Technical Director vs Director of Football: Football Manager Staff Guide

Technical Director and Director of Football are two separate, yet significant staff roles in Football Manager. 

The technical director overlooks the staff department and provides regular reports to the manager about the overall condition of the staff in the club. On the other hand, the Director of Football(Also known as the General Manager) looks after the transfer negotiation, contract negotiation, and other player-related ordeals of the club.

In this article, we will know the differences between the two top staff roles and their impact on the game. Let’s begin.

Technical Director vs Director of Football: Key Differences

The key differences between the two key staff roles in Football Manager mostly lie in their responsibilities, key attributes, and their salary. 

Here’s how they look head to head:

FeaturesTechnical DirectorDirector of Football(General Manager)
ResponsibilitiesPlayer-related responsibilitiesBackroom staff-related responsibilities
Key AttributesJudging Staff Ability, NegotiatingJudging Player Ability, Judging Player Potential, Negotiation 
Complementary AttributesAdaptability, DeterminationDetermination, Adaptability
Salary Range$100k-$200k per year(£80k-£160k )150k-300k per year(£120k-£240k)

Technical Director vs Director of Football: Detailed Differences

Now that we have a rough idea about how the two roles are different, let’s have a closer look. 


You’ll never see the two roles overlap each other despite shouldering the same types of responsibilities. The Technical Director has to look after the backroom staff of the team, while the Director of Football deals with player transfers and contracts. 

Technical Directors

Technical Directors in Football Manager mostly looks over the affairs of the staff members of the club. This includes staff recruitment, contract negotiation, coaching course recommendation, and more. 

Modern-day managers rely heavily on them as most of them don’t deal with backroom staff. This makes it a very important role in the club as they oversee the overall condition of the backroom staff. 

The responsibilities of a Technical Director in Football Manager 2023.

All of the coaching staff, scouting staff, and medical staff fall under the management of the Technical Director. He also looks after them when the club part ways with the manager. 

Here are the responsibilities of a Technical Director in Football Manager:

  • Hiring/Firing Coaching Staff
  • Hiring/Firing Scouting Staff
  • Hiring/Firing Medical Staff
  • Negotiating Staff Contract
  • Evaluating Staff Condition
  • Reporting Staff Condition
  • Recommending Staff for Coaching Courses

You can completely ignore the backroom staff management in the game and let your Technical Director look after it. If they have the right attributes, they can recruit a good crop of backroom staff within the allowed budget for your club. 

Director of Football 

For a game that claims to try its best to resemble real-life football management, the manager hiring the Director of Football has to be one of the strangest aspects of Football Manager. 

As a player, you can play as both the manager and the Director of Football of the club. Football Manager gives you a lot of flexibility to manage your responsibilities and play however you like. And that can sometimes render the staff role completely useless at times. 

Nonetheless, the DoF can help overlook the transfer of the team and save you the effort of scouting out suitable players for the first team. 

Unlike the technical director, he has to look over player transfers and contract negotiations. Other than that, he also recommends possible transfer targets for the clubs and sends you their scouting report. 

The responsibilities of a General Manager(Director of Football) in Football Manager 2023.

If delegated, the Director of Football in Football Manager carries the following responsibilities:

  • Initiating player signings for First Team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Negotiating player signings for First team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Finalizing player signing for First team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Initiating player sales for First Team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Negotiating player sales for First team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Finalizing player sales for First team/ U-23/ U-18 squad
  • Suggest players for Transfer target
  • Assigning scout assignments
  • Support with Touchline instructions during matches
  • Provide scout feedback

Initially, you’re in charge of looking over most of the above-mentioned responsibilities. But you can save up a lot of your time by delegating these tasks to your Director of Football. He will actively seek to sign and sell required players for the club and look after their contracts. 

Finding it hard to come to terms with player contracts? You can hand it to your DoF to negotiate it for you!


