Football Manager 2024 Sugar Daddy Clubs: Complete Guide

In the exhilarating world of Football Manager 2024, a select group of clubs stands apart, basking in the golden glow of wealthy owners and organizations. 

These prestigious establishments, fondly referred to as “sugar daddy clubs,” possess a financial prowess that allows them to effortlessly splash copious amounts of cash on transfers and wages. Undeniably, this affords them an unfair advantage over their rivals, propelling ambitious managers toward a fast track to success.

Football Manager has four types of Sugar Daddy. The Foreground, Background, Underwriter, and Underwriter who expects Returns. Each Sugar Daddy owner offers different resources to strengthen the club and has varying expectations.  

Embarking on with your FM24 journey, you may be looking to start a save with a sugar daddy club.  But managing these clubs can entail dealing with demanding boards of directors and facing an intensified media spotlight.

In this article, we’ll talk about the various types of FM 24 sugar daddy clubs and provide you with helpful tips on effectively steering them to glory.

What Does Sugar Daddy Mean on Football Manager

We’ve seen how the likes of sugar daddy owners like Ryan Reynolds can impact the growth of a football club like Wrexham A.F.C. With the backing of the right owner, any club can reach a new height. And that’s what sugar daddies do in Football Manager. 

In Football Manager, Sugar Daddy teams refer to clubs whose owners show interest and willingness to generously invest substantial sums of money into the team. In the game’s editor, these clubs are categorized as “Rich Teams” or “Rich Benefactors.”

Sugar Daddy clubs are usually backed by a huge pool of investment from their owners every season to stay competitive in the league. 

Types of Sugar Daddy Clubs in FM

Within the world of FM24, you’ll find four categories of sugar daddy clubs. Each club’s ownership encompasses its unique resourcefulness and expectations. 

Here’s how they work. 


These clubs boast ownership by prominent individuals or organizations that revel in media visibility. Their involvement extends beyond passive ownership, as they actively engage in the club’s day-to-day affairs, unafraid to invest lavishly to achieve unrivaled success.

An image of FM24 Editor filtering the Foreground sugar daddy clubs.

The Foreground Sugar Daddy clubs are also known as the Front End sugar daddy club for their active involvement in club affairs.

Some of the richest clubs in Football Manager 23 are run by Foreground ownership.

FM 24 Foreground Sugar Daddy Clubs

Here are 5 clubs with Foreground ownership in Football Manager 2024:

Manchester CityEngland
Newcastle UnitedEngland
Paris Saint-Germain(PSG)France
AS MonacoFrance
Hertha BerlinGermany


Behind the scenes of these clubs, you’ll find owners who prefer to shroud themselves in media anonymity. They are also known as Back End sugar daddy clubs in FM24. 

An image of FM24 Editor filtering the Background sugar daddy clubs.

While they delegate the club’s daily operations to the manager, they remain steadfast in their willingness to provide financial backing whenever necessary.

FM24 Background Sugar Daddy Clubs

Here are 5 clubs with Background ownership in Football Manager 2024:

AFC FyldeEngland
Salford CityEngland


In the realm of underwriter clubs, benevolent individuals or organizations eagerly shoulder any financial burdens the club may incur. 

An image of FM24 Editor filtering the Underwriter sugar daddy clubs.

This liberates managers to spend with ease, as they are spared the perpetual anxiety surrounding the club’s fiscal well-being.

FM24 Underwriter Sugar Daddy Clubs

Here are 5 clubs with Underwriter ownership in Football Manager 2024:

AFC BournemouthEngland
Aston VillaEngland
OGC NiceFrance
RB LeipzigGermany

Underwriter (Expects Returns)

These clubs fall under the ownership of individuals or organizations willing to bear the club’s financial losses. 

However, they also harbor expectations of substantial returns on their investments. To keep the owner content, you must deliver success on the field.

An image of FM24 Editor filtering the Underwriter with Expectation sugar daddy clubs.

FM24 Underwriter(Expects Returns) Sugar Daddy Clubs

Here are 5 clubs with Underwriter(Expects Returns) ownership in Football Manager 2024:

Changchun YataiChina
Guangzhou CityChina
Meizhou HakkaChina
Shenzhen FCChina

Club ownership is not a constant thing in Football Manager. As you go along with your save, many clubs will have a change of ownership, and with that, a change in how they operate. As a result, your club might see itself shift from one type of sugar daddy club to another.

How To Unlock Sugar Daddy Owners in Football Manager

With the FM pre-game editor, you can add your own sugar daddy to your club. It’s super easy and lets you set your favored sugar daddy category for your preferred club. 

Here are the steps on how to unlock sugar daddy owners in Football Manager with FM editor:

  • Open the FM editor.
  • Go to the “Clubs” tab.
  • Select the club that you want to give a sugar daddy owner.
  • Go to the “Finance” tab of the club and go to “General”.
  • You’ll find an option called “Sugar Daddy” with the four categories in the dropdown menu
  • In the “Sugar Daddy Type” dropdown menu, select the type of sugar daddy that you want.
  • Enter the amount of money that you want the sugar daddy to have.
  • Click on the “OK” button.

Once you have completed these steps, the club will now have a sugar daddy owner. The sugar daddy will be able to inject money into the club, which will allow you to sign better players and improve the club’s facilities.

Tips for Managing a Sugar Daddy Club

If your aspirations are set on managing a sugar daddy club in FM24, certain key principles should be ingrained in your managerial philosophy:

Embrace Financial Liberation

Don’t shy away from leveraging the immense financial resources at your disposal. The beauty of managing a sugar daddy club in FM lies in the freedom to spend generously on transfers and wages. Simply exercise prudence and discernment when making financial decisions, ensuring every penny is well-invested.

Speaking of club finance, you might want to check out our content on playing salary percentages for loaning players.

Forge a Formidable Team

While substantial financial backing may appear to pave the path to instant success, true success is forged through competent team-building. Strike a delicate balance between youth and experience, assembling a squad of exceptional talent capable of conquering any challenge.

Nurture the Youth Academy

Even amidst a sea of transfer splurges, it remains imperative to invest in your youth academy. Cultivating young, promising players ensures a consistent pipeline of talent that can spearhead long-term triumphs, augmenting the club’s legacy beyond fleeting success.

Tend to Board Relations

Sugar daddy clubs often harbor demanding boards of directors in FM. These influential figures crave instant success on and off the pitch and harbor little patience for unmet expectations. To navigate this delicate dynamic, foster a strong rapport with your board, ensuring open communication and a shared vision for the club’s ascent.

Football Manager 2024 Sugar Daddy Clubs taking control as the Board.

Conquer Media Scrutiny

The flamboyant reputation of sugar daddy clubs often draws intense media scrutiny. As the club’s representative, the board will expect you to deal with the media. They will also actively encourage you to talk about some topics. 


Embracing the management of a Football Manager 2024 sugar daddy clubs holds the potential for tremendous success. 

Nevertheless, it is vital to acknowledge that there are certain drawbacks inherent to these clubs. Yet, if you are prepared to confront these challenges head-on, the experience can be immensely gratifying.

That’s all for today!

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