How To Master Football Manager Corner Tactics

Football Manager corner tactics are often highly misunderstood by beginners. And getting it just right can be the difference in the outcome of a Football Manager game. 

Corners that are not executed correctly are just another wasted chance. Developing a strong understanding of how the set piece routines work in FM can change how you approach the game. 

To master Football Manager corner tactics, you have to assess your squad, see if they can fit a certain corner routine, and pick the best corner kick taker in the squad. It’s really that simple. From positioning players in the box to selecting the best delivery method, every detail counts when it comes to taking corners in FM. 

In this article, we will explore the best tips and strategies to help you master corner tactics in Football Manager. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to refine your skills or a newcomer to the game, these tips will help you take your corner-kick tactics to the next level and give your team the edge over your opponent.

How to Master Football Manager Corner Tactics

As easy as it may sound, mastering corners in Football Manager requires huge experience and knowledge of the game. And to do that, you need to go through some assessment steps to truly bring out your team’s set-piece potential. 

Here are the steps to follow to build up killer corner-kick tactics. 

Assess Your Squad

First thing first, you need to assess where your players stand in regard to the league you are playing. See if you have a squad who are ‘above average’ than the rest of the league in terms of physical attributes. 

Go to Squad Planner> Report> Comparison.

FM23 squad comparison page to assess corner kick capability to set up Football Manager Corner Kick tactics.
Compare your squad’s physicality with the rest of the league to come up with a corner-kick strategy.

Look for individuals who possess high Jumping Reach, Strength, Heading, Bravery, and Off-the-ball-movement. These are the primary attributes of players who will be in the box to deal with corner kicks. 

You must have a brave squad who will be willing to get their head to the ball by any means. 

If your team has what it takes to be dominant in set pieces, it’s time to trigger the Final third instruction “play for set pieces”.

Pick Your Best Corner Kick Taker

Your corner kick taker will shoulder the responsibility of serving good balls in the box. So it’s very important to pick your corner taker carefully in Football Manager.

An ideal corner-taker should not only rely on his corner-taking attributes. Having good Decision making and Technique compliments a corner taker’s corner-taking ability. So make sure to pick a player with a good balance of these attributes. 

Analyze Your Opponent’s Defensive Set Piece Strategy

One way to exploit your opponent’s weak points in corner kicks is by analyzing how they defend corners. 

Some team might put their bulkiest centrebacks to defend the near post. Others might try to use their strongest players to zonally mark your players. Knowing how they set up to defend corners can open up new avenues to exploit their weaknesses. 

For example, you can see how they line up and put your player with the best aerial attributes next to their less physically dominant players. This is a great way to overpower your opponents in set-piece situations in Football Manager. 

Set Up Your Corner Kick Routine

Keep 3-4 different corner kick routines prepared for your team. Having a number of alternatives in your arsenal is never going to hurt your team!

Shuffle through them during the match to see which corner kick routines are making life hard for your opposition. 

Opposition defenders tend to mark the striker around the start of the season in the game. So keep that in mind before mapping out your corner-kick strategy. 

Practice Set Piece Routines

Once you’re done setting up your corner kick routines, it’s time to practice them before the matchday. 

Be sure to include both the Attacking Corners and Set Piece Delivery session before the matchday to make your players familiar with your tactical vision. 

Make Tactical Adjustments During Matches

This is a crucial part of corner-taking tactics that many players simply ignore. The Football Manager AI has evolved over the years, and it can easily adapt itself to defend your corner kick tactics. 

So don’t expect your corner tactic to always work in Football Manager. 

If you find your players struggling to make any impact from corners, make tactical adjustments during the match. Observe how the opposition is dealing with your set pieces and try some minor tweaks to overcome that. 

Keep An Eye On Your Defense

Focusing too much on your attacking corners can leave you vulnerable in defense. Not every set-piece will lead to a goal. Most corner kicks can end up being an opportunity for the opposition to counter. 

That’s why, try to position at least two players with good marking, tacking, and pace to guard your defense against counterattacks. 

3 Popular Football Manager Corner Kick Routines 

Think you know your squad a little better now? Well, time to pick the right corner kick routine for your team now! Based on your team’s strengths and weaknesses, you can find any of these 3 routines highly effective:

The Near Post Corner Routine

One of the most effective ways to score from a corner kick in Football Manager is the near-post attacking corner strategy. This tactic involves a player making a run toward the near post as the corner kick is being taken, with the aim of meeting the ball and directing it toward the goal.

Teams looking to play near post attacking corner need to be good with:

  • Strength
  • Jumping Reach
  • Off-the-ball-movement
  • Anticipation
  • Bravery 
  • Heading

When taking the corner, instruct the corner taker to place the ball toward the ‘Near Post’.

To make the near-post attacking corner tactic work in FM, you’ll need your tallest player with the best Heading, Jumping reach, Anticipation, and Off-the-ball movement attributes to attack the near post. 

Go to the set-piece > corners > attack, and choose the “near post” option. 

A near post corner kick tactic in Football Manager 23.

Position another aerially superior player hugging the near post. He can also help to guide the near-post ball towards the goal. 

Have your burley forward sit near the far post to attack the incoming ball guided by the near post players. 

