How To Dominate with Segundo Volante in FM24

The Segundo Volante is a Defensive Midfield role popularized by its introduction in FM 18. Since then, the role has become quite popular in the FM community for its versatile use in different formations.

Originating from the playing style of Carlos Volante, it quickly became a unique midfield role that utilized the Defensive midfielder as an attacking option.

It’s a hybrid DM role that fulfills the duties of a Ball Winning Midfielder while also playing as a Box-to-box midfielder. Largely used as a part of a double pivot, the Segundo Volante can be implemented in a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 formation. The role is mostly paired up with a Deep lying playmaker or an Anchor. They look to play slightly higher up the pitch to support the attack. 

Today, we’re going to familiarize ourselves with the role and learn how to properly implement it in FM24.

What Makes A Good Segundo Volante in FM24?

A good segundo volante has to be adept on and off the ball. This means he has to possess the attacking qualities to support the attack while being defensively solid to stop opposition counters. 

The role demands a high work rate in the game’s attacking and defensive phases. As the role is a blend of various midfield and defensive midfield roles, the player must possess a very versatile skillset. 

A good example of this will be Arsenal’s Thomas Partey.

Thomas Partey player profile in Football Manager 2024.
The player profile of Thomas Partey.

Thomas Partey is used as one of Arsenal’s biggest attacking threats with his late runs in the opposition area and long shots. He fulfills a lot of duties throughout the pitch, playing a hybrid role in Arsenal’s midfield.

Out of possession, the Segundo Volante has to act as a defensive cover alongside their midfield partner to shield the center backs. This requires very high positioning and anticipation from the player. 

In the Attacking phase of the game, the player acts as a Box-to-box midfielder. He will look to get higher up the pitch, even getting past his own Attacking Midfielders. He will make runs inside the box alongside the striker to receive long balls or crosses. 

His willingness to get forward into the opposition box makes him hard to mark by the opposition defense and midfield.

Segundo Volante – Player Responsibilities

The Segundo Volante role comes in the Attack duty and the Support duty. Their responsibilities can be broken down into 4 phases.

The Defensive Phase

In the defensive phase of the game, the Segundo Volante will roam around their own penalty box. He’ll actively look to disrupt the opposition attack counter. During opposition buildup, he will look to block shots and cover the passing lanes to intercept the ball.

He will act like a traditional BWM while in the defensive phase of the game.

Defensive Transition

Immediately after losing possession, in the pressing phase, Segundo Volante’s job is to crowd a particular zone on the pitch to support the team press. 

This can, however, leave huge spaces in certain zones of the pitch and can be exploited with long balls to switch the flank. 

It’s the job of a Segundo Volante to try his best to delay the opposition counter so that his teammates can get back in defensive shape. He will press higher to force bad touches or misplaced passes from the opposition.

Info about the Segundo Volante role in FM24.

Attacking Transition

During the attacking transitions, the player will carry the ball past the halfway line and look to find the attacking players with through balls in space.

He is also expected to find wide players in space and launch long balls toward the wide players in space to initiate crossing opportunities. 

Buildup Play

On Attack duty, the Segundo Volante will look to make frequent runs in the opposition penalty area. He will move forward past the CAM and act as a secondary striker to increase the goal threat.

Having the player on support duty will reduce the frequency of forward runs. He will mostly arrive late in the opposition box and be more reserved about making attacking runs. 

The player will also look to move into the wide areas and help to force markers off of wide players during the build-up. He will patiently roam outside the box and look for opportunities to break inside.

Against low-block defenses, he is reliant on his attacking teammates to stretch the defense, creating space for him to make runs into the channels. 

Segundo Volante – Player Instructions

In FM, there’s only one particular instruction for the Segundo Volante on Attack duty. 

On Attack duty, he has a pre-set instruction to Get Further Forward. This instructs the player to increase the frequency of running in the opposition penalty box. 

There are no particular player instructions for the role on Support duty. 

However, depending on their attributes, you can instruct the player to move into channels and shoot more often

Segundo Volante- Player Attributes

Being a pivotal part of the team’s attack, the Segundo Volante must possess high technical and physical attributes to polish their movements. 

Depending on their set duties, the key attributes of the player will differ a bit. 

Here are the key attributes for the role on Support duty:

  • Marking
  • Passing
  • Tackling
  • Off The Ball
  • Positioning
  • Work Rate
  • Pace
  • Stamina

As we can see, the focused attributes for support duty are leaning more toward the defensive side of his game. The player is expected to focus more on his defensive duties while playing a supportive role.

Key attributes for Segundo Volante on support duty.

According to Football Manager 2024, here are the key attributes for the player role on Attack duty:

  • Finishing
  • Long Shots
  • Passing
  • Tackling
  • Anticipation
  • Off The Ball
  • Positioning
  • Work Rate
  • Pace
  • Stamina

On Attack duty, the player is expected to make frequent attacking runs in the box and focus heavily on getting into dangerous areas. As a result, Football Manager highlights the attack-focused attributes for the duty. 

Key attributes for Segundo Volante on Attack Duty.

Other than the key attributes, the player also needs to be gifted in the following attributes:

  • First Touch
  • Composure
  • Concentration
  • Decisions
  • Acceleration
  • Balance
  • Strength

These attributes are complementary to the way the player operate in the midfield. 

