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Lauded by many as the Turkish Messi, Arda Guler grabbed worldwide media attention at the age of just 17. With the symphony of skills at his disposal, he has mesmerized the football world. 

So much so that he has made his name on the list of wonderkids in Football Manager 23. 

Arda Guler is a 17-year-old Turkish attacking midfielder who plays for Fenerbahçe in FM23. His artistry with the ball makes him an excellent attacking playmaker in the game. The wonderkid is a midfield orchestrator who can create wonders up in the final third of the pitch. 

Guler’s tremendous talent saw him listed in the GOAL’s top 50 NXGN alongside talents like Palmeira’s Endrick and Gavi from Barcelona. 

Let’s talk about him a bit. 

How Good Is Arda Gular in FM23?

Exceptional. Captivating. Flamboyant. 

These are the three words I can find in the back of my head to describe Arda Guler. 

The 5’9’’ attacking midfielder is a creative genius with extremely high technical attributes to complement his playing style. 

Arda Guler Player profile in FM23.

Only 17 years old, he is already a regular starter for Fenerbahçe and is considered a good player for any Championship side. But unlike other wonderkids like Andreas Schjelderup, he is not gifted with well-rounded stats. Especially in the physical department. 

Arda Guler has the following player traits at the start of the game:

  • Argues with Officials
  • Comes Deep to Get Ball
  • Dictates Tempo
  • Arrives Late in Opponent Area

His resolute personality makes him highly determined to reach his goals and improve over the course of the season.

Guler has a fairly strong right foot which makes him almost two-footed. His high technique and flair make him very unpredictable for the defenders to deal with. 

With a market valuation of only €10m-€12m at the start of the game, he is a cheap wonderkid you can easily sign for any big Premier League team. 

Arda Guler- Player Info

NameArda Guler
Age 17
Contracted toFenerbahçe
Preferred Foot Left
Market Value€12m
Wage€2.1k p/w
Squad StatusRegular Starter
Mezzala FM player rating★★★★

Arda Guler- Attributes

Technical MentalPhysical
Finishing13Composure14Jumping Reach6
First Touch15Concentration8Natural Fitness7
Free Kick Taking14Decisions8Pace10
Long Shots12Flair16Strength4
Long Throws5Leadership12
Marking5Off the ball12
Penalty Taking14Teamwork12
Technique18Work Rate10
Skill map of Arda Guler.

Arda Guler- Strengths & Weaknesses


  • His technical ability is a hallmark of this player’s approach to the game.
  • Can easily adapt to a new country.
  • Displays resolute characteristics.
  • Can play in a couple of positions.
  • Good technique especially when striking the ball.
  • Fairly consistent performer. 
  • Has tremendous passing range. 
  • Is a good set-piece taker. 


  • Tendency not to get stuck into rough challenges can put his teammates under some pressure.
  • Lack of strength and fitness makes him come short in physical duels. 
  • Doesn’t have the best jumping reach.
  • Lacks concentration.
  • His low stamina can hinder his performance during the late stages of the game. 
  • Lack of natural fitness rises concern over his overall fitness and recovery after matches. 
Report of the player provided by Arsenal scouts.

Arda Guler- Best Role

Arda Guler performs his best playing as an Attacking Midfielder in an Advanced Playmaker role. His high versatility makes him capable of playing in multiple attacking positions as well as the central midfield. 

To make the best use of his skills, you should prefer him as an Advanced Playmaker on support duty. The traits he possesses are well-fashioned around playing that particular role. 

You can also play him in an AML role as an inverted winger, which will make use of his strong left foot to cut inside. And if you insist on playing him as a striker, then make sure to pair him up with a Target Man or DLP and play him as a trequartista.

Arda Guler- Player Potential

Football Manager 23 gives Arda Guler dynamic potential. This means that he can grow up to potential between 150-180 PA depending on the randomness of the save.

Dynamic PA is a common theme we find in most wonderkids in FM23. Other FM wonderkids like Antonio Silva, Endrick, and Andreas Schjelderup possess dynamic potential, making their growth unpredictable in the game. 

To find out how much Guler can grow, I tried running an auto-generated save in FM23 and simulated the game up until 2030.

Seems like he had a good run with 3 separate clubs over the course of 10 years. After spending 3 seasons in Turkey, Arda left for Juventus and spent 6 seasons there before moving to England with ManUtd. 

Impressive as it is, he managed to overcome most of his weaknesses in the game over the 10 years. His attacking stats became even more superior followed by similar growth on the mental side of the game. 

Player profile in the year 2030 in an auto-generated save.

Attributes like Passing, Technique, Composure, Flair, Vision, and Agility are where he peaked in the game. 

Even in the physical attributes, where he came short before, he now possesses a good amount of acceleration and balance. 

However, his Stamina and Strength are still underwhelming for a player of his caliber. This is an indication that Arda Guler might not have that long of a career in the game. 

Over the 10 years, he managed to develop the following new traits:

  • Tries Killer Balls Often
  • Places Shots
  • Cuts Inside From Both Wings

His overall growth as a player has made him a Regular Starter for the Red Devils in 2030. And according to Media Description, the 25-year-old is an Unpredictable, elite attacking midfielder.

You can check out how he turned out as a player from FM Blog’s youtube video:


There’s no doubt about the technical qualities Guler possesses with the ball. However, he comes short in a number of areas of the game which makes him a defensive burden for the team. 

Firstly, Guler can be physically dominated off the ball. His notably poor work rate and lack of bravery to commit himself to tackle make him highly ineffective in defensive situations. 

In terms of decision-making, he often falls short in the final third of the pitch. His lack of concentration and a tendency to make incorrect choices hinder his ability to create scoring opportunities or contribute to their team’s attacking play. 

The positive is that the young Turk can improve his decision-making over time and bring it up to a decent level. 

Additionally, the young Turkish’s lack of stamina prevents him from maintaining a high level of performance throughout the entirety of a match. It takes him a considerable amount of time to recover after games due to his poor natural fitness. 

Player career stats for Fenerbahce, Juventus, and Manchester United after 10 years.

Over the 10 years in the auto-generated save, Arda Guler managed to feature 60 times for Fenerbahce, scoring only once, but assisting on 17 occasions. His performance somewhat remained the same with his move to Juventus where he made 159 appearances.

Despite possessing some exceptional attacking stats, Guler is not a natural goalscorer and prefers to focus more on the playmaking aspect of the game. His tendency to arrive late in the opposition area gets him less involved as an attacking threat but can benefit the overall attacking structure of the team. 

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