To make the most of an attacking corner at the near post, it’s crucial to have supporting players in the box who can take advantage of any loose balls. Place a player with good passing range and long-shot attributes outside the box to lurk around. 

If you have players taller than the opposition GK, instruct him to block the view of the goalie to take advantage. Also, try placing a player near the corner flag as it can attract an opposition player to get out of his box.

Near-post corners require the right delivery. Or else, it won’t be fruitful. For that, you need to always have in-swinging corner delivery at the near post. 

To do that, place your left-footed corner taker on the right side, and the right-footed corner taker on the left side. This will ensure that you always get in-swinging delivery to your near post players. This is crucial to the tactics, as out-swinging balls are difficult to guide by heading players. 

Near-Post Corner requires good team cohesion, anticipation, and off-the-ball movements. If your squad excels in those areas, you can try this corner tactic out in Football Manager. It’s a great strategy to play against a team that defends corner kicks by man-marking. 

Far Post Attacking Corner Routine

One way to score from a corner in FM is to aim for the far post of the goal, where one or more players are waiting to attempt a header or volley. The success of this tactic depends on your corner taker’s ability, the positioning of the players, and your team’s physical superiority.

A team looking to play Far post attacking corner kick should be exceptional in:

  • Strength
  • Jumping Reach
  • Bravery 
  • Heading

For setting far post corner tactics in Football Manager, go to the set-piece > corners > attack, and choose the “near post” option. 

Far Post Corner Tactics in Football Manager 2023.
Far Post Corner Tactics in Football Manager 2023.

To execute a successful far post corner, you need a player with the best crossing ability to take the corner. This player should have good technique and vision to deliver the ball to the far post with sufficient pace and height. You also need players who are good at heading and can position themselves well to make a powerful header.

Practice your far post corner routine by creating a custom training routine that focuses specifically on set pieces. This can include drills that focus on delivery, heading, and making runs. 

Far-post attacking corners in Football Manager are effective when your players have clear aerial superiority. It’s highly effective against teams that defend corners by zonal marking. It’s also adaptable in tactics for lower leagues in FM

Edge-of-the-Box Corner Routine

Edge-of-the-box routine focus on delivering the ball from the corner flag to the edge of the box, where a player is ready to take a shot on goal or make a pass to a teammate. Success with this tactic requires quality delivery, precise positioning, and outmaneuvering the opponents’ defensive marking.

A team looking to play Edge-of-The-Box attacking corner should excel in the following attributes:

  • Anticipation
  • Off the Ball Movement
  • Finishing
  • Long Shots
  • Passing

To execute this tactic effectively, your corner taker has to deliver the ball to the edge of the box with enough pace and accuracy to give your players the best chance of creating a goal-scoring opportunity. You should also have players with excellent long-range shooting, passing ability, and movement off the ball, ready to receive the ball and create a chance on goal.

To set up an Edge of the Box corner routine in Football Manager 23, simply select the “Edge of the Box” option for the corner taker instruction.

Edge of the box corner kick tactic in Football Manager 2023
Edge of the box corner kick tactic in Football Manager 2023

Place your best finisher/playmaker to lurk outside the box. Instruct an athletic player to make runs in the box from the edge of the box. 

To refine your Edge of the Box corner routine, create a custom training program that focuses specifically on set pieces. This should include drills that help improve delivery, shooting, anticipation, and passing. 

Edge-of-the-box corners work well both against zonal marking and man-marking. Its effectiveness depends on how cleverly you execute it. 

Near Post Vs Far Post Vs Edge Of The Box Corner Tactics in Football Manager

Now that we’ve become familiar with the three types of corner tactics in Football Managers, let’s have a look at how they differ from each other.

RequirementsNear Post Corner Far Post Corner Edge of the Box corner
Corner Taker InstructionNear PostFar PostEdge of the Box
Corner TypeIn-swingingOut-swingingIn-swinging
Recommended AttributesStrength, Jumping Reach, Off-the-ball-movement, Anticipation, Bravery, HeadingStrength, Jumping Reach, Bravery, HeadingAnticipation, Off the Ball Movement, Finishing, Long Shots, Passing
Effective AgainstMan MarkingZonal MarkingZonal Marking and Man Marking

During the match, it’s essential to pay attention to the opponent’s defensive set-piece strategy and make tactical adjustments accordingly. 

If your opponents are marking your players tightly or crowding the far post, you may want to switch to a short corner routine or a near post routine instead. Additionally, you can also vary your far post routine by changing the delivery type.

Playing a short corner is a highly effective strategy, especially as a Park the bus tactic.


How do you improve set pieces in Football Manager?

To improve your set pieces in Football Manager, you need to assess your player attributes. Pick players with good heading, jumping reach, and strength for corner routines. You should choose your corner kick taker based on their corner kick taking, technique, and decision-making. 

Is Short Corner Kick Effective In Football Manager?

Yes, short corners can be really effective to hold possession in Football manager. Moreover, it can also be a great time-wasting strategy near the end of the game. 

How to Serve In-swinging Corners in Football Manager?

To deliver in-swinging corners, take right-sided corners with your left-footed player and left-sided corner with your right-footed players. 

Parting Words

The set-piece feature in Football Manager is a game within the game. The slightest change in a decision can highly impact the game. So be observant of your Football Manager corner tactics before approaching a game. 

Enjoy your set-piece dominance!

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