Segundo Volante – Player Traits

Let’s take Lyon’s Corentin Tolisso as a real-life example for the role. 

Following his move to the French side, Tolisso has been the heartbeat of Lyon, charging attacks from the DM position and creating chances. Closely following the traits of Corentin Tolisso gives us a good insight into his traits. 

Traits of Corentin Tolisso in FM24.

To be an effective presence in FM 24, players should develop the following traits:

Arrives Late in Opposition Area

This trait increases the tendency of the player to make late runs in the opposition area, adding an extra player to take goalscoring shots.

Arriving late in the opposition area is a beneficial trait for midfielders as it gives little time for the opposition to press him. 

Gets Forward Whenever Possible

This trait develops a tendency to always get into the opposition’s final third in the attacking phase of the game.

VOL on Attack duty are always instructed to get further forward up the pitch, making frequent runs in the opposition area. Having this trait significantly increases the tendency of a player to make those attacking runs. 

Shoots from Distance

As they make frequent late runs in the opposition area, the players often find themselves in highly suitable spots to take long shots. 

The “Shoots from Distance” trait increases the player’s long shot frequency from outside the box. 

Training a player with good Long Shots to shoot from a distance can make the most out of these abilities. As this significantly increases his chance of taking an on-target shot from a distance.

Tries First Time Shot

The “Tries First Time Shot” trait discourages the player from taking too long with the ball. Instead of taking his time to place his shot, the player will look to hit it toward the goal immediately after receiving the ball.

What makes this trait effective is the playing style of the role. 

The defenders will quickly look to charge and block shots immediately when the player receives the ball in a shooting position. A player who looks to try a first-time shot will not give the defenders time to reposition themselves and can catch the goalkeeper off-guard. 

Be careful about certain traits that can come in conflict with the positional instruction. Try to avoid the following traits:

  • Runs with Ball Often
  • Refrains from Taking Long Shots
  • Stays Back All the time

These traits should be discouraged and should be trained to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

Segundo Volante – Ideal Formation

Football Manager only allows playing a Segundo Volante in a Defensive Midfield pair. So you need to select a formation that involves 2 DM players. 

It can be a 4-2-4 formation, a 3-4-2-1, or a 4-2-3-1 DM formation where the player is paired up with another defensive midfielder. 

An image of a 4-2-3-1 formation of Atletico Madrid in Football Manager 2024.

According to Football Manager, the Segundo Volante is best suited to be paired up against an Anchor. And that makes absolute sense.

Firstly, the Anchor provides a solid defensive backup to support the player’s attacking ventures. Secondly, the Anchor helps to recycle possession, holding his position and acting as the main pivot for the team. 

You can also play a Half Back or Deep Lying Playmaker alongside the player. Playing them alongside a Ball Winning Midfielder can leave your defense exposed as the BWM will look to charge at the opposition, leaving space at the back. 

Tactics that implement an Advanced Playmaker or Attacking Midfielder highly favor the use of the role. On Attack duty, the player will make runs beyond the CAM to get into goalscoring positions. 

This makes him significantly hard for the opposition midfield and defense to mark. And with the right set of traits, the player can turn out to be the main goalscoring outlet for your team!

You can learn more about the defensive midfield partnership between Segundo Volante and other midfielders by having a detailed understanding of different player roles.

From my experience,  the player role can be pretty devastating if implemented correctly in a wide attacking width in FM. With the use of Fullbacks hitting early crosses, the player becomes an explosive attacking threat. 

Gary O’Neil’s Bournemouth formation tends to use Jefferson Lerma in a similar position to pop up into shooting positions. The forwards look to stretch the defense, making space for Jefferson Lerma to make attacking runs.

Segundo Volante – Strengths and Weaknesses

When set up correctly, the Segundo Volante can be tremendously beneficial for your side’s attacking play. However, the role has its own set of weaknesses that can be exploited by certain styles of play. 

Let’s have a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the role:


  • Highly impactful in Final Third
  • Hard to Mark
  • Creates a lot of shooting opportunities
  • Takes long shots
  • Effective against high defensive lines


  • Ineffective against low block defenses with a low pressing tendency
  • Vulnerable to direct counterattacks
  • Ineffective against a defense that looks to trap the opposition outside

10 Best Segundo Volante In FM24

As said before, the SV role requires players who excel in a highly versatile set of skills. And it’s definitely one of the most unique roles in the game that only a few hand-picked players can play.

That said, here are the 10 best segundo volantes in Football Manager 2024:

NamePositionNationalityCurrent ClubAge
KokeDM, M (RLC)SpanishAtletico Madrid30
Thomas ParteyDM, MCGhanaianArsenal29
Bruno GuimarãesDM, MCBrazilianNewcastle24
Ryan GravenberchDM, MC, AMCDutchFC Bayern20
Corentin TolissoDM, MC, AMCFrenchOlympic Lyon27
Sandro TonaliDM, MCItalianAC Milan22
Frenkie De JongDM, MC, D(C)DutchBarcelona25
Eduardo CamavingaDM, MCFrenchR. Madrid19
Franck KessiéDM, MCIvorianBarcelona25
FabianDM, MC, AMCSpanishPSG26

These are the best players for the role. Their versatility and prowess in both attacking and defensive duties make them the perfect candidate for the role. 


That concludes our in-depth approach to decode the Segundo Volante role in Football Manager 2024. Hope you found this article helpful for your Football Manager save.

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