Miloš Kerkez FM23: Wonderkid Watch

Milos Kerkez is an 18-year-old Hungarian left-back playing for AZ Alkmaar in FM23. 

The versatile left-back can operate in a number of positions, including Left Wing-back, and Left Midfield. 

Recently linked to a big Premier League to relegation surviving Bournemouth, the left-back has a lot to look forward to. 

Milos Kerkez FM23 Profile

With an impressive array of attributes, Kerkez brings a unique dynamism to the left side of the pitch. 

Let’s delve into his remarkable abilities and contributions:

Miloš Kerkez FM23: Player Info

NameMiloš Kerkez
Age 18
PositionDL, WBL, ML
Contracted toAZ Alkmaar
Preferred Foot Left Only
PersonalityFairly Ambitious
Caps / Goals0 / 0
Unique ID2000011147
Mezzala FM player rating★★★★

Milos Kerkez has confirmed his move to AFC Bournemouth for an estimated transfer fee of €15M in the summer transfer of the 23-24 season. The left-back will join a talented roster of Marcus Tavernier, Illya Zebarnyi, Dango Ouattara, Hamed Traore, Justin Kluivert, and others!

Miloš Kerkez FM23: Attributes

Technical MentalPhysical
Finishing7Composure13Jumping Reach10
First Touch12Concentration11Natural Fitness15
Free Kick Taking8Decisions10Pace15
Long Shots10Flair12Strength11
Long Throws10Leadership7
Marking10Off the ball13
Penalty Taking6Teamwork14
Technique13Work Rate16

Miloš Kerkez FM23: Contract Details

Market Value€11M-€13M
Wages€4.9k p/w
Contract Started1/29/22
Contract End6/30/26
Milos Kerkez AZ Alkmaar profile.

How Good Is Miloš Kerkez in Football Manager 23

At the start of the game, Milos Kerkez is considered to be a Leading Player for most Championship teams.

That’s a promising start, considering that he is only 18 years old and has the potential to grow a lot in the future, making him one of the top wonderkids in Football Manager 23.

Fairly Ambitious in nature, the Hungarian left-back can pack heavy punches down the left flank with his exceptional quality on the ball. Both on offence and defence.

Stat comparison between Milos Kerkez and A. Hakimi.
This is how Milos Kerkez’s stats looked like in comparison to Achraf Hakimi in the 22-23 season.

Kerkez’s exceptional dribbling skills enable him to glide past opponents, helping him to make progressive runs to penetrate defences.

His precision in crossing the ball into dangerous areas presents a constant threat in the attacking third, allowing for potential goal-scoring chances.

But that’s not all!

High technique attribute complements his ball control, ensuring he can confidently execute intricate manoeuvres and contribute to the team’s attacking play.

With good tackling abilities, Kerkez is also very effective in dispossessing opponents and regaining possession, providing defensive stability for his team.

His aggressive nature combined with his keen anticipation skills allows him to read the game effectively, intercept passes, and halt opposing attacks.

Down the left flank, Kerkez’s extreme levels of acceleration and pace make him a constant threat in quick transitions and overlapping runs, stretching opposing defences.

He possesses impressive agility and high levels of natural fitness, enabling him to maintain a high work rate throughout matches.

Miloš Kerkez FM23: Strength & Weaknesses


  • Possesses a high level of pace and acceleration.
  • Aggressive in his approach.
  • Anticipates situations well.
  • Does not shy away from tackles.
  • Possesses a good level of natural flair.
  • Agile in his movement.
  • Works extra hard throughout the match.
  • A team player.


  • Extremely poor at heading the ball.
  • Needs to improve his movement off the ball.
  • Requires to be more competent in aerial duels.
  • Lacks leadership qualities.
  • A weak right foot restricts his range of movement and passing.

Miloš Kerkez FM23: Best Player Role

Gifted with versatility like Arsenal’s Jakub Kiwior, Milos Kerkez is natural at a couple of positions. He can swiftly play as a left-back and as a left wingback. He’s also capable of playing fairly well as a left midfielder and can be trained to operate further up the pitch if necessary. 

