Head of Youth Development: FM24 Staff Guide

The Head of Youth Development is a crucial backroom staff role in Football Manager tasked to find and develop young talents within the club. 

A Head of Youth Development(HOYD) in Football Manager brings youth players and monitors their development within the club. His personality and scouting ability impact the youth intake of the team. 

We’ll have a detailed dive into the HOYD role in Football Manager in this guide. I’ll explain the role, the responsibilities, and the abilities one needs to excel in that particular role.

What Does a Head of Youth Development Do?

As one of the key backroom staff, the role is considered to be very important for the club. 

Simply put, the HOYD finds and develops youth players for the first team. But his responsibilities are not limited to only doing that. In the absence of other coaching members, the HOYD can step up and cover coaching duties as well.

Here’s the full list of responsibilities of the role in FM24:

  • Bring suitable under-18 candidates for the youth team. 
  • Evaluate the under-18 candidates.
  • Offer contracts to the evaluated under-18 candidates.
  • Regularly report to the manager on youth player development.
  • Finds development loans for youth players who have been loan-listed. 

Aside from these main responsibilities, you can delegate other development squad tasks to him. 

He will mostly operate in the Development Center in FM. He’ll inform about the players who are projecting high potential and might reach the first-team level in the future. 

It’s also his job to recommend players who might benefit from regular first-team games through loan movies.

Here’s what you should look for in a Head of Youth Development:

  • Good scouting knowledge
  • Positive personalities
  • Good scouting ability
  • Tactical Preferences
  • Reputation

Key Attributes

Football Manager highlights the following attributes as the key attributes for the Head of Youth Development:

  • Judging Player Ability
  • Judging Player Potential
  • Working with Youngsters

The HOYD must have a good ability to judge the player’s ability. This gives him a good understanding of the player’s strengths and weaknesses.

Per Mertesacker staff profile as the Head of Youth Development for Arsenal in FM24.

Similarly, he must also understand the potential the player holds. 

As he has to closely observe the young players in the development squad, the HOYD must be good around youngsters and communicate with them to facilitate their growth. 

Aside from the key attributes, the staff must also possess good coaching abilities.


Because, alongside the other development coaches, the HOYD also works as a coach in the game. In teams that have restricted coaching budgets, he can train the players and help to ease the workload of the other coaches. 

If he has good coaching attributes, you can set the Head of Youth Development to look after the following responsibilities:

  • Leads u21/u18 general team training.
  • Leads u21/u18 individual training.

These responsibilities are usually covered by the head coaches of the respective development groups. But in their absence, the HOYD can take the helm of the training. 

Staff Personality

An ideal Head of Youth Development must have one of the following Personalities:

  • Model Professional
  • Perfectionist
  • Professional
  • Resolute
  • Determined

The Model Professional or Model Citizen is the best Personality in FM for a Head of Youth Development, followed by the Perfectionist personality.

But why is personality important for the role?

It’s because your Head of Youth Development’s personality influences the personality of the youth intakes in Football Manager. 

Say, if your HOYD has a “Professional” personality, most of your youth candidates will have similar or somewhat close personalities.

So it’s beneficial to have staff with the best personalities in FM to get the best youth intake. 

Staff personality and scouting knowledge info

Scouting Knowledge

Scouting knowledge should not be considered only exclusive to the Chief scout role.

Having a vast scouting knowledge of the world works as an advantage for the Head of Youth Development. He can bring players from different nations that he has knowledge about. 

It can be hugely beneficial for picking high-rated youth players from nations that are known to produce wonderkids. 

Tactical Preferences

Every Head of Youth Development have their own preferred tactical style and formation. This influences their youth selection.

They will more likely pick youngsters who can play in their preferred formation. For example, a HOYD who prefers a tactical style using a DM will look to bring Defensive midfielders for youth intake. 

Make sure that the staff shares a similar tactical preference with you while recruiting for the role. 


On average, a HOYD in the top division clubs in FM24 gets a salary from anywhere between £5k-30k a week. In the lower leagues, this number drastically falls down to 1k-3k a week.

Their salary can vary depending on their ability and reputation in the game. 

HOYD contract page showcasing his salary in the game.

Best Head of Youth Development in FM24

NameNationalityAgeCurrent ClubJudging Player AbilityJudging Player PotentialWorking with Youngsters
Roberto SamadenItaly 56Inter Milan202020
Hermann GerlandGerman68Free Agent172020
Edd VahidEnglish42Free Agent181817
Ged RoddyEnglish58Free Agent161820
Mark HarrisonEnglish47Aston Villa161819

At the start of the game, you’ll find a lot of good free agents for the HOYD role in FM24. They are easy to recruit and can be a great addition to any top-league team. 

Before You Go…

I’ve covered other key backroom staff roles in Football Manager. Staff roles like Assistant Manager, Director of Football, and Technical Director are all vital for off-field management in football. 

Make sure to check them out on Mezzala FM. 

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