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Cesare Casadei is a 19-year-old, 6’3’’ Italian center midfielder who plays for Reading on loan from Chelsea. His versatile sets of skills make him one of the most sought out wonderkid in FM23. 

What impresses me the most about him is his immense physicality and shooting prowess. That makes it easier to turn him into one of the primary attacking threats for the team

At the beginning of the save, Casadei plays as a Regular starter for Reading. He is considered a decent Championship level player at only 19 years of age. 

Today, we’ll test out the young powerful midfielder to find out if he can end up being a world-class player in FM 23.

Is Cesare Casadei Any Good in FM23?

The 6’3’’ Italian starts off as a good player for any team in the Championship. 

With such a well-rounded attribute set, Cesare Casadei can be played in several midfield positions. But I believe playing in an attacking role is where he shines the most. 

A closer look into the player’s attributes will show that he’s more fit to play as a Target Man than a center midfielder. However, if you build the team around him, Casadei can end up scoring more goals than your striker!

His Professional personality helps him to approach every game with a similar mentality. Plus, he is fairly consistent, making him a reliable player to play every minute of the game. 

The robust midfielder possesses good Finishing, Header, Long Shots, and Off the Ball movement. A great blend to be deadly with the ball in shooting opportunities. His tremendous jumping reach compliments his 6’3’’ stature in set-piece situations, where he will win most of the aerial duels. 

Cesare Casadei Player profile in FM 23.

Cesare has a strong right foot and has no traits at the start of the save in Football Manager.

Cesare Casadei: Player Info

NameCesare Casadei
Age 19
PositionDM, MC, AMC
Contracted toChelsea
Preferred Foot Right
Market Value€13.25m-€20m
Wage€3.2k p/w
Squad StatusRegular Starter
Mezzala FM player rating★★★

Cesare Casadei: Attributes

The attribute distribution of Cesare Casadei is somewhat similar to those of Antonio Silva and Lisandro Martinez. They might not be gifted with his attacking attributes, but they are well versatile in their approach.

Technical MentalPhysical
Finishing14Composure13Jumping Reach15
First Touch13Concentration12Natural Fitness13
Free Kick Taking12Decisions13Pace13
Long Shots15Flair12Strength12
Long Throws5Leadership10
Marking7Off the ball15
Penalty Taking12Teamwork12
Technique13Work Rate
Skill map of Cesare Casadei in Fm23.

Cesare Casadei: Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Professional individual.
  • Heading ability underlines his strength in the air.
  • Really good in the air.
  • Can play in a couple of positions.
  • Fairly consistent performer.
  • Good movement off the ball.
  • Possesses good long shots and finishing ability. 


  • Very poor at marking his opponent. 
  • Can be wayward with his crossing.
Cesare scout report scouted by Arsenal scouting team.

Cesare Casadei: Best Position

Here’s the problem with players who have such a robust set of attributes. If they are versatile enough, you can literally play them anywhere on the pitch. 

And our Italian wonderkid perfectly fits in that picture. 

You can play Cesare Casadei in the Center Midfielder role on Attack duty to get the best use of his attacking abilities. This will increase the frequency of runs he will make in the opposition box. 

Playing on attack duty makes it difficult for the opposition midfielder and defenders to mark him. That leaves him in open spaces for the teammates to find out with either mixed crosses or through balls. 

The second best option is to play him in the Defensive midfield position as a Segundo Volante on attack duty. As a segundo volante, his job is the same as that of a Center Midfielder on attack duty. But he’ll be asked to come deeper in defensive situations.

Finally, let’s think out of the box for a second. 

We’ve seen his attributes. We know how good he is as an attacking threat. He’s also 6’3’’ which makes him taller than the average Championship center-backs. And he’s also a bit of a versatile player. 

Then why not train him to play as a Target man?

I think Cesare will make a great target man given his good balance and jumping reach. You can prefer him on either attack or support duty as a Target Man. Really comes down to how you want to utilize his gifts on the pitch. 

Cesare Casadei: Player Potential

Casadei has dynamic potential in FM23, meaning he will reach different heights in his career in different saves.

So to test out how much better he gets in a random save, I tried running an auto-generated FM23 save all the way up to the year 2030.  

Player profile in 2030 after 10 years of simulation.

Turns out, he didn’t end up being the world-class player many thought he would. He is still a very decent player for most Premier League teams and can be a Regular Starter for most mid-table teams. 

In 2030, aged 27, Casadei has seen a massive improvement in his already impressive physical attributes. He has grown faster and gained better balance in 10 years. 

Coming to the mental attributes, his Anticipation, Composure, Decisions, and Vision have also reached very good levels. His technical attributes stayed somewhat the same with only a slight improvement in his Technique and Long shots. 

Cesare Casadei managed to develop the following traits in Football Manager 23:

  • Tries to play way out of trouble
  • Tries first-time shots
  • Tries long-range passes

Check out what Maximum FM has to say about him:

Final Verdict

Casadei had somewhat of a Journeyman career in my auto-generated save. After his loan spell at Reading, he had a single season at Chelsea where he failed to manage a single appearance for the Blues. 

Career stats of Cesare Casadei after 10 years of simulation in Football Manager 23.

Cesare was loaned out for a second time to Bristol City where he featured in 40 matches and came back to Chelsea for yet another season of 0 appearances. 

He was let go for free to Bologna where he spent two seasons, scoring 2 goals and making 8 assists in 69 appearances. Nice. 

The powerful midfielder made his return to the Premier League with Leicester and made 62 appearances, scoring 5 goals and providing 9 assists. 

Throughout his career, Cesare managed to be consistent with his performance, and that average rating of 7.02 shows that. 

In conclusion, he won’t be a world-beater to be exact. But if you’re looking to manage a mid-table side in the top leagues, Casadei can be a  great addition to your arsenal in FM 23. 

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