Development profile of Milos Kerkez in FM23.

Left Back

Primarily played as a left-back, Kerkez provides great defensive cover in the flanks with his aggression and bravery. Similar to ManUTD’s Lisandro Martinez, his 5’9” stature doesn’t make him any less intimidating for the opposition offence.

However, his technicality also allows him to be effective further up, supporting more attacking players. The “Runs with ball down left” trait perfectly complements his ability with the ball to progress the play. 

Left Wing-Back

If you want Kerkez to operate slightly high up the pitch and contribute more to the offence, then playing him as a left wingback is your best bet. 

His tremendous speed aided by high work rate and stamina means that he can keep running up and down the left flank all day long. 

Good crossing, dribbling, and technique make him deadly near the byline, creating deadly crosses for the forwards to score. 

Left Midfielder

Although not a natural in the position, Milos Kerkez can do just enough to leave a mark!

The versatile left back possesses just the right sets of tools to play as a wide man in the winger role to be effective in that position. 

Although his movement off the ball is not the greatest, he can still perform well with a good supporting player to lure the defence away from him. 

You can play Milos Kerkez on the right flank as an inverted full-back. Despite not being comfortable enough in that position, he can still provide a lot of support through underlapping runs in the final third.

Miloš Kerkez FM23: Best Player Traits

Milos Kerkez starts off the FM23 save with only one trait:

  • Runs with ball down the left

However, the utility man can be trained to develop a few more traits to significantly level up his game down the left flank. 

Here are the traits that Kerkez should be trained to develop in FM23:

Recommended Traits

  • Runs with Ball Often
  • Knocks Ball Past Opponent
  • Get Forward Whenever Possible
  • Hugs the Touchline
  • Bring the Ball Out of Defence
  • Moves the Ball to the Left Foot Before Dribbling

Runs with Ball Often

This trait increases the player’s tendency to dribble rather than opt for a pass. 

Knocks Ball Past Opponent

There are a few reasons why this can be a great option.

Despite having good dribbling and flair in his arsenal, Kerkez is heavily reliant on his left foot. But he can easily overcome this weakness by utilizing his sheer pace to knock the ball past the opponent. 

While it’s not a recommended trait for inverted wing-backs, or players looking to underlap, Milos will have no problem adopting this trait in the wide areas of the pitch. 

Gets Forward Whenever Possible

Again, a great trait to add to his arsenal. Instead of making occasional forward runs, this trait will make him get forward further up the flank to support the attack.

Hug The Touchline

We want Kerkez to stay wide, create crossing opportunities, and make the most of his pace and acceleration.

So installing the Hug the Touchline trait in him can bring great results. Plus, it’ll help him get the most out of his stronger left foot.

Bring the Ball Out of Defence

This trait is particularly useful if your team likes playing with a cautious mentality and want to hit the opposition on the counter. 

You’ll need one or two players in your team who can bring the ball out of the defence and launch devastating counterattacks to break past the opposition press. 

And that’s exactly what you can expect from Kerkez once he wins the ball in defence. 

Moves the Ball to Left Foot Before Dribbling

If you prefer him to attempt dribbles past the opposition, you might want him to stick to his stronger foot for that. 

Miloš Kerkez FM23: Player Potential

With an abundance of game time and good injury management, Milos Kerkez can end up being a Good Premier League quality left-back in Football Manager 23. 

Only 18 years of age, the left-back already operates as a leading player in the Championship. So it’s only expected that the Hungarian wonderkid will only develop with time. 

Unfortunately, that was not the case in my random autogenerated save.

Kerkez never took off in the save due to a lack of enough playing time early in his career. And what happened after almost 9 seasons was pretty much disappointing. 

Career stats of Milos Kerkez in an auto-generated save in FM23.

After featuring only 11 times in 4 seasons for FC Porto, the left-back ended up in the Chinese League, playing for SH Port at the age of 26. 

Lack of game time stunted his growth throughout the save. In fact, he seemed to have declined in some areas of the game compared to where he started. 

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