How to Find Wonderkids in Football Manager 24

One of the aspects that makes Football Manager so interesting is the hunt for hidden gems and potential superstars of the game. 

Most of us get our kicks from signing the best Brazilian youngster in your saves. You can finally sideline your 33-year-old experienced veteran for a young-blooded baller.

FM Wonderkids are youngsters who are deemed to be future world-class players in the game world. They possess some of the best stats in the game and with proper growth, can be the best of the best. 

It’s easier to find wonderkids when your scouting network is vast, backed up with a massive scouting budget. 

But what if your club can afford a decent scouting budget? How do we find the best wonderkids in the game?

Today, we’re about to explore all the ways that you can use to find wonderkids in Football Manager 2024.

How To Spot a Wonderkid in Football Manager

Compared to your average Joe, wonderkids are easy to spot out of the mass.

They are usually around 18-21 years old and have a high potential of becoming a world-class player.

Wonderkids in Football Manager will usually have:

  • Good attributes
  • Good injury record
  • Tremendous potential
  • High Determination
  • Positive Personality
  • Favorable Traits
  • Media Description calling him a wonderkid

So if you see your player tick all these boxes, you’ve found a wonderkid in FM24.

Apart from that, you should look into their scout reports to understand the players’ hidden attributes more. 

Young players tend to be less consistent in games. They lack experience and mental attributes in their early years which can lead to poor decision making. You can improve those aspects of their game through regular football and good match ratings.

18 year old wondekid in Football Manager 24.

Best Ways To Find Wonderkids in Football Manager 24

Over the years, the FM community has come up with a lot of clever transfer tricks in FM to find the best wonderkids. 

But some of those tricks require your club to be big enough to afford a large scouting network. That means your third-division club is not going to pull those off with their limited scouting budget. 

Some of the tricks can also be considered borderline cheating, which can take away the immersion from the game. 

So, I present you 4 best ways to find established and hidden wonderkids in Football Manager 24:

The NXGEN top 50 list 

The NXGEN top 50 lists the easiest way to find the best 50 hot prospects of world football in FM24. 

Everyone knows them, and these players have high reputations, and an even bigger price tag next to their name. 

Every season, in March, you’ll receive an email featuring this list containing 50 of the current hottest prospects. 

Being a part of the list doesn’t mean that they are the best wonderkids in the game. It’s simply an indication of their high reputation, their country of origin, and club status. You’ll find a lot more talented youngsters who don’t feature in the NXGEN top 50. 

If a player features in the NXGEN top 50, they’re either very expensive to sign or just finished a big transfer move. So you won’t be able to buy them most of the time. 

Another downside of the NXGEN top 50 list is that the same players will make frequent appearances in the following seasons. So you’re less likely to see new faces through this way.

Scouting Based on Media Description

This method of scouting takes media description into account for finding the hottest prospects in the game.

To find players tagged as ‘wonderkids’ by the media follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Scouting tab >  Players > Players in Range.
  2. Go to Copy of Overview dropdown > Customize Current View
  3. Scroll for Media Description under the Available sections and add it to your view.
  4. Go back to the list and sort the Media Description column in Alphabetic order. 

Take a look at players with the ‘Wonderkid’ media description. There’s a high chance that some of them will have a bargain price tag that you can easily secure. 

Sorting scouting list to find wonderkids based on Media Description in Football Manager 24.

Unfortunately, some of the wonderkids can see their Media Descriptions change over time. It depends on their game time, growth, reputation, and various variable factors.

So it’s best to rely on your scout report to get a better understanding of their current and potential abilities.

National Team Scouting

If you have a poor scouting team and scouting range, you won’t have that many players pop up in your scouting list. 

If that’s the case, you’ll have to manually go through every club’s squad list to find wonderkids. Nobody has time for that!

A brilliant way to work around that is to scout the national teams for wonderkids. 


Go to every National Team’s profile and scour through their Senior Squad, U21s, and U18s to find wonderkids from different nations. 

For that, you need to customize your view and add a Media Description column in the squad list. After that, sort the Media Description to look for wonderkids in each nation. 

Now, you might miss some great wonderkids if you solely rely on their media description. So you should filter players aged 17-20 with at least 1 international cap. This will guarantee at least 2-3 players that aren’t described as wonderkids but are actually wonderkids.

Scouting Youth Intake

Youth Intake signing is the best way to sign wonderkids for a cheap price tag in Football Manager. But it’s also equally tricky to find the right player. 

The first step is to look for clubs in countries that produce a high number of wonderkids. For example: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Serbia, Morocco, Egypt, etc.

Next, look up the youth intake dates of each country and manually scout for promising talents from each club’s intake.

Clubs that possess good youth facilities and recruitment usually produce the most wonderkids in the game. 

If you can find the players on the youth intake date, there’s a high chance that you can sign the player before they sign a contract with the parent club. 

It’s a great way to sign wonderkids for cheap before big clubs like PSG, Real Madrid, and Bayern swoop in and skyrocket their value. 

Scouting Based on Potential

This last step will look at 5-star player potential to find hot prospects based on your club’s level. 

What’s a 5-star potential for a Championship club might not be the same for an established Premier League club. So you won’t always be guaranteed to find wonderkids. But they will be great hot prospects nonetheless. 

To find young players with 5-star potential, do the following:

  1. Go to the Scouting tab >  Players > Players in Range
  2. Use the Edit Search option to filter the player list.
  3. Set the age range from 18 – 21.
  4. Go to the Add Condition dropdown > Scouting > Potential
  5. Set the Potential minimum potential to 5 stars.

This will give you a range of young players who’re considered to be a future star player for your club by your scouts. 

Keep in mind that the number of wonderkids you’ll find heavily relies on the size of the database of your save. A bigger database will have more wonderkids in it, giving your access to a lot of cheap top talents. 

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