7 Tips To Play Entertaining Football in Football Manager 24

As you may already know, winning matches is not enough to win the favor of the fans and board in Football Manager. It’s also about how you play the game that attracts more eyes on your team.

“Play Entertaining Football” is a very common board and supporter expectation in Football Manager that demands your team to play eye-catching football throughout the entire 90 minutes. 

Now, how do you play entertaining football? 

To be honest, I struggled to fully understand what the game considers “entertaining” for a long time. But with time, I found a certain style of football that seems to satisfy the board’s and supporters’ demand of seeing entertaining football. 

This guide will help you figure out the secrets to playing entertaining football in FM. 

What Is Considered “Entertaining” Football in FM

Here’s what the game tells you about playing entertaining football if you place your tooltip on your board & supporter demand:

“The team will be expected to play expansive and attractive soccer to keep the fans entertained.”

Image of supporter culture and expectation demanding the team to play entertaining soccer in Football Manager 24.

And with the new tactics, I’ve successfully managed to play some entertaining football in the last few matches. 

Judging from the supporter feedback, where’s what they found entertaining:

  • Number of chances created.
  • Dominant defensive performance.
  • Performance in the final third.
  • Pressing high up the pitch.

So from this feedback, I came to the following conclusion:

  1. You don’t need a high amount of possession to be entertaining.
  2. Don’t need to have more shots than your opponent.
  3. High-pressing and high-tempo football are key to entertaining football.
  4. You can play entertaining football regardless of what team mentality you pick.

As long as my team delivered a win while creating a lot of chances with high-tempo football, the board, and fans were satisfied and considered the game “entertaining”.

7 Tips to Play Entertaining Football In Football Manager

Here are 7 tips that made my team play entertaining football in FM.

1. Run At Defense

Nothing entertains the fans more than some eye-catching dribblings to get past the opponents. 

It’s a quick way to progress the ball up the pitch by taking on defenders during attacking transitions. 

If you have a squad full of agile and technical players with good dribbling skills, you can easily play an expansive brand of football and carry the ball from defense to attack in devastating counter. 

Run at Defense team instruction in Football Manager 24.

Allowing your players to “Be More Expressive” also allows them to play with additional flair and vision to make more riskier, yet entertaining plays.

The Run at Defense team instruction works best with the following traits:

  • Run through the center/left/right wing
  • Tries tricks
  • Beats opponent repeatedly

Using shouts in FM to encourage or fire up players can help them brandish entertaining football.

2. Hit Early Crosses

Working the Ball into Box instruction takes a patient approach of retaining the ball until a clear-cut opportunity arises. 

While it helps to retain the possession better, it’s not that entertaining. Working the ball into the box slows down the game and decreases the number of shots a team takes. 

On the other hand, the Hit Early Crosses instructs players to get the ball into the penalty area with early crosses as soon as they receive the ball in a crossing position. 

This creates more final third actions and movements which leads to the side playing an entertaining football. 

Hit Early Crosses team instruction in Football Manager 24.

Although hitting early crosses results in high possession turnover, it also creates more chances for shooting.

Players with the trait “Hits early crosses” will look to make crosses from deep, catching slow defenders off-guard. 

3. Shorter Passing

Although it’s possible to play entertaining football with direct passing, shorter passing is a better option as it doesn’t give away the ball too much. 

You don’t want your players to go around playing a lot of wasteful balls that end up nowhere. 

Instead, you want to progress the ball through short, quick-tempo passes that are measured and give you a better success rate at reaching the final third. 

Your players will still play long balls if they see an opening. But their decisions will be more measured.

Although short passing doesn’t directly contribute towards entertaining football, it keeps your team from being wasteful in the opposition half. 

4. Long-Range Shots

Another huge contributing factor to entertaining football is high-quality long shots. 

No man ever refused to acknowledge a well-placed screamer from 25 yards out. Hence, you should look to add some long-range goals to your tally.

However, having a side with poor finishing and long-shot attributes will result in wasteful shooting. 

And it’s always going to be difficult to beat a GK with good aerial reach, reflex, and handling from a distance.

So you want to make sure you have a squad of good finishers to play the “Shoot on sight” instruction. 

If not, it’s best to leave it out. 

Look for the following traits in your players:

  • Shoots from distance
  • Shoots more often
  • Tries first-time shot

5. Counter-Attacking Football

There’s nothing more boring than an extremely possession-focused, tiki-taka football where all you want is to hold shape and play slow, boring passes. 

If you ask me, that’s pretty anti-entertainment football. And an eyesore to regular fans. 

On the other hand, counter-attacking football has always been exciting and praised by the fans. The quick transition from attack to defense within seconds leads to some exciting movements. 

So, to make sure you give the fans an entertaining display, make sure you hit the counter once possession has been won. 

The Counter Attack instruction when possession has been won in FM24.

Other small instructions such as “Distribute Quickly” from GK and picking a precise distribution area can lead to successful counters. 

Players with good work rate, mobility, passing, and ball control can easily dish out some lovely counter to cheer up the fans. 

The following traits can help a player dish out some eye-catching counterattacks:

  • Tries killer balls often
  • Tries long-range passes
  • Likes to switch ball to wide areas

6. High Tempo

Amping up the tempo of your play is one of the biggest contributors to playing entertaining football. 

The fans want to see their team go about their business with utmost urgency. This involves moving the ball around quickly and decisively using high intensity to unsettle the opposition. 

Instructing the team to play at a higher tempo also forces them to brandish some lovely one-twos to catch the opponent out of position. 

Players with a tendency to play one-twos can easily dismantle the defense, creating openings for penetrating passes. 

7. High Pressing

High-pressing games that look to force the opponent into making mistakes is yet another important element of entertaining football. 

The fans demand the team sacrifice their blood and sweat to win the ball back. And if the players manage to do that in the opposition half, it can lead to a devastating counter.

To do that, your team needs to play with a high line of engagement and a higher defensive line. 

A high pressing tactical setup in FM24.

A higher pressing line instructs your players to actively engage against the opponent in possession further up the pitch. This involves a player who’ll actively lead the pressing trigger, followed by supporting players. 

The supporting players will block the passing lanes, forcing the opposition to either play it long or risk errors. 

Similarly, a higher defensive line looks to give as little breathing space to the opposition forwards as possible. 

Players will look to restrict the passing and movements of the opposition’s advanced players, winning the ball high up the pitch.

Final Thoughts

Hope this guide proves helpful to you.

Playing entertaining football helps you fill up the stadium and maintain a high average attendance thanks to high supporter confidence. This translates to more ticket sales and revenue for your team in the long run. 


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