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Every manager in FM needs an assistant to report to him about the day-to-day management of the club. 

The Assistant Manager is a key non-playing backroom staff who acts as the right-hand of a football manager. He provides tactical suggestions and regular reports on player progress. Being part of the coaching team, he actively takes part in training. In addition, he also brings the manager’s attention to the players whose progress needs attention.

That pretty much sums up his major duties in the game. But other than all that, he has to also look after other important duties. And we’re going to cover all of them in today’s piece. 

What Does the Assistant Manager Do?

Assistant managers are considered key backroom staff for providing the manager insight into the team’s weaknesses and suggesting tactical improvements. Moreover, he provides important tactical information during matches, which can be invaluable for making strategic decisions.

Football Manager assistant manager Paolo Benetti profile.

But what makes the role so important in Football Manager?

That’s only a fraction of the responsibilities that he holds. 

Here is the complete list of duties of an Assistant Manager in Football Manager 24:

  • Takes control of the team training
  • Looks after individual training
  • Provides player reports and news attachments
  • Takes control of first-team friendly matches
  • Takes control of youth teams
  • Takes control of first-team matches when a manager is on holiday
  • Acts as a caretaker manager for a club without a manager
  • Suggests starting XI for the upcoming match
  • Recommends tactical enhancements for the upcoming match
  • Suggests opposition instructions for the upcoming match
  • Suggests players’ individual training changes
  • Points out players training to add/remove a player traits
  • Organizes Mentoring groups
  • Organized coaching staff workload
  • Suggest the player’s asking price and transfer status. 
  • Filter the player search list to remove players who are unwilling to join the club
  • Suggests captain and vice-captain for the team
  • Recommends team meetings
  • Recommends player interaction for good/bad form

And that’s just the responsibilities that I can think of in the back of my mind! Clearly it’s the most important staff role in Football Manager. He has to look after the most responsibilities than any other staff in the game. 

Tactical responsibilities of an Assistant Manager in FM24
First-team training responsibilities of an assistant manager.

When starting a new save as a manager, he gets you off to speed with his team report. You can quickly learn about the strength and weaknesses of the club from his report.

He will also provide reports on individual players, making it easier for the manager to identify the best players on the team. He will also inform you about the players who are not good enough to play for the team and should be transfer listed. 

Do I Need an Assistant Manager in Football Manager?

That’s a good question! You do need an assistant manager more than any other staff in Football Manager. 

Unlike roles like Director of Football or Technical Manager, Assistant Managers are a lot more versatile and can cover a lot of responsibilities. Plus, he looks over a lot of minute day-to-day responsibilities.

In FM, you can employ only one assistant coach for your club. The Manager is in charge of recruiting him in the game. However, the task of recruiting him can also be delegated to the Technical Director

Without him, you won’t be able to necessary insights about your club’s strengths and weaknesses. 

He also looks over the player’s progress and team training and reports on them regularly.

In your absence, the assistant manager will take temporary control of the club. This means that he will be in charge of team management and other managerial duties.

Even in the lower leagues, the staff role can prove crucial for your team. With not many resources to work with, a good assistant manager can make the best use of your resources.  

Assistant Manager: Attributes

An assistant coach has to have a good grasp on multiple staff attributes as he has to work as your backup. This means that he should excel in all-around coaching and management attributes. 

Here are the key attributes for the role: 

  • People Management
  • Judging Player Ability
  • Judging Player Potential

As the most important member of the coaching staff, the assistant manager should be good at judging player ability. Additionally, he should be able to foresee a player’s potential and have a good level of Judging Player Potential attributes. 

He should possess high People Managment attributes to keep the players happy within the system. This helps to keep the player morale high and dish out high training ratings from the players. 

People Management is also a valuable skill that helps the assistant manager to balance the workload of coaches and assign them to their suitable coaching categories. It also helps him to set up the ideal mentoring groups. 

In addition to the key attributes, you must expect your Assistant Manager to excel at the following attributes:

  • Determination
  • Motivation
  • Tactical Knowledge

Being able to bring out the best outcome from the players is an innate quality of a good assistant manager. 

