Guide to Mentoring Groups in Football Manager 24

FM19 has introduced a new mentoring system that has since been carried over to FM24.

Mentoring in Football Manager allows younger players to learn from more senior teammates by training directly with them. A group must feature a minimum of three players before they can begin working together.

The mentoring groups help young players learn new traits and be influenced by the other members of the group. Through mentoring groups, the more senior and leader figures of the team can influence the personalities and mental attributes of the younger players. 

It can be really helpful for youngsters who possess great abilities but are hindered by poor personalities. Working side-by-side with an experienced regular starter can help him improve his approach to the game. 

How Mentoring Groups Work In Football Manager 24

In the past, Football Manager focused on the relationship between the mentor and mentee, where the personality of the mentee was only influenced by a single mentor. 

But in Football Manager 24, the game takes the influence of all players in the mentoring group into consideration. 

The closer they are in profile, the more likely the senior player will be able to translate some influence onto the younger player, while success is also based on several factors like the senior player’s age and importance within the squad, and how well the players in the group get along.

Here are the factors that are used to decide the influence and effect of the players in a mentoring group:

  • The age of the player
  • His squad status
  • Player personality
  • The player’s position in the squad hierarchy
  • The social groups the players belong to

Note that the new mentoring system lacks an age limit. However, older players may find it more challenging to change or acquire new skills. This aligns with the adage that teaching an old dog new tricks can be difficult.

Here’s how the mentorship landscape looks according to different age groups in Football Manager:

AgeEffects of mentoring
28-30+Very low

Meeting multiple conditions from the list increases the likelihood of a successful mentoring group. The mentored player gradually adopts the mentor’s personality, enhancing the effectiveness of the mentoring process.

How To Assign Mentoring Groups In Football Manager 24

You’ll need a minimum of 3 players to form a mentoring group in Football Manager. The mentoring system involves grouping players from the same squad. So that means a player who’s playing in the youth ranks can’t be a part of the senior squad mentoring group unless promoted.

Apart from that, Football Manager doesn’t put any more restrictions on the mentoring system. The rest is entirely up to you. 

But that doesn’t mean you gather all your players under the mentorship of one leader. No, that would be disastrous in many ways. 

Each player is different in their own way. And you need to carefully decide which groups will be best suited for his growth. 

Pairing a young winger who should hug the touchline with an experienced inverted winger can lead him to learn traits that are meant for Inverted Wingers.

Similarly, throwing your young striker learning traits under the wing of an experienced center-back can end up being a wrong decision. 

Personally, I take these 5 things into consideration before pairing up players in a mentoring group. 

  • No more than 3-4 players in each mentoring group.
  • The mentor must have a desirable player personality
  • The mentor should have good mental attributes(Determination, Work Rate, Leadership, Teamwork, Bravery)
  • Players should play in the same position, or closely similar.
  • The mentor should possess traits that can complement the mentee’s playing style
An image of mentoring groups in Football Manager
Source: FM Blog

Once all these conditions are met, only then will I trust my young players to join that mentoring group. 

Now, what if the young player has a better personality than the experienced player?

Well, that can hugely backfire. 

See, the experienced player will always influence the young player. So that means that the young player, despite possessing a better personality, will downgrade himself to match the personality of the experienced player. 

It’s also best to stop mentoring a young player after he grows past the mentoring group. 

Best Personalities of a Mentor in Football Manager 24

As I mentioned before, one of the key considerations of any mentoring group is the personality of the mentor. You only want your young players to learn and adopt the best personalities.

That said, here are the best player personalities in Football Manager:

  • Model Citizen
  • Perfectionist
  • Model Professional
  • Professional
  • Driven
  • Resolute
  • Fairly Professional
  • Spirited
  • Determined
  • Very Ambitious
  • Ambitious

The Model Citizen personality is the best player personality in Football Manager.

If you have an experienced Model Citizen on your team, use him to influence other young players. And if any young player already possesses such a personality, it’s best to leave him out of the mentoring group for his own good. 

The rest of the personalities on the list are not perfect. But they are considered to be the better personalities available in the game. 

Negative Personalities to Avoid in Mentoring Groups in FM24

Although mentoring can help a player improve their personalities by a great margin, some personalities are a lost cause. 

These personalities are next to impossible to improve to a decent state. So it’s best to avoid including them in the mentoring group.

Here are the negative personalities you should in any mentoring group:

  • Fickle
  • Slack
  • Spineless
  • Unambitious
  • Low Determination
  • Low Self-belief
  • Casual

I usually avoid recruiting youth candidates with the above personalities, even if they show promising attributes. 

How To Mentor A Development Player In FM24?

The mentoring system consists of putting players in groups where they will learn from each other. This means that the players need to be in the same squad. 

Therefore, if you want to mentor a 16-year-old wonderkid, you will have to promote him to the first team, and then make him available for U18 matches.

The wonderkid will get the benefits of being mentored by a senior team player while also playing regular U18 matches. 

Make sure to hire coaches who have good ‘Working with Youth’ attributes to help the youth player get the best out of his training.

On the other hand, if you believe that your squad doesn’t have the proper leaders, loan your young players to clubs that possess strong characters that can help the player grow. 

Other Ways to Mentor and Influence Player Personality in FM

Football Manager allows you to use your leaders to introduce your new signings to the club. This welcoming period can have a positive impact on the young player’s personality. 

A young player’s personality can also be influenced by the team’s overall average personality. 

The player will see a better influence on his personality if he and his mentor belong to the same social group, making them bond well. 

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