Jakub Kiwior FM23 – Player Review

Jakub Kiwior is a 22-year-old, left-footed Polish center-back playing for Arsenal in FM23.

Considered a fringe player for the Arsenal team, the 6’2’’ young center-back has the potential to be a decent Premier League standard defender.

Today, we’re going to inquire about Jakub Kiwior in FM23. His profile, style of play, strengths, weaknesses, and potential.

Let’s get started. 

Jakub Kiwior – Player Info

NameJakub KIwior
Age 22
Contracted toArsenal
Foot Left
PersonalityFairly Professional
Market Value€23-€29M
Wage€67k p/w
Mezzala FM player rating★★★

Jakub Kiwior FM23 – Attributes

Technical MentalPhysical
Finishing7Composure13Jumping Reach14
First Touch12Concentration14Natural Fitness15
Free Kick Taking12Decisions13Pace13
Long Shots8Flair9Strength12
Long Throws7Leadership11
Marking14Off the ball7
Penalty Taking8Teamwork15
Technique13Work Rate13

How Good Is Jakub Kiwior in FM23

Jakub Kiwior is a young center-back in Football Manager 23 with well-rounded attributes favoring his versatile ventures on the pitch. 

Jakub Kiwior profile in FM23.

He can play in a full-back role on the left as well as move a bit forward and cover the defensive midfield position. 

Kiwior’s mental attributes are key to his success on the field. 

With high levels of Anticipation, Composure, Decision-making, and Determination, he consistently displays exceptional awareness and the ability to make crucial defensive choices under pressure. 

His positioning is impeccable, always staying one step ahead of his opponents, while his strong teamwork and work rate contribute to the team’s overall defensive solidity.

Not only does Kiwior excel in defensive duties, but he also showcases remarkable skills in passing and technique. 

His accurate passing allows him to initiate attacking plays from deep positions, effectively transitioning defense into swift counter-attacks. 

Kiwior’s technical finesse further enhances his ability to distribute the ball with precision, ensuring fluidity in the gameplay.

But there’s a catch. 

Unfortunately, Football Manager 23 doesn’t rate the center-back that favorably, making him a fringe player for Arsenal.

It’s highly unlikely that he will be suited to be a starter for Arsenal in the game. 

However, the Polish center-back is still a very much capable defender who can easily be considered a regular starter for any mid-table Premier League side. 

Hopefully, under Arteta, the center-back will see huge growth and get a boost in FM24.

Jakub Kiwior – Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Anticipates situations well.
  • Can play in a couple of positions.
  • Good in the air.
  • Fairly consistent performer.
  • Enjoys big matches.
  • Handles himself in a fairly professional manner. 


  • Movement off the ball. 
  • Not good enough balance. 
  • Needs to improve Strenght and Pace. 

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Jakub Kiwior- Best Player Role

One of Kiwior’s standout qualities is his versatility. With the ability to seamlessly adapt to different positions, he offers valuable flexibility to the team. 

Whether commanding the backline as a Center-back, providing defensive cover as a Defensive Midfielder, or securing the defensive solidity of the Left flank, Kiwior’s adaptability ensures that the team can maintain a solid defensive structure regardless of the formation.

Here’s what I think is the best player role for Jakub Kiwior in FM23:

Central Defender

In the central defensive position, Kiwior is more fit for the Ball Playing Defender role on Defend duty. 

His ability with the ball and passing range similar to Lisandro Martinez complements the role and can help in the team’s buildup. 

Teams that prefer to play from the back can utilize his passing traits:

  • Tries Long Range Passes
  • Likes to Switch Ball to Wide Areas
Development profile of Jakub Kiwior in Football Manager 23.

Defensive Midfield

His poor Off the Ball movements make him ineffective for pivot roles in the Defensive Midfield. 

But you can still play him as a Half Back rather than an Anchor to add numerical superiority at the back, giving support for the wing-backs to get further forward. 

Left Back

This is where you want him to play if there’s no other option. 

Due to not boasting enough pace at his Arsenal, playing Kiwior as a full-back on defend duty is the best way to go. It’ll make him hold his position, stopping opposition wingers from exploiting the width. 

Wonderkid Milos Kerkez as a Left back can be a better option.

Jakub Kiwior- Best Traits

As mentioned before, Jakub Kiwior possesses the following two traits in FM23:

  • Tries Long Range Passes
  • Likes to Switch Ball to Wide Areas

These two traits fully utilize his good passing, vision, and technique while also complementing his decision-making. 

In addition to those, Kiwior can benefit from learning some additional traits:

  • Marks Opponent Tightly
  • Bring the Ball out of Defense

His good level of Anticipation, Concentration, Marking, and Workrate will benefit him to Mark the opponent tightly all the time.

Similarly, a decent level of Dribbling, First Touch, Composure, Decisions, and Agility means that he can bring the ball out of defense for a quick attacking transition. 

Jakub Kiwior FM23 – Player Potential

We’ve simulated the career of Jakub Kiwior in an auto-generated Football Manager 23 save. And here’s what we got. 

In 2030, almost after 8 years of simulation, Kiwior is a good Premier League quality Center-back playing as a Star player  for Leed United. 

Jakub Kiwior Potential in FM23.

His Mental stats has seen significant improvement over the years alongside his Physical attributes. 

The Polish Centerback, at 30 years of age on FM23, has added a good amount of Pace and Acceleration to his game. 

Jakub Kiwior career stats.

A closer look at his career shows that he’s been a Leeds United player for 6 consecutive seasons, making a total of 167 appearances. 

For Arsenal, the defender mostly played as a rotation player, featuring in 21 games in 2 seasons. 

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Jakub Kiwior is a true defensive maestro, epitomizing the qualities of a modern-day versatile player. 

His exceptional defensive attributes, distribution skills, and mental fortitude make him an invaluable asset for any mid-table Premier League side. 

Whether holding the line, intercepting attacks, or initiating fluid build-up play, Kiwior consistently displays his professionalism and dedication on the pitch. And he can show up in the big games!

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