For that, he has to have high Determination to reach his goal. In addition to that, he must also be adept at Motivation to march the players toward their objective. 

As many managers rely on their Assistant manager for tactical suggestions and opposition instructions, a high tactical knowledge is a must for the role. 

He is in charge of leading the coaching staff and shoulders the most coaching responsibilities. This means he has to be a master coach and should possess tremendously high coaching attributes. 

The coaching attributes for an Assistant Manager are:

  • Attacking
  • Defending
  • Fitness
  • Mental
  • Tactical
  • Technical

That said, here’s what the skill map of an Assistant Coach should look like in FM:

The ideal skill-map of a Football Manager Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager: Salary

It’s a no-brainer that one of the most important staff roles in the game will get the highest salaries. 

An average assistant manager in the top leagues earns a salary of $200k-350k per year in Football Manager. In the lower leagues, the salary drops down to anywhere between $15k-30k annually. 

Annual Salary of Paolo Benetti.

Their salary can vary depending on his experience, attributes, and reputation. 

Considering the importance of the role, the $15k-30k annual salary is worth spending in the lower leagues.

Assistant managers on average see a 25-35% salary increase on promotion. They also can face a salary drop of 20-30% on relegation. 

How To Find The Best Assistant Manager in Football Manager 24

It’s important to understand the criteria used for selecting the best assistant managers in FM. One must consider a number of factors that makes the role highly valuable for the team. 

You should consider 4 things to find the best assistant manager in Football Manager 24:

  • Attributes
  • Tactical Knowledge
  • Scouting Knowledge
  • Coaching Qualification

Aside from having amazing attributes, your Assistant Manager should have tactical preferences that match your tactical philosophy. 

In the Assistant Coach profile, you can find his preferred tactical style and formation. You’ll notice that they have a primary and secondary preferred tactic. 

Always recruit an Assistant manager who shares the same tactical preference as you do. This will ensure that he provides the best tactical advice for your team. 

Assistant Manager tactical style preference.

As for scouting, he should have good scouting knowledge to find the best players suitable to your team. Having a vast range of scouting knowledge enables your staff to find more players who could fit in your style of tactical system. 

Here’s how you can fine-tune staff search to find the best Assistant Manager for your team in Football Manager:

  • Go to the Staff tab in Football Manager.
  • Head over to the Staff Search page.
  • Click on the Edit Search button.
  • Set the Staff Role
  • Pick the Attributes and the attribute values you want your Assistant Coach to have.
  • Add your Preferred Formation and Preferred Style conditions in the search.
  • The game will find you the Assistant Coach who matches your search terms.
How to find the best assistant manager in Football manager 2024.

It’s really that easy! This saves you a lot of time rather than going through all the profiles. As a bonus, you can get the perfect fit for your club!

5 Best Assistant Managers in Football Manager 24

Football Manager 2024 has a lot of high-ranked Assistant Managers. Most of the top teams recruit those who have crazy high attributes and carry a Continental Pro License. 

As there’s always a demand for quality assistants, it’s really hard to get your hands on the best of the best. But you can always lure them to your club if your club has a high reputation in the Football World.

That said, here are the best assistant managers in Football Manager 2024:

Joao SacramentoNationalityAgeCurrent ClubJudging Player AbilityJudging Player PotentialPeople Management
Hermann GerlundGerman68Free Agent161916
Joao ScaramentoPortuguese33PSG151512
Massimiliano FarrisItalian51Inter151513
Brian KiddItalian73Free Agent151815
Diego ReyesChilean41Free Agent151416

A lot of the highly experienced Assistant managers will likely retire within the first 5 seasons of your save. But that just opens up doors for many more high regens to take the spotlight. 

Try to fish out those regens for cheap early in the game before the big, elite clubs swoop them up. 


The Assistant Manager role is the most important staff role in the game. You should never overlook their recruitment as a lot of the internal affairs of the clubs fall on their shoulders. 

Hope you enjoyed this detailed dive on the role. For more detailed information about other staff roles, check our staff guides.

That’s all. Have a great day!

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