Technical Director

Being able to judge the ability of staff is a must-have for a Technical Director. It’s actually the most important skill in his arsenal. That’s what makes him find out capable backroom staff and make the team a stronger unit off the pitch. 

Secondly, he must also be adept in the art of Negotiating as it can help him open up doors to the biggest staff of the game. 

The key attributes of a Technical Director are:

  • Judging staff ability
  • Negotiating

Additionally, you also want your staff to possess enough Determination to give his best in every approach. 

The attributes of a Technical Director in Football Manager 2023.

If recruiting from abroad, you must make sure he has the necessary Adaptability to quickly get used to a new region. This will also make sure he gathers knowledge about that region faster.

Director of Football

A role that overlooks player deals and contracts must have a good understanding of the player’s quality. And that’s exactly what you should prefer for this role. 

According to Football Manager, the key attributes of a Director of Football(General Manager) are:

  • Judging player ability
  • Judging player potential
  • Negotiating

He must be a good judge of the player’s ability. Along with that, he should also be able to accurately foresee a player’s potential. These two attributes combined can make him an ideal scout as well as a top General Manager. 

Football Manager also highlights Negotiating as a key attribute for the General Manager role. It’s highly important as the staff role looks after transfer and contract negotiation in your absence. 

A high Negotiating attribute will get him to secure the best deal for the best price. 

Additionally, you might want your DoF to possess a good level of Adaptability, Man Management, and Determination

The attributes of a General Manager(Director of Football) in Football Manager 2023.

Low Adaptability hugely restricts the capability of the Director of Football outside his familiar regions. Having high Adaptability makes him highly effective in scouting talents outside his familiar regions and preparing quick and accurate scouting reports. 

Good Man Management skills can make him more adept in managing player morale. This can help in holding good team talks before the game. 


Just like in real life, the salary range of the Director of Football tends to be higher in the game than the Technical Directors. 

On average, a Director of Football in the top divisions will get between 150k-300k per year. This number significantly drops down to the $100k-200k range for a Technical Director in a top league club. 

An image of salary per year of Director of Football(General Manager)Dan Baily in Football Manager 2023.

How much salary the staff will demand depends on their Reputation and the salary at the club they are currently employed at. 

Directors with a high reputation are more likely to demand a high salary to sign for your club. However, they can make an exception for the club if it happens to be their favorite club. 

Do You Need DoF and Technical Directors in Football Manager?

Depends on your managerial style. 

If you’re the type of manager who likes to micro-manage every aspect of the club, then you don’t really need a Technical Director or a DoF.

This is true for lower league clubs too as you won’t find any quality directors in that level of football. So it’s best to take matters into your own hands and manage everything. 

However, in the top leagues, you can rely on Technical Directors and the Director of Football to look after the backroom staff and players. This can save you a lot of time in the long run. 

But be careful about the long-term consequences. Your DoF might not share the same vision for the club as you do. So you might want to handle the important matters like player transfers by yourself. 


Can staff attributes improve FM?

Yes. Staff attributes in FM can improve with more experience. Also, successfully finishing coaching courses can also help a staff to improve his staff attributes. This also plays a part in increasing the reputation of the staff. 

How do I increase manager attributes in FM?

You can increase manager attributes over time by playing more matches and gaining more experience. Taking coaching courses will also help your attributes to grow. Getting the Continental Pro License will help you reach your maximum attributes. Your tactical approach and style of management will also impact the growth of your manager attributes.

Can you be an assistant manager on Football Manager?

Not really. Football Manager doesn’t give you any option to be an assistant manager. Your assistant manager is there to take over certain tasks that you’re delegating. But mostly, your assistant manager will provide helpful reports on players and tactical suggestions. 

Final Words

That’s pretty much everything on Technical Director vs Director of Football in Football Manager. Hope you are clear about the distinction and can use them better in your save in the future. 

I’ll leave you to handle the rest. Ciao!

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