Football Manager Director of Football: Complete Guide

The Director of Football, also known as the General Manager, has been here for a while in the last few iterations of Football Manager. And we’ve seen the rise of its popularity. 

Weirdly enough, the Director of Football role works differently in the world of FM. You, the manager happen to have control over his recruitment.

Anyways, let’s get familiar with the role a bit. 

The Director of Football fulfills a whole range of responsibilities involving player recruitment, contract negotiation, managing scout assignments, and providing scout feedback. Other than these, the DOF also looks over other aspects of the players in the club and regularly provides helpful feedback and reports. 

In today’s article, we’ll learn a bit more about the operations of the role in FM. 

What Does the Director of Football Do in Football Manager?

The Director of Football handles all the player-related issues off-the-pitch. From transfer negotiation to contract negotiation, he decides which players to recruit to strengthen the team and who to keep for the long-term goals of the club. 

The responsibilities of a Director of Football in Football Manager 2023.

Granted, you can accomplish the tasks yourself in the game. But handing over the tasks to your DOF can save you a lot of time and let you focus on other aspects of the game. 

However, delegating transfer and contract responsibilities to the Dof can’t be a good long-term move. This might come in the way of your long-term goal as your Dof’s vision, tactical preference, and management style might differ from yours.

Other than that, he also manages scouting assignments to look for particular players. They will recommend you possible transfer targets on requests to help you ace the transfer window

An image of transfer target suggestion by General Manager in Football Manager 2023

You can rely on him to look after other minor responsibilities like holding team talks and attending press conferences on your behalf. But be sure of their man-management ability and media-handling style before you delegate them the task. 

Here’s the complete list of tasks a Director of Football performs in Football Manager:

  • Initiating player signings for First Team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Negotiating player signings for First team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Finalizing player signing for First team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Initiating player sales for First Team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Negotiating player sales for First team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Finalizing player sales for First team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Suggest players for Transfer target
  • Assigning scout assignments
  • Support with Touchline instructions during matches
  • Provide scout feedback

Some of these tasks are interchangeable with other important roles like Chief scout, Assistant Manager, and the role of Technical Director

Do I Need A Director of Football in Football Manager?

This completely boils down to your management style. 

How do you prefer to manage your club? 

Do you like to have control over everything, even the most minute tasks? Or do you want to focus more on certain aspects of the game and are okay to let others handle the rest?

If you’re one of the latter, then you do need one for your club. 

To be honest, if you’re micromanaging everything in your save, then you’re also looking after the responsibilities of a Director of Football. This renders the Dof role pretty much useless in the game. 

Lower league clubs also don’t require or can’t afford to hire a Director of Football in the game. And the only few that can afford one can’t truly rely on their DOF due to lacking quality. So you can actually play the game without recruiting one for your team. 

Clubs in the top divisions can afford to recruit top directors of football. Thanks to having high attributes, they can provide reliable reports and more efficiently look over the backroom tasks.

They can be a great tool to delegate a lot of the day-to-day responsibilities in the game. This can save you a tremendous amount of time and sanity in the long run. 

Director of Football: Attributes

As the overseer of every off-the-pitch operation of the players, the DOF must master the ability to accurately judge player ability and foresee their potential. 

Along with that, they must also be highly comfortable in the art of negotiation to strike the best deal. 

Football Manager highlights the following attributes as the key attributes for the Director of Football role:

  • Judging Player Ability
  • Judging Player Potential
  • Negotiation
The profile of Director of Football Dan Bailey in Football Manager 2023.

As mentioned before, the Director of Football also holds team talks and attends press conferences. 

High Man Management attributes will make him more convincing and likable to the players during the team talks. Similarly, a friendly media handling style will let him ace the press conference.  

He must have a good grasp of the region his club is in. This will help him gather extensive knowledge of the players of that region quicker. 

Having high Adaptability and Determination will help the Dof to easily cope in unfamiliar regions and scout players in those regions more efficiently. 

These are the complementary attributes a Director of Football must possess:

  • Adaptability
  • Determination
  • Man Management

You might not find many DOFs with the right blend of key and complementary attributes. But spending some time over the Staff Search tab can introduce you to a lot of capable Dofs. 

Director of Football: Salary

An average top division Director of Football earns around $150k-300k per year in the game. Which is roughly £120k-240k.

Director of Football contract of Dan Bailey showing his salary in FM23

Compared to the Technical Director, Chief Staff, and other top staff roles, he usually demands a higher salary. 

The salary range for the staff role might be higher depending on their reputation in the game. 

Similar staff role in the lower league will make less than the top division directors. But a promotion to the upper league can see them get around 30-35% salary hike. 

How to Find the Best Directors of Football in Football Manager 2023

You can find the top Directors of Football in FM just like any other staff role from the staff search page. 

Go to the “Staff” tab and head to the “Staff Search” page. You’ll be hit with thousands of staff available to your Technical Director’s knowledge. From there, choose the “Edit Search” option and pick the 3 key attributes and 3 complementary attributes to highlight for fine-tuned search. 

Play around with the value of the attributes until you find your perfect candidate. 

Keep in mind that not every staff who has the preferred attributes will want to be a DOF. Check their preferred role in their profile screen and their contracts. Those with the Director of Football as their role can be hired to be one of your recruits!

Best Director of Football in Football Manager 2023

Football Manager 2023 has a lot of top Director of Football all across the top leagues. Most of them will be hard to lure out of their club if your club is not prestigious enough. 

However, a few years into your save, you might find them out of contract and available as a free agent. Securing their contract won’t be that difficult then. 

That said, here are the 5 Best Directors of Football in Football Manager 2023:

NameAge NationalityPersonalityJudging Player AbilityJudging Player PotentialNegotiating
Marcus Mann38GermanProfessional192018
Jochen Sauer50GermanModel Professional192017
Michael Edwards43EnglishFairly Determined171719
ROUVEN SCHRÖDER47GermanResolute171715

Securing any one of them for your club is going to be tough, especially if you don’t have enough reputation and pulling power.

However, if you can’t get your hands on any of the top Directors of Football, you should look for the regens. Every year, the game generates a lot of top regen staff in the game. They will have high attributes to be a part of big European clubs. 

The regen staff will start as free agents. So look to swoop them up before any of the big clubs do. They might demand big wages, but it’s worth every single penny. Plus, you won’t have to pay any compensation fee for getting a big name from a big club!

Parting Words

The Football Manager Director of Football juggles a lot of responsibilities in their hands. If you want to take a backseat and let someone else look after the backroom responsibilities, then you can easily rely on your DOF. 

After all, that’s how real-life football works!

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