How To Improve Supporter Confidence In Football Manager 24

Long-time Football Manager players are well acquainted with the ‘board expectation’ thing that lists out all the things the board expects from the manager in a given season. 

That was until 2023 when Football Manager launched the new ‘headline feature’ — the Supporter Confidence tab. 

Thanks to Supporter Confidence, now you can disappoint your fans just as much as you disappoint the board.

So what is it? How does it work and how can you save your skin in the game?

Supporter Confidence: A Brief Introduction

The Supporter Confidence is a new feature introduced in Football Manager 23 to make the fan element of the game more realistic. 

That is, Football Manager wanted to reflect how the real fans react to their club’s performances and dealings, amplifying their impact in the game and basically adding a new dimension. 

Some of them can also impact the board’s decision to fire you! How great is that!

Anyway, the concept is pretty simple. 

If you’re a lower-tier club fighting for survival, you’ll have more core fans and fewer fair-weather fans. This means that you can get away unscathed after securing 5 straight losses, thanks to the more forgiving supporter base.

On the other hand, a top-tier club will have a lot of glory-hunters, aka fair-weather fans who will scrutinize your every wrong step and only expect the right results. 

The Supporter Confidence feature helps you to keep track of how well you’re keeping up with the expectations of the fans. 

In Football Manager 24, the supporter profile can be categorized into 6 groups:

  1. Hardcore
  2. Core
  3. Family
  4. Fair Weather
  5. Corporate
  6. Casual

Keeping them all satisfied has its perks. 

Reaching a high level of supporter confidence will make press conferences easier for you. You’ll notice a surge in supporter numbers on the club’s social media, which will also eventually increase merchandise and season ticket sales.

So every successful manager should aim to keep the fans backing the team happy.

How To Improve Supporter Confidence In Football Manager

Winning Matches

This one is quite obvious. 

At the core of any successful football management journey is the art of consistently winning matches. 

A string of victories not only boosts team morale but also resonates positively with the fanbase. 

But it’s not only about winning. It’s about how you win, and against whom. 

Meeting Supporter Expectation

The expectations of the supporters won’t necessarily align with your board’s expectations. This means you’ll have to prioritize whether you should keep your board happy, or the fans backing the team every matchday.

And it can get particularly hard if the supporters have some level of influence on the board’s decision-making. This means you’ll have to work to keep both parties happy.

Make sure that you meet all the expectations to stay on the good side of the supporters. This also means going against your tactical preference just to keep them happy. 

Are you a master of defensive football? Forget about that! 

If the fans want attacking football, you give them attacking football!


If you manage to surpass your club’s predicted league position or achieve remarkable success in cup competitions, it’s surely nothing to frown upon.

Overachieving always sees a swell of supporters flocking into the stadium. This translates to better season ticket sales in the upcoming season. 

Expect to see an increase in Fair-weather supporters to back your club passionately!

Signing Big Names

No fans will ever hate the idea of a big-name star joining their club. 

Big-name signings generate significant buzz, increasing shirt sales, merchandise revenue, and ticket sales in Football Manager. They also bring in huge flocks of fans and improve the club’s reputation. 

If you ever sign international star players from China, Korea, or USA, you know what I mean by this. 

Securing marquee players during transfer windows injects a huge amount of enthusiasm and excitement into the fanbase. 

Star signings bring in a lot of casual and corporate supporters.

Winning Against Rivals

The fans will take a loss from a weaker opponents over a derby-day loss any day of the week. 

Derbies and matches against arch-rivals are crucial moments that can define a manager’s legacy. It generates a housefull stadium and max ticket sales. 

Consistently winning against rivals not only boosts supporter morale but also establishes your dominance and authority in crucial encounters. Plus, it keeps the hardcore and core fans sane.

Collect enough derby-wins and you’ll be a club hero in no time!

Keeping Favored Personnel At The Club

Every supporter has that one player who they can’t have enough of. 

Not only do they bring in the most shirt sales, but a lot of supporters actually flock to the stadium just to see that particular player play. So it’s important to feature the fan-favorite player in most home matches to retain the crowd. 

But what’s more important is that you keep them at the club by securing long-term contracts with them. 

Identify key players and staff members who hold a special place in the hearts of supporters. Ensuring their prolonged stay at the club, whether through contract renewals or other means, contributes to a sense of continuity and stability that resonates positively with the fanbase.

Winning Trophies

Nothing keeps the fans celebrating and dancing to their heart’s content for days more than winning a major competition. It’s a great addition to their banter-collection to get one up over the rival fans.

Ultimately, football is a results-driven sport, and winning trophies is the pinnacle of success. 

Success in domestic leagues, cup competitions, and even continental championships elevates the club’s status and instills immense pride in supporters.

Winning a trophy leads to:

  • Increased reputation
  • Increased supporter confidence
  • Increase in supporter numbers

And finally, it makes your position as the manager unshakable. So try to win as many competitions as possible.

Your club will generate a lot of Fair weather fans, but it’s better than no fans!

Upgrading Corporate Facilities

Improved corporate facilities can attract the ‘big spenders’. These are corporate supporters, who love the club solely for financial purposes. And it’s a good thing!

Corporate supporters are potential investors of the club. So the better corporate facilities the club has, the richer investors they will attract to finance them. 

Who knows, your club might end up hitting a gold mine and be a sugar daddy club!

Final Words

Increasing supporter confidence is crucial in increasing season ticket sales and financing the club. So try not to ignore supporter expectations and look to sign bigger names to keep attracting more!

Did I miss any more tips that can increase the club’s supporters? Do let me know!

Have a lovely day. Cheers.

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