How To Use Shouts in Football Manager

Touchline shouts have been a recurring tool in Football Manager that can influence the mental condition of your players during the game. 

Similar to life, there are dual aspects to this tool. Untimely deployment of a touchline shout will lead to a decline in player morale and body language. If done right, it’ll provide a mental boost to correct themselves, or push further forward. 

The effect of touchline shouts lasts for about 10 minutes, giving you the chance to tailor your team’s mentality in certain phases of the game. 

Football Manager 24 comes with 8 different shout options during the game:

  • Demand More
  • Encourage
  • Calm Down
  • Focus
  • Fire Up
  • No Pressure
  • Praise 
  • Berate

Keep in mind that shouts in Football Manager DO NOT affect or change the tactical shape or instruction of the team. It’s solely restricted to influencing player mentality. 

That said, let’s find out what each shout means and how to correctly implement them during the match. 

Demand More

I had to start off with this one.

The shout is a fan favorite in the FM community. And there’s a good reason for that. 

Shouting ‘Demand More’ seems to instantly motivate your teams to push for a win.

You can demand more from your players when you’re drawing or losing in a match. If your team is the favorite and playing a home match, you can always rely on the ‘Demand More’ shout to get that extra edge over the opposition. 

Feel like your team can do much more even in a winning situation? 

Demanding more from your players will encourage the team to amp up their performance. 

Here’s when you should use the Demand More shout in Football Manager:

  • When the team is in a losing situation
  • When the team is failing to score goals or attack effectively
  • When leading by not that great margin
  • When your team is the comfortable favorite
  • Playing at home against an equally matched or slightly weaker opponent

Avoid asking more of your players when they are winning by a comfortable lead. The shout also won’t work in the very early stage of the match.


“The Encourage” is yet another popular shout in FM, often used alongside “Demand More.” 

The Ecourage shout works wonders for boosting your player’s morale of the weaker team. This pep talk shines when morale is low or the game is neck-and-neck. Lift your team, and they might turn a close loss into a tie or even snag a precious win.

Encouraging works great after your team has conceded a goal leading to your team trailing or drawing. 

But, when should you hold back? 

If your lower-league players are acing a 2-0 lead against a bigger team, pause. They’re on fire—don’t drown them in encouragement. They’re already in high spirits, no need for extra cheers!

Here’s when to use the Encourage shout in Football Manager

  • If the overall morale is low.
  • When trailing
  • Conceding an equalizer
  • When one of your players misses a penalty
  • When a player’s error leads to a goal

In a way, the shout can improve team cohesion during the match. 

Calm Down

Conceded too many yellow cards too early? 

Well, maybe it’s time to turn the heat down a notch and calm down!

The ‘Calm Down’ shout in Football Manager helps the players to simmer down their aggressiveness and frustration, saving your team the risk of getting a man down. It lowers the tendency to make unnecessary fouls and bookings. 

This shout particularly works best for individuals rather than the entire team. 

But keep in mind that there will always be a Roy Keane in the team who’ll find a way to take a red!

I use the Calm Down touchline shout when I want my players to:

  • Avoid an additional booking
  • Stop acting aggressive, angry, or frustrated


Formerly known as ‘Concentrate’, the shout does exactly what it implies. 

Defending a 1 goal lead in the late stage of the game? Your team better not lose focus!

The Focus shout in Football Manager helps complacent and uninterested players gain their focus back and defend with more concentration. 

I prefer the Focus shout when: 

  • The team has given away a dangerous set piece
  • The team concedes an easy goal
  • The team gets complacent or uninterested
  • Defending a narrow lead at a very late stage
An image of football manager shouts

Fire Up

This is a more assertive version of the ‘Demand More’ shout.

In matches where your team is performing below expectation, asking them to fire up can lift the team’s fighting spirit. This shout especially works well on teams with resilient and determined personalities.

The Fire Up shout works best when:

  • The team is too ‘calm’
  • Players are complacent or uninterested
  • The game needs more physicality
  • Team is trailing
  • A player has scored an own goal

In a way, the shout is the opposite of the Calm Down shout

No Pressure

The No Pressure shout is a great touchline shout used for games where your team is the massive underdog. 

This shout helps the team to lower their expectation and play without being apprehensive or nervous. 

Another great thing about the no-pressure shout is that it reduces the negative impact of loss on player morale. 

The No Pressure shout works best to 

  • Set the players at ease
  • Reduce negative impact on morale
  • Alleviates pressure after conceding the first goal


The Praise shout sends the team the message that you’re pleased with their performance. It greatly boosts the team morale if the players also think the same way. 

I only praise the team if they are leading the game by at least 2 goals. 

As for individuals, I look to praise players with match ratings over 7.5. This motivates the player to give his best for the remainder of the match. 

However, be careful! Praising the team too much when on a long winning streak may breed complacency. So it’s best to praise the team in moderation. 

Here’s what you should keep in mind about the Praise shout:

  • Avoid using it all the time
  • Shout when leading by 2 or more goals
  • Praise individual players after a goal, assist, last-ditch tackle, or a penalty save.
  • Praise anyone with a match rating of over 7.5

The praise shout won’t work if your team is leading by only a goal. It can end up pressurizing the team instead. 


Here’s a fresh move in Football Manager – the Berate shout. Bust it out when you’re getting trounced by a team you should easily beat.

Picture this: your Champions League team is down two goals to the league’s bottom dwellers. That’s the cue for the Berate shout.

Now, depending on your players’ mindset, they might fight back or crumble more under the heat. One thing’s sure – you’re not pleased with how they’re playing.

Save the Berate for matches you should win. Don’t use it when the teams are evenly matched; your players might not take it well if the quality gap isn’t too big.

The berate shout works when:

  • The team concedes a very early goal
  • The team is conceding easy goals
  • Trailing by two or more goals
  • Someone is having a nightmare match

I only choose to berate my players when they are trailing behind against weak teams

Parting Words

Shouts are not a surefire way of winning the match. Don’t make that mistake. 

But if done the right way, it can be the only difference between a win and a loss. I mostly use it to save my face from humiliation most of the time!

Hope this guide proved helpful to you. I’ve got a ton of Football Manager guides posted over the years. Check them out if you need help with your team. 

Have a great day!

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