How Good is Endrick in FM23

Endrick has been one of the sensational breakthrough FM23 wonderkids who took the FM community by storm. Only 16 years of age, he is the youngest player in the history of Palmeiras to make his debut in the first team. 

Endrick Felipe in FM23 is a Brazilian wonderkid who plays for the Brazilian club Palmeiras. He represented Brazil at the U17 level. He has already agreed terms with Real Madrid which will see him join Los Blancos in July 2024. However, in Football Manager 2023, he’s available for transfer to any team.

Since its release, he has been the most sought-after talent in the game. And it’s quite understandable considering his explosive playing style. 

What Makes Endrick So Good?

Football Manager always pops up with breakthrough talents in every iteration of the game. And every year, there is this one particular wonderkid who snatches up all the attention.

The Brazilian has burst through the scene and went viral over social media, showcasing his incredible flair with the ball. And with Real Madrid signing the player for the future, we all know it’s serious business! 

But what makes Endrick so good in FM23?

Endrick has a blistering pace and a ridiculous level of flair in Football Manager 23. Only 15 years of age, he boasts a high level of physicality and technical prowess. The young Brazilian is a highly versatile attacker who can operate in wide areas as well as in midfield in FM23. He has a high potential ceiling in the game.

His value is set between €13.5m-€15.5m in the game. But you might have to offer as much as €115 million to secure his contract. 

He has a dynamic potential set for him in the game. This means that he will reach different potentials in different career mode saves of the game. 

Here’s how Endrick’s player profile looks in FM 23:

Age 15
PositionST, AM, AMR
Contracted toPalmeiras
Foot Left
Market Value€13.5m-€15.5m
Wage€40 p/w
Mezzala FM player rating★★★★

Let’s break down his player profile to better understand what makes him one of the best wonderkids found in FM 23.

Endrick's player profile in Football Manager 23.
Endrick’s player profile at the start of a save in FM 23.

A quick glance at his profile makes it clear why so many top European clubs were desperate to secure the wonderkid. The Brazilian excels in a vast range of attributes in all three categories, making him immensely resourceful in unlocking defenses.

At only 15 years of age, he will start off as a Championship level CA player at the start of the game. You won’t be able to Endrick before 2024 due to age restrictions.

Endrick Felipe – Strengths and Weaknesses

There’s definitely no doubt about the raw talent Endrick possesses in his game. However, as a youngster with a lot of room for improvement, he has some weaknesses to improve upon. 

Let’s look at what you can expect from the Brazilian in the game.


  • He is a highly versatile player who can play in several attacking positions. 
  • His high Pace combined with high Acceleration makes him very difficult for defenders to man mark.
  • High Dribbling, Agility, and Flair make him highly unpredictable and difficult to dispossess. 
  • He can improve a lot in the future
  • Has a balanced personality that can be groomed by proper mentoring
  • Is a good finisher with good first touch.


  • Low Jumping Reach and Heading which makes him less effective in aerial duals. 
  • Does not possess high Bravery to go head-to-head with opponents

Endrick Felipe – Best Role

Endrick is best suited to play in the advanced forward role in Football Manager 2023. His outstanding dribbling qualities aided by his tremendous pace, flair, and technique makes him a very dangerous attacker leading the front line. 

As a secondary option, you can try implementing him as a trequartista in a two-man forward formation.

Other than that, you can play him on the right wing as an Inside Forward. This will allow him to cut inside from the right side of the pitch and make room for a shot with his strong left foot. 

Development profile of Endrick.
Endrick is very versatile and can play in a lot of attacking positions. He also has a fairly strong weak foot, making him even more dangerous in 2029.

On the left wing, he can be preferred in a Winger role. He has enough pace to get past pacy full-backs and dish out dangerous crosses in the box from wide.

Due to his dynamic potential, he can develop his weaker foot in the game. Improving his weaker foot to a Fairly Strong level makes him effective as Inside Forward from both wings. 

