Football Manager Technical Director: The Complete Guide


The Technical Director role in Football Manager gets more and more important as you delve further up in a save. It certainly saves up a lot of time and lets you focus more on what’s important. 

In Football Manager, the Technical Director is a head staff role that looks over all the staff in your team other than the Director of Football. He looks over the staff recruited in Coaching, Scouts, and Medical roles and provides you with regular feedback on their condition. 

In today’s piece, we’re going to know more about the role. How it works, and how you can recruit the best of the best the game has to offer. 

Let’s begin. 

What Is The Role of Technical Director in Football Manager

The technical director in FM assesses all your staff and manages staff recruitment. He will look to recruit new staff if a job slot is available, or simply look to replace an existing staff member with a better option.  

One of his main responsibility is to plan the hiring of staff within the budget allocated by the board for a particular role. 

The Staff tab of Burnley FC in Football Manager 2023

Other than looking over recruitment, he will also provide regular feedback on the overall condition of the staff. He will look after the contracts of the existing staff and suggest recommended staff members be sent out for coaching courses. 

The role in FM is a huge aid for those who are not looking to spend too much time on off-field activities of the club. You can easily delegate most of the off-pitch responsibilities to him and he will look after it to the best of his abilities. 

Although the Technical Director has a lot of control over the staff members, he does not have any authority over the Director of Football

Modern managers of the game are heavily reliant on the role to look after the staff. The role has become increasingly important with time as club management became more complicated. 

Relying on the long-term vision and management of the role has become vital as modern managers don’t spend a long time in a single club. This means that once the manager leaves, the Technical Manager temporarily keeps control of the backroom staff until the next manager is appointed. 

Do I Need A Technical Director in Football Manager

It completely rests on your management style. 

Those who like to micromanage everything in Football Manager don’t need a Technical Director or Director of Football for their team. 

However, if you’re looking to only manage certain aspects of the clubs only, a staff role that can look over the other day-to-day matters can be a very handy assistant. 

You can delegate every staff-related task to your staff if he possesses the right set of attributes. This includes:

  • Hiring and firing Coaching Staff
  • Hiring and firing Scouting Staff
  • Hiring and firing Medical Staff
  • Negotiating Staff Contracts
  • Recommends Staff for Coaching Courses

If you’re managing a high-profile club with no worries about budget allocation, this will save you loads of time. 

On the other hand, relying too much on them in lower leagues might not be the brightest of ideas. Staffs at that level are usually not equipped with the recommended level of skills to hire the best staff available. So I would recommend you take your time and control your staff management on your own. 

It’s the best financial decision to invest in a good Assistant manager for lower league clubs. They can look after both staff and players, eliminating any need for other key staff roles.

Technical Director: Attributes

Here are all the required attributes to find the best Technical Director:

Essential Attributes

  • Judging Staff Ability
  • Negotiating

Important Attributes

  • Adaptability
  • Determination
  • World Knowledge

Complementary Attributes

  • People Management

Judging Staff Ability is the ability of your key staff to evaluate the abilities of other staff members and act on that information. 

That’s basically all you need for the role if you’re not particularly concerned about the budget allocation for staff members. 

But if your staff recruitment budget is short, that’s where you need to look at the second important attribute.

It’s the Negotiation skills.

Negotiation is the attribute that determines how good your staff is at negotiating transfer deals and contracts. 

So basically, it’s your Technical Director’s ability to get the best financial deal possible by negotiating with the staff. 

Having a staff with high Determination and a Professional mentality is a bonus as they are consistently reliable.

Make sure that your staff has extensive knowledge of the league/region you are currently playing at. This will ensure that he has knowledge about all the staff available around that particular region.

Scouting knowledge of a Technical Director in Football Manager.

7 seasons into my Burnley save in FM, I signed Manchester United legend Nicky Butt as my Technical Director. And I can leave all my staff recruitment management to him as he has some amazing attributes.

Football Manager Technical Director profile of Nicky Butt

I would have preferred him to be better at Negotiating, but I think it’s alright. Burnley is a decent sugar daddy club with a decent budget for staff recruitment. 

Technical Director: Salary

In Football Manager, the salary range of a Technical Director of a Premier League club is anywhere between $100k to $200k per year.

A similar job in the lower league pays lower salaries. but a promotion to the upper division can hike up the salary by 30%.

Nicky Butt in my Burnley save has a contract that sees him receiving $153k per year which ends up being $98.5k per year after tax deductions.

Technical Director Nicky Butt's contract and salary in Football Manager 2023

How to Find the Best Technical Directors in Football Manager 2023

You can find the right fit for your Technical Director role simply by going into the Staff tab and looking for them in “Staff Search”. You can scroll down the list of thousands of staff and pick whoever you think is the best person for the job. 

Or you can fine-tune your search and save yourself the time and the sanity of going through each staff profile. Simply hit the Edit Search option on the Staff Search page and set the staff role you’re looking for.

Staff Search Editor to fine-tune staff hunting in Football Manager 2023.

You can highlight the preferred attributes you want your staff to have and choose the value of those attributes. As a bonus, you can add an extra condition to choose the right personality and the game will find you the right man for the job. It’s really that simple!

Keep in mind that not everyone will be willing to join your club if you’re managing a small club. Some might not want to work in a staff role despite having the right sets of attributes. It sucks. But it is what it is. 

Best Technical Directors in Football Manager 2023

Depending on the leagues you have loaded up in your save, you might find some of the non-playable Staff members, and miss the others.

Anyways, here are the 5 best technical directors in Football Manager 23:

NameNationalityAgeCurrent ClubJudging Staff AbilityNegotiatingPeople Management
Andreas BaumerGerman48Free Agent191920
Gabriele OrialiItalian69Free Agent181829
Manu FernandezSpanish45Real Madrid171819
Javier RibaltaSpanish41Marseille171713
Marcus MannGerman38Hannover171713

You can pretty much leave your entire staff on their hand and focus on what really matters!

When you go to the Staff responsibilities tab and automatically delegated any staff-related responsibilities, the game automatically sets the Technical Director in charge of that particular task. Keep that in mind before delegating staff responsibilities. 

Parting Words

That’s a wrap on our Football Manager Technical Director guide. It can be a lifesaver in the upper leagues with bigger clubs. But for lower leagues, I would suggest you don’t rely too heavily on any staff members to look after everything. 

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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