football Manager 2023.

5. Oldham Athletic

Professional StatusProfessional
Predicted Finish5th
Nickname The Latics
Stadium Capacity13,612 all-seater
Training FacilitiesAverage training facilities
Youth FacilitiesBasic youth facilities
RegionUK & Ireland
Board CultureSign players under the age of 23 for the first team
Supporter CulturePlay attacking soccer, Develop players using the club’s youth system

Things haven’t gone Oldham’s way for a good few years. After a good stint in League One, they now find themselves fighting in the Vanarama National League alongside Wrexham and Notts County. 

With the club ready for an early bounce back, you can be just the right person for the job!

Oldham Athletic has decent facilities for the lower leagues and also boasts a 13,612 all-seater stadium of its own. 

Predicted to finish 5th in the Vanarama National League, a few good signings can massively improve their chance for promotion. 

Finding the right lower-league tactics for Oldham Athletic shouldn’t be a problem as they have a squad full of highly versatile players. 

The Latics supporters will demand you to play a lot of attacking soccer as well as bring players through the youth system. Signing players under 23 years of age is also a preference of the Oldham Athletic board in FM23. 

Club report of Oldham Athletic in Football Manager 2023
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6. Argentinos Juniors

Professional StatusProfessional
Predicted Finish10th
Nickname El Bicho
Stadium Capacity26000(8,700 seated)
Training FacilitiesGood training facilities
Youth FacilitiesAverage youth facilities
RegionSouth America(South)
Board CultureSign players under the age of 23 for the first team
Supporter CultureDevelop players using the club’s youth system, Play entertaining soccer

For players seeking a truly distinctive FM23 experience, exploring the Argentinian League can provide a refreshing change. 

A lower-league style of play prevails in the Argentinian League, offering a completely unique system for those accustomed to European divisions.

Argentinos Juniors competes in the top division, nicknamed El Bicho for a good reason. It’s one of the lower-league teams with a big stadium. The side plays in the famous Estadio Diego Armando Maradona which holds an impressive 26000 capacity(8,700 seated).

Apart from that, you also get access to Good training facilities alongside Average youth facilities with Argentinos Juniors in FM 23. Not bad for a lower-league side!

Argentinian football showcases several notable differences. One notable distinction is the presence of a whopping 28 teams in their premier division. The relegation system is also based on a three-year average, and each team only faces each other once during a relatively short and intense football season. 

These factors combine to create a truly unfamiliar challenge. Juniors, with their lengthy yet relatively unsuccessful history, present the ideal team for players seeking the right kind of challenge in this distinctive setting.

Argentinos JRS. club profile in Football Manager 2023.

7. Oxford City

Professional StatusSemi-Professional
Predicted Finish8th
Nickname City
Stadium Capacity2000(529 seated)
Training FacilitiesBelow average training facilities
Youth FacilitiesBasic youth facilities
RegionUK & Ireland

The last name in this list might be an unfamiliar one for many Football Manager players. But let it fool you as the club is slowly but surely edging towards a leap to the Vanarama National League. 

Oxford City has been trying to break into the Vanarama National League for the last 10 years after seeing somewhat of a staggering rise. Just like Dorking Wanderers, they are a semi-professional club fighting to claw their way to the top. 

Taking charge of Oxford City gives you the chance to take a semi-professional club with a Local reputation and build something great with them.

With below-average training and youth facilities, the task is going to be challenging, but rewarding nonetheless if you can achieve a promotion! You’ll need to work your squad out with a part-time footballer with a peanut budget and poor facilities. But the challenge doesn’t end just there!

Even if you somehow manage to secure of promotion with Oxford City in FM 23, you’ll be tasked to sustain it in the National League with such a poor state of the club. You’ll need some serious team cohesion to make a stand.

Good luck with that!

Oxford City team profile in Football Manager 2023.


Who is the best player in the lower leagues in FM 23?

Ronnie Edwards has to be the best lower-league player in FM 23. Zac Williams, Macauly Longstaff, and Paul Mullin are other big lower-league players in Football Manager 2023. 

How many teams get promoted from the Vanarama National League in FM?

2 teams get promoted from the Vanarama National League to the English League in FM23. The league leader gets an automatic promotion. While the next 6 teams have to go through play-offs, of whom, only one team gets promoted. 

How many leagues does Football Manager have?

Football Manager 2023 has 118 leagues in their database. 

The Bottom Line

Lower league teams can be a nightmare for FM players who are used to managing big clubs. But once you get the taste of the challenge and thrill behind the poor state of the clubs, you can’t get enough of it!

So that’s our recommended 7 best lower league teams to manage in Football Manager 2023. Hope you’ll have a fun time managing any one of them!

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