Lastly, you can play Endrick as a Shadow Striker in the AM position behind a Target Man or a Pressing Forward

Endrick Felipe- Best Traits

The young attacker’s collection of traits at the start of the game complements his attacking movements. This allows him to make the most of his attributes. 

Here are the player traits of Endrick in FM23:

  • Move into Channels
  • Likes to Round Keeper
  • Attempts Overhead Kicks
  • Runs with Ball Often

As you can see, all of his traits are focused on attacking play. He will tend to move into channels on a regular basis to create goalscoring opportunities. His superior pace allows him to move quickly in the channels, beating the opposition’s defense.

Endrick’s natural Flair and technique allow him to try a few more tricks. For one, he will never miss an opportunity to try overhead kicks. He’ll also look to round keeper with his impressive dribbling and speed.

You can train him a few extra traits to turn him into a prolific attacker in the game. Here are some top striker traits you should train Endrick:

  • Lob the keeper
  • Beat the Offside Trap
  • Place shots
  • Beat opponent repeatedly 
  • Tries tricks

You can train him the traits depending on where you play him and how you play him. 

He is likely to make frequent runs behind the defense if played as a striker. That opens up two opportunities for him. Either he can round the keeper, or he can try to lob the keeper. 

Having these two traits can be conflicting. So make sure that you remove his Likes to Round Keeper trait before training him to Lob the Keeper.

If trained properly, Endrick can develop a high level of Composure and Decision in the game. That will allow him to make the perfect use of the Place Shots trait. Already having a good Finishing attribute, this trait can significantly improve his goalscoring prowess and shot accuracy. 

There are two traits he can develop early in the game if played in the wings. He can look to beat his opponents repeatedly and try tricks whenever possible. His unpredictable nature of his makes these two traits a handy addition to his arsenal. 

Endrick Felipe- Hidden Attributes

The hidden attributes for Endrick are mediocre when you start your career save. This gives him a Balanced personality to start the game. But they can reach a very high ceiling as you continue with the game. 

He starts off with a Current Ability(CA) of 102 in the first season of the game. If trained, played, and mentored properly, he can reach up to a Potential Ability(PA) score of 170-185. 

Judging the scout reports, Endrick has a hidden Consistency attribute of 10 which can gradually improve up to 18. Similarly, his Important Matches attributes can be improved up to 19 from 9.

Scout report of Endrick.
Scouting report for Endrick in 2029.

The Injury Proneness of Endrick depends on the randomness of the game. As for the weaker foot, he starts with a weak right foot which can eventually be improved to become Fairly Strong

Endrick Felipe – Attributes in the 2029 Season

By now, Endrick is 22 years old and plays for Manchester City in the game. He also had a brief stint in Inter Milan before joining City in my FM 23 save. 

Endrick attributes in 2029.
Endrick’s player profile in 2029.

As you can see, he has grown up to be an Elite Striker in the game. His overall growth in Technical, Mental, and Physical attributes has been impressive in 8 years. And he is only 22!

In this save, he has managed to develop a Fairly Professional personality and features as a squad player for Manchester City. His physical attributes have taken a major leap, showcasing his mastery of quick and agile movements. 

On the technical front, he improved his finishing to 16 from 14. His dribbling has also seen a boost from 14 to 17.

Endrick developed his weaker foot and now can play as a two-footed forward. Additionally, his height has also increased from 5’8’’ to 5’10’’ in the game. 

Weirdly enough, he seems to have developed some unlikely traits like “Knock the ball past the opponent”, which seems unfruitful for a dribbler of his caliber. He also learned to try first-time shots, which is a waste for a player of his finishing ability. 

Endrick player traits in 2029

After 8 years of development, the 22-year-old Brazilian has a worldwide reputation of four stars in Football Manager 23. He made 28 appearances for Manchester City from the bench to score 7 goals and assist 4 times in the Premier League.


That wraps up our coverage on Endrick in FM23. Hope you liked this piece.

Let us know if there’s any wonderkid we should talk about. We’ll look to publish one wonderkid review each week. So keep an eye out!

Have a good day.

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