How Good Is Lisandro Martinez in Football Manager 2023

Physicality and Aerial ability have always been considered the core strengths of a center-back in Football. So it caught everyone off-guard when Manchester United signed Lisandro Martinez from Ajax as a regular starter for the team.

Lisandro Martinez is a 24 years old Argentine Center Back who plays for Manchester United in FM 23. Often played as a Ball Playing Defender, he can also operate higher up on the pitch and play as a DM and MC.

Many doubted the ability of the 5’10’’ defenders and whether he could cope in a league that has always been touted for its physicality. 

Fast forward to the end of the season and Manchester United has secured a Champions League spot under the leadership of Erik Ten Hag. And one of the vital pieces of the puzzle was Martinez’s solid defensive display throughout the season.

And guess what? He’s also a world champion with Argentina!

Today, we’re going to have a look at the Argentine center-back’s player profile in FM23 and decide if the game has done justice to the player. 

How Does Football Manager 23 Rate Lisandro Martinez?

Playing Lisandro Martinez as a center-back has been highly disappointing in FM 23, to be honest. Especially the part where you find no benefit in playing him as a CB.

The Argentine in Football Manager 2023 is a surprisingly underrated player with abysmal stats. In the first update of the game, he is very much undermined and can’t play as a center-back without conceding goals regularly. 

The FM AI plays him as a Ball-winning midfielder in DM most of the time instead of playing him as a center-back. And when you look at his attributes in the game, it starts to make sense.

Lisandro Martinez player profile in Football Manaer 2023 base player database.
FM23 profile in the base game.

Only measuring 5’10’’, Martinez is not an effective aerial presence. This leaves him vulnerable to defending against aerially dominant forwards like Mitrovic or Calvert Lewin. He is also not that fast to keep up against pacy forwards like Mohamed Salah or Son.

This creates a huge problem when you’re responsible for securing the defense of a team like Manchester United.

Mostly thriving as a stopper in the game, he is very aggressive at winning the ball. And being only 24 years old, he can polish a lot of his attributes to improve in the game. 

Football Manager 23 provides mediocre stats for the center-back in the game. He has a balanced personality and a strong left foot in the base database.

Here’s how Lisandro’s player profile looks in FM 23 winter update:

NameLisandro Martinez
Age 24
PositionCB, DM, CM
Contracted toManchester United
Preferred Foot Left
PersonalityFairly Determined
Market Value€63m-€189m
Wage€140k p/w
Squad StatusRegular Starter
Mezzala FM player rating★★★★

Lisandro Martinez – Updated Player Profile

The FM23 winter squad update sees Martinez getting an overall boost to his attributes. He is a significantly better player than before and can deal with fast and physical forwards better. 

In the update, he saw the biggest improvement in his mental stats while also getting a speed and agility buff.

However, his height still remains an issue in Football Manager 2023 winter update. And this leaves him in an awkward position to deal with floated crosses. On top of that, he also doesn’t have the best jumping attributes, making him struggle in the air.

Let’s have a look at his updated stats after the FM23 winter update:

Technical Attributes

AttributesBase ValueUpdated Value
First Touch1314

Mental Attributes

AttributesBase ValueUpdated Value

Physical Attributes

AttributesBase ValueUpdated Value
FM23 Lisandro Martinez winter update player profile.
Improved attributes for Lisandro Martinez after the winter update.

As we can see, the biggest leap in his attributes was his Determination. A jump of 5 points in Determination in the game turned his Player Personality to Fairly Determined from being Balanced

Other than that, Martinez had a tremendous improvement in his mental stats. He has more Aggression and better Anticipation than before. Jakub Kiwior of Arsenal is a player of similar profile.

Lisandro Martinez: Player Potential

Lisandro Martinez is a regular starter for Manchester United in Football Manager 2023. At the start of the save in FM 23, he is rated as a Good Player for Most Premier League Teams

He can eventually become a Leading Player for Most Premier League Teams with regular playing time and training.

The winter update has also improved the 24-year-old center-back’s Current Ability(CA) as well as his Potential Ability(PA).  

Lisandro Martinez: Strengths and Weaknesses

Such an impressive range of attributes makes Martinez a top-class player in the game. Let’s have a look at his Strengths and Weaknesses in Football Manager 2023.


  • High Bravery and Aggression make him effective at winning the ball. 
  • Good Anticipation, Positioning, and Marking let him tightly mark his opposition.
  • Has a good passing range with high passing, vision, and technique
  • Has impressive stamina and work rate
  • Very Determined in his approach


  • Not aerially dominant
Martinez's Attribute-tree shown in Radar Chart
This is what Martinez’s skill map looks like in FM 23.

Lisandro Martinez- Best Role

Playing Lisandro Martinez as a Center Midfielder in a Ball Winning Midfield role worked the best for me. His aggressive nature and high tackling stats make him very effective in winning the ball out of possession. 

Regardless of his sensational season with Manchester United in real life, he struggles in FM 23 when played as a center-back. 

You can also play him as a Half Back in the Defensive Midfield position. This will make him drop deeper as an additional center-back in the defensive phase of the game. 

If you insist on playing him in a Center Back position, then playing him as a BPD on stopper duty is the wisest move. He is highly effective in pressing and stopping crosses than defending crosses. 

However, I won’t rely on playing him in a two-man defense as it significantly weakens the defense in aerial duels. Pairing him up with two other tall CBs in a 3-man defense can be a much safer option.

Lastly, you can prefer him as a Deep Lying Playmaker on Defend duty. This utilizes his long passing ranges while keeping a solid defensive stance. 

Lisandro Martinez Player Development page.
The development page shows that he is very versatile and can play in multiple positions. Martinez should be best played on the left, making the best use of his strong left foot.

Although Martinez is not a natural player as a center midfielder, his attributes make him particularly suitable for playing that position.

You can train him to get accomplished in the center midfielder position in the game and improve his positional familiarity. This will significantly improve his positioning and decision making in the midfield.

In the left-back position, he can provide adequate cover for the defense. But it’s still not a position he’s comfortable playing. A good alternative left-back option can be Milos Kerkez of Bournemouth.

Lisandro Martinez – Best Traits

In Football Manager 2023, Lisandro Martinez possesses the following traits:

  • Dives Into Tackles
  • Tries Long Range Passes
  • Brings Ball Out of Defense

While these traits are already fantastic for a Ball Playing Defender, you can train him to develop some extra traits in Football Manager 2023.

Here are the traits that can complement Lisandro Martinez’s playing style in FM23:

  • Marks Opponent Tightly
  • Looks to Pass Rather than Attempting to Score
  • Tries Killer Balls Often

If played as a Center Back, developing the Tight Marking trait in Martinez can come in very handy. Already gifted with exceptional Marking, Anticipation, and Positioning, he will rarely lose his man.

The next two traits are applicable if you’re looking to play him in a center midfielder position. 

Martinez’s good passing range can make him the primary playmaker of the team. Developing the Tries Killer Ball Often trait can be very beneficial for him as Manchester United has capable runners like Antony, Rashford, and Martial.  

Unfortunately, he hugely comes short in his attacking attributes. A 7 for finishing and 6 for long shots is never ideal for a goalscorer.

So you can train him to look for passes rather than trying shots when the opportunity arrives. 

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FM23 Lisandro Martinez is still considered to be highly underrated in the game. But the Argentinan Center Back still has a lot of years ahead of him to polish his skills in FM 23.

That concludes my Football Manager 2023 player review. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Let us know which player should I cover next. I’ll try my best to come up with a comprehensive player analysis of that player. Until then